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World  Humanitarian summit  in Istanbul

World Humanitarian summit in Istanbul


WorldHumanitarian summit in Istanbul projectstwo major objectives such as thedevelopment ofthe humanitariansystem in compliance with theUN frameworkand secondobjectivetohost such a world humanitarianconference isto solve the refugeerehabissue. Right now, 2.7 million Syrian asylum seekers get aids from Turkey. This country is now the shelter to these homeless poor beggars.   So, Turkey needs   an innovative humanitarian sector which will work same way as the UN organization acts.   This summit requires the co-operative maneuvers of both Turkey and UN to standardize the world humanitarian and refugee rehab mission. 

Turkey Needs Innovative   Philanthropic Aids Deployment Mechanism  


Least developed countries or LDC summit has similarity when it is compared with world humanitarian summit in Istanbul. Actually,   LDC seminar in 2011 spotted the refugee rehab zones where Turkey tried to dominate.  At this summit in Istanbul, the refugee rehabilitation   issue is   extended further to other areas.   At the same time, the internal problems to reinstall refugees within the territory of Turkey were prioritized at this international humanitarian conference.   Turkey is the sufferer because of the overwhelming crisis to take care of 2.7 million asylum seekers.   Annually about $20 billion is required for conducting rehabilitation campaign. This is the most noticeable issue raised at Istanbul convention.    The outlook and vision of world humanitarian summit must have innovation.  Instead of providing aids to the victims during emergency, it will be a solid humanitarian and rehabilitation industry to expand the coverage of refugee rehabilitation overtaking different problems. 

New Humanitarian Sector Should Have Mobility in Rehabilitating Million Destitute


In the world, around 60 million refugees or asylum seekers   are found in dilapidated   and pitiable condition.  They are vagabonds and treated like cattle.    The humanitarian accessibility must be broadened   by enabling over million   refugees to have basic facilities like accommodation, food and clothes. The space for rehabilitation   must be widened.  UN and Turkey will mobilize   the elimination of deadlock to provide humanitarian aids to unreachable zones.  

Humanitarian mechanism should have flawless progression with handsome life care programs for the destitute. In this connection, David Miliband, the chief executive and the chairman of IRC/International Rescue Committeeopted for the phrase “humanitariansector” in his speechatGeorgianUniversity.  David stated that large non-profit humanitarian organizations   like Red Cross, UN and Red Crescent are not much resilient with powerful   rehabilitation mobility network.  These global humanitarian philanthropic organizations   have shortage of leadership and management.  Therefore, the humanitarian aids deployment mission is obstructive.  Victims are not able to have proper care and aids.  There is rigid availability of philanthropic aids to rescue refugees in risky border lines.  The cross border refugees rehab mission must be smooth with harmony in the distribution   of food, clothes and medications to rescue poor asylum seekers from catastrophic crisis or disaster.  

UN Role Must Be Specified – Priority of   Involvement of Local NGOs to Act with UN


At this international summit hosted in Istanbul, the role of UN was analyzed.  Other humanitarian sectors are not knowledgeable properly about the mission and objectives of UN.   So, UN must give a clear objective and vision set for people.  Structural transmission and innovation must be valued when UN plans to launch any philanthropic package or risk management program.   The transformation in the humanitarian support infrastructure must be completed within the UN humanitarian regulation.  Well,   the transition from the international humanitarian infrastructure to the regional or local rehab campaigns is not easy.   People must have new mindsets with   richness in their ideologies to accept such an abrupt transmission. 

Secondly,   infrastructural   modification with transition   is not a trouble free homework for global philanthropic players.    In 2014, only 0.2 percent international philanthropic aids were utilized through local NGO agencies and rehab service centers.   UNHCR will utilize 20 percent of humanitarian aids   by 2020 with the co-operation of a number of local rehab NGOs. Charter 4 Change which has 27 global NGOs will allot 20 percent philanthropic fund for refugee rehab by 2018.  This compact international humanitarian aids package must be accessible to everybody.   However, local rehab mission is still not qualitative   for victims.  So, the process of aids deployment should be improved. 

Turkish Has More Modified Humanitarian Mechanism Operated by Local NGO and Civilians


Turkish has a developed philanthropic aiddeployinginfrastructure whichis operated bylocal NGOs andcivilians toachievegoodresults.  Turkey   held both LDC and international humanitarian summits for modifying the framework of rehabilitation aids supply.  Turkey   opts for introduction of dynamic tools which include diplomacy, and philanthropic aids delivery development.  The key objective of taking the modified   diplomacy is to solve conflict or dispute in a proper way.  The peace restoration scheme will also be given a shape.  Turkey has created a different philanthropic   aids deployment ambience by   involving the local   NGOs and social reformers.  Western humanitarian service providers have no such system for rehabilitating refugees.


In the final conclusion, the sum-up of the world humanitarian summit in Istanbul includes the new environment for Turkey to enhance the proper alliance with UN to refurbish the traditional or old fashioned humanitarian support system.  Though Turkey keyleadershave not got a solutionto deal with   miseries of 2.7 millionrefugeeswithin  24 hours, this summit has inspiredtwoglobal humanitarianserviceproviderstoidentify the bestmobilized humanitarian aids transferring mechanismtohandle over 2 million victims.

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