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Analyze Reasons of Cold War -Any Possibility of Renewal of Cold War? Any Solution?

Analyze Reasons of Cold War -Any Possibility of Renewal of Cold War? Any Solution?


" It took one man, Adolf Hitler,  to disrupt world peace.  The future awaits one special Man to rejoin everyone in peace." - Editor, FAF Network. 


The Cold War is an old popular coinage which spots the hidden tension between America and USSR.   Two super powers control Eastern and Western blocs showcasing their muscle power.  Cold War started after the cessation of Second World War.  Russia and America played tricks to have more supremacy over other countries.  This embeddedpoliticaltensiondidn’t snowball intolong lastingwaror airstrikes toinvadeeach other . There was no explosion or gun fire to disturb people in both countries.  However, the high range nuclear propelled ballistic missiles of these superpowers are targeted face to face.  That means,  thesetwobig bosseshave enough strengthto wipe outeach other ‘snationbycharging the batteryof the missile.   This war gambling grew up into maturity gradually.  Experts have tried to analyze the reason of Cold War between Pentagon and KGB.    


What Is Cold War?

Cold War is a suppressed ideological, economic and geopolitical struggle which increased the enmity between these two big bosses.   Cold War began in 1947 after the Second World War. In 1991, with the fall of Soviet Union, the strategic cold war ended. However, the tension between Moscow and White House is still prominent.

The Background of Cold War

The bed of hidden tension and conspiracy was built up much earlier before Second World War.  In  old   USSR, the seeds of cold war sprouted with the advent of Bolshevik regime to replace capitalists. It is a faction of Marxist Russian socialist party with new theories to prioritize the power centralization/monopoly with utmost privacy to control press.   

In 1917, the October Revolution brought new concepts to influence people in Russia. The cold war took the solid shape with the formation of Comintern to strengthen up communists to change the political scenario in Moscow.   Stalin supporters tried to minimize the power of capitalists.  So, Cold War which was in infantile stage in 1917 became matured after Second World War.  Distrust, conspiracy and vexation seemed to be endemic to affect the political and diplomatic ambience in Western and Eastern hemispheres.  Western allies patronized by America   moved boldly to support anti-Bolshevik rally.  The Civil War in Russia was ignited to create political impasse in Moscow.   Many intellectuals and historians believe that the undercurrent of political deadlock with caustic tension grew steadily to force Stalin to change his plans.  For instance, even after the non-aggressive agreement with Germany,   Russia had to swallow few destructive bombs air dropped by German force.

Hitler entered into Russia to control the headquarters in Moscow.  This invasion damaged the relationship between Germany and Russia.  However,  in betweenJapanattacked Pearl Harbor   dating back to1941Thisair strikeworsenedthesituationseverely.   Britain signed up the agreement for formal alliance to create anti-Hitler force to wipe out Germany. America stayed outside to do informal alliance with Russia to invade Germany. However Stalin assumed that maybe   US and Britain badly used Russia to go against Germany. Western allied force delayed   to direct armies to leave for Berlin to destabilize Hitler.  This lethargic attempt for settlement with Russia to start anti-Hitler mission must not please Moscow.  Since then, tension started booming to last stronger.

Cold War between Moscow and Washington never ended.  However, some learned people think that cold war is nothing but to test the military power of two super powers in the world.

They do proxy wars and tussle to unearth hidden strength of each other.

Cold War Heightened up in 1948-53

The period between 1948 and 53 was tumultuous for political leaders in Russia and America. Soviet Union decided to cut off relationship with Western sectors of Berlin.  America was agreed to form the allied force NATO to reduce the risks of air strikes from Moscow.   In the year of 1949, Moscow did nuclear tests to threaten up Washington by upgrading the ballistic warhead.  This aggressive temperament of Russia didn’t give relief to America.  Same year, Chinese Communist party came to regulate the administration with more political power. Soviet Union stretched hands to North Korea to turbo-charge Korean troops to smash the foundations of South Korea backed up by White House. In 1950, North Korea invaded its neighboring country with full force. South Korea asked for support from US troops.  Peace seemed to depart as the tension accelerated to nurture cold war. America and Russia used sleuths and spies to track movements of troops.  Eastern and Western blocks were split with a hollow of tension.   The situation seemed to be out of control.

New Initiatives to Control Tension

1953 up to ’57 can be marked as the less troublesome period for both superpowers in the world. The death of Stalin sprinkled water on the heated furnace. However, invisible fear and tension still nodded US administration to do the clandestine meeting with CIA to watch activities of KGB.  Meanwhile Warsaw pact was signed by Russia. However, tension restored steadily when Russia backfired few powerful ballistic missiles to boost up army. Russia also deployed ballistic missiles to Cuba to start a new chapter of cold war. Cuba missile crisis in 1962 was a booster to fuel up the power-train of tension in deteriorating the relationship with White House.  In 1963, America and Russia came closer with strong desires to sign Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Russia and America didn’t go to battle field to participate in tug-of-war. They tried to reinforce their own allies  by providing arms, manpower and support.  Russia sent troops to Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan to establish Communist regime. America was seen active to help rebels to overthrow Guatemala.

The regime of communism seems to have disappeared with the least impact on people of USSR, China, Cuba and Romania.  Cold war whichemerged from theundergroundsepulcher after the secondworld war became anactive volcanoto backflow hot magma of enmity toheat up Western and Easternblocs. Russia and America aimed their nuclear warheads as a sign of strong hostility.  The suppressed cold war became destructive after the destruction of two Japanese cities in nuclear explosions.    America condemned Russia for its aggressiveness with power monopoly to restrict the rights of common persons. The difference between the Western and Eastern Blocs widened steadfastly. The tension was increasing to bring the possibility of another world war.   However, the coming of Gorbachevas a   president to leadRussiaway back to 1990 was a turning point for allpeople andsocial reformersto expectthequick cessationof thecold war.

