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Wikileaks and Panama Papers – Unfurl Truth behind Lies

Wikileaks and Panama Papers – Unfurl Truth behind Lies


Approximately 11.5 million informative data sets have been captured by Süddeutsche Zeitung, a German newspaper.   Later this news agency shared documents with ICIJ.  Panama papers revealed names of   143 politicians and   many businessmen who transferred their money to clandestine overseas accounts in Panama.   This is one of the biggest money laundering   incidents.    Panama paper leakage is severer than the revelation of approximately 250000 diplomatic cables from US embassy.  Wikileaks tracked these classified cables to identify hidden sabotage and conspiracy.   


Russian Connection with Cablegate Scandal Revealed by Wikileaks

Wikileaks journalists recovered many stolen emails hacked by Russian intelligence to mislead American citizens to choose representatives in upcoming   election in America.  Over   20000 cables were detected by Wikileaks .  From DNC archive, tons of emails were competently hacked by Russian intelligence squads.   They tried to recycle all these classified and sensitive messages to divert people in America.  CrowdStrike, a trustworthy cyber   security agency in America has an official tie-up with DNC.   Crowdstrike admitted that Fancy and Cozy Bears are two groups   of Russian investigation   agency.   These two intelligence groups   were engaged to hack important classified cables and data from DNC.   So, the futuristic plans of America will be different to behave with Russia. It will be strong and caustic cyber warfare to damage the diplomatic relationship.   On the other hand, another Panama paper    leakage episode has spotted the connection of Russian   president with fraudulence.   


Panama Papers Leaked - Criticism against Censorship


Süddeutsche Zeitung censored information by revealing some parts of the secret files/documents from its archive.  Panama papers were kept secret by Mossack Fonseca (fourth largest international solicitor’s firm).  The moneytransferstoshell companiesin differentnationslike Panamaare prioritized bymanywealthyentrepreneursand   even politicalbrothers .   They assume that to steer clear of heavy taxes, it is not illegal to use offshore   bank accounts through the shell companies.    This shell company   can be   officially incorporated   by paying around minimum $1000. 

Fonsecais alaw firmwhich has globalreputation in   helpingoverseasclients,   rich delegates andpoliticians to   open theshell company fortax eviction .    This company has more than 500 employees who work in multiple nations outside   Panama.   So, where is the loophole in enhancing faster money transfer through shell companies?  Investigators and surveillance commissions have spotted the way of hushing up the documents and names of subscribers.   

Fonseca should have transparency to do the follow-ups in compliance wilt the   international law.   This offshore solicitors’ firm has not paid taxes as well.    Panama Papers disclosed name of Putin who is now Russian president.   In this up-to-date list,   Hillary Clinton has also been tracked as one of the persons to use overseas accounts secretly to deploy billion dollars to her own account in Panama.   However,   Wikileaks has had strongly taken exception to the procedures adopted by ICIJ to print papers for publication.  If people are not authorized to have all Panama   documents to go through, there is no importance of leakage of secrets. It is a ridiculous matter from the part of a well established   newspaper agency.   

The honorable director of ICIJ has not accepted any request made by different intelligentsia groups,   newspapers and   private   investigation bureau regarding the manifestation of the truth without   hoodwinking   real facts.  All papers must be published so that people can evaluate the roles of famous leaders and financers.    The director has made people to understand   the situation.  Journalism is the main job and a reporter can’t take the responsibility of a   gigantic society.    In the case of the publication of all Panama documents, there can be a mass agitation, civil war, and street fight to topple the government.    Therefore, before handing over all   papers and documents to   people,    ICIJ must do probing and table work to assess the overall outcome. 

ICIJ is a separate small institution in the society.   So, it should not act as a super power to rule the world.   Besides,   talented   journalists,  the publication company andtheworking staff membersare also at risk due to thepossibilityofpublicationof around 11.5million documentswithout editing.    The   government needs to direct this newspaper agency and investigation bureau   how to handle these classified materials to protect the society from urchins. 

Julian Assange, the pioneer of Wikileaks has no sympathy for those who feel scarred to fight with justice.    She opines that truth can’t be overpowered. Nor is it suppressed   permanently.   For the sake of providing basic life care to few hundred journalists, an institution can’t put the whole world on furnace to burn fast to piles of ashes. 

ICIJ must not overlook the ethics of journalists.  They should be brave with clarity in vision.  Openness and fairness with good strategies to uncover the truth must be motto of a reliable newspaper agency or investigative   bureau.   Assange recollects the email scandal of Hillary Clinton.  Confidential information was leaked by Hillary Clinton who used private server to share official classified components and emails containing transaction details with a number of overseas business tycoons.    

An initial investigation done by FBI,    the total amount transferred to overseas accounts in Panama is estimated around $22 trillion.   It is the total annual turnover of America and Japan.  

Putin Involved with Money Laundering - More Transparencies Needed to Reveal Truth


Russian president has not been shadowed in Panama papers scanned and   shared by Süddeutsche Zeitung,    Maverick Vladimir Putin has surreptitiously avoided taxes to use billion dollars in spite of having    knowledge about the economic turmoil of the country.   Huge money transfer through   overseas banks   blocks the growth of national economy of a country. Instead of investing money to mobilize the   internal developmental works, Putin has duped his citizens by shifting billion dollars to an overseas bank   through Fonseca. 

This law firm takes care of the preparation   of documents   to open   shell companies.   It gathers legal consent from the government of Panama to complete the formalities for incorporating offshore shell companies to reduce the taxes whenever foreign currencies are exchanged.   Investigators who cross checked million data sets and different footnotes   have understood that   Putin has a private bank account in Panama to legalize his own money. 

Panama papers unearthed that Rossiya bank and its manager are closely interlinked with Putin.  This bank processed the transaction to channelize   two billion dollars to the offshore account through Fonseca in   Panama.  

It has also unfurled that Dietrich Baumgartner solicitors’ firm   inSwitzerland andfewshare holders /partners in Zurichhad hadshort missives from   Rossiyabank to approve the money deploymenttoFonseca throughSwitzerland.   Later transferred currencies were sent to the personal account of Vladimir Putin in Russia.  So, president of   Russia avoided taxes indirectly for his own   interest.  Papersdescribedclearly thatVladimir Putinreleasedbillion worthloans tofinanceSandalwood shell   company   registered legally byFonseca.   This private company   received billion dollars as loans from Russia.  Actually, this   handsome loan amount was transferred to Putin’s account in his own home state.  Ozon has a legal possession over Igora ski resort which is located off St Petersburg .  

In 2010, Sandalwood sanctioned $11.3 million to finance Ozon.   Putin’s beautiful   daughter named   Kaya was married at this classic opulent resort dating back to 2013. Therefore, Putin can’t be given a place to hide his ambiguous image for security. 

Wikileaks founder wants ICIJ to cite all printed documents to people for evaluation.   


Slowly, political arena is being contaminated due to the indulgence to scam, violence, murdering,   insurgency and mistrust.   Young generation   will have unrecoverable bad impact because of the willful   involvement of global leaders with heinous crime.   The role of media must be renewed to overstep hurdles to run the vehicle of investigation for unmasking ugly faces of demons.



Find the Connection between Wikileaks and Panama Papers

Find the Connection between Wikileaks and Panama Papers

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