Russia Renewed in Glasnost and Perestroika


Gorbachev gave rise to his two innovative ideologies like Perestroika and Glasnost to change the conventional streamline of trading system in Moscow.  

People had   more liberty and power to ventilate their demand.  They felt comfortable to criticize the government due to increase in corruption and money laundering.  

Perestroika is the new ideology which modifies the   trading.  The restriction created by the central government to privatize the companies/business  needs to be replaced or removed creating wide space for power decentralization. 

Businessmen and entrepreneurial society/consortium must be exempted from the strong hold of government. Thesocial reformswere believed toundergoa radicalchange tobring theflowofWesternconcepts toupgrade the basic structure of the society.  

Simultaneously,  Glasnost was also a new concept of Gorbachev who sang the song of democracy, openness in expression and freedom from the yolk of the government.  Communist parties never go for the power decentralization.  Media and press were   controlled by government.  

With the introduction of Glasnost, journalists and news reporters had the least obligation to write against the government.  So, Western countries and NATO congratulated the president of Russia for his liberal conceptions.  

In between, supremacy of communist parties went downward in Hungary, China, Cuba and Russia.  

In 1989, the ugliest and cruelest president in Romania was executed.  Nicolae Ceausescu and his better half were captured for their dictatorship to ruin the economy of the country.  He was a dictator and his own neighbors accused this leader of felony.  So, communism was thrown into the sea.   Russia felt the need for changing its facelift.   This country tries to establish the rapport with NATO and America.

The opennessin Russiaattracted   foreign investors andentrepreneurs to startjoint ventures inMoscow for the   sake of businessdevelopment,  establishment of moreinternational schools, colleges, hospitals andamusementhubsto modernizeRussians .  Gorbachev also opted for Union Treaty to give political power and freedom to union territories. However Moscow will be in the central position to regulate these territories. The breeze of liberty passed through Latvia, Estonia and other Baltic territories.  Soviet Union failed to resist the splitting.

Ukraine made loud cry for sovereignty.  Ukraine, Byelorussia, and Russia   were declared independent nations in   1991. USSR structure was dissolved. Gorbachev stayed a president without representing any country.   Cold War became fainted with lackluster.  Many intellectuals claim that none is the winner in cold war. USSR was smashed in debris. 

America overspent billion dollars to build up powerful defense to overpower USSR. However, there was no direct charge or invasion to destroy Moscow.  However, Pentagon has given a typical statement avoiding controversy. This proxy war gave much space for both countries to upgrade their militaries and develop their concepts how to reconstruct nations using advanced technology.  So, Russia and America utilized chances to demonstrate their power in Cold War.

None support the renewal of cold war. However, the climate in Western and Easter n poles is really unpredictable.

The US and Russia must grope for easy solution to hush up the Cold War. Some of critical points are : 

1. Nuclear tests should be minimized.  Both nations should play fair roles instead of power bargaining. 

2. US embargo on Russia was not needed on Crimea issue. United nations and groups resources should be used to take those steps in discussions with member states. 

3. Edward Snowden, NSA contractor who faced espionage charges was possibly sheltered by Russia, which Putin denied stating he is a free man. Later, Putin granted Snowden temporary asylum to him. 

4. Gay Rights are banned in Russia which is supported by President Obama. When the bill was passed in Russia that citizens will be prosecuted, President Obama was angered. 

5. Syria supported by Putin, is said to use chemical war heads. When Obama Administration learnt they limited their support. Putin asked for support of allegations made by US. 


It is a common sentiment that Putin is referred to as a cold war guy. A statement made by Julie Loffe, Moscow correspondent for Foreign Policy" states "He's not shed that mentality. He sees himself as a foil and counterweight to America and the world." 

In a nutshell, both nations have to be logical and take steps towards global peace and value human right issues. Sooner or later the wrong will be brought to Justice. 

Cold war mentality has to end. We are in 21st century. 

Use of Chemical warfare is an issue of zero tolerance. Saddam Hussein was wiped out on many such grounds. Another example is Gaddafi who was dragged into streets by his own people and killed. Syrian President Assad needs to reflect. Time is on no ones side and righteous will win in the end. 

Syrian President Assad needs to reflect. 

Embargo on Russia on Crimea issue is a global concern and not only US.  The issue should have been handled diplomatically through proper channel by US. Putting an Embargo shows one nation has greater power over another.  Why were embargo's issued on nations like Russia and Iran? Both by United States. 

Why there is no embargo on Pakistan and China occupying Indian territories. Is it due to US economic and political interest in the regions to manage control. 

US needs to focus on stabilizing and building its economy.  United States is sitting on $19 Trillion debt and $48 Billion trade deficit.

All nations should manage their own business without interference from the other unless urgency is stated and issues brought to UN platform for discussions.

Espionage should stop and highly condemned.  We closing 21st century.  What legacy we want to leave a legacy behind for our future generations?  Remember history is written and never forgotten.  

It would be a great plan if we can end political rifts.  Being a super-power does not make a nation great, neither does military power. Its the people of the nation which are most important. 

Nations should believe in altruism and nobility. They should support poor nations and offer grants. Look at Africa which is in dire need for the west to end poverty, corruption and medical aid. Africa is most fertile ground on one side but more susceptible grounds to un curable diseases like Aids, Ebola to name a few. 

We live during chaotic times and hope is for good leaders to rise and lead people with peaceful thinking to take us to 22nd century. 


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