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What Is NATO’s Agenda?  Evaluate Its Significance to Reduce Global Insurgency

What Is NATO’s Agenda? Evaluate Its Significance to Reduce Global Insurgency


NATO will implement more strategies to precise the tension in Black Sea   and South East of Europe. NATO agenda has been reformed to reset the project for self defense, and nuclear deterrence. Russia is spreading insurgency in Black Sea. NATO will protect the interests of legal maritime powers like Ukraine and Georgia.  Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey are also authorized to possess specified portion of Black Sea.

New Resolution at Warsaw Summit

Jens Stoltenberg, General Secretary of NATO, was seen at Warsaw summit on 9th July. Coastal border security and NATO’s defense strategies were highlighted by him.  NATO should be more resilient with strong force to crash enemies for the sake of pacification, justice and stability.

NATO will improve the army deployment to take care of Eastern part of the allied force.  NATO’s military base camps will be opened in Latvia and Estonia. 

More joint military exercises in Poland will be conducted by NATO alliance. However, at the same time, allied military force needs strategic innovation for being powerful in the world.

NATO is not a destructive organization.   It must have new agendas and resolutions to control insurgency and enhance the tranquility.  This organization will help Romania and Bulgaria to destroy the germs of cyber crime. 

At Warsaw summit, general secretary clapped to appreciate NATO nations to gear up expenditure to manufacture powerful intermediate missiles, submarines and sophisticated fighter air-crafts. 

Upcoming Agenda to Control Terrorists in Middle East

ISIL terrorists are notorious and reckless. They kill civilians and demolish national properties.   This militancy outfit has occupied a number of resourceful zones in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.   NATO has planned   to accelerate the resistance power in Middle East.   ISIS militants will not be   allowed to continue mass destruction.   Their headquarters will be ransacked by NATO’s allied force.  It will be a different cyber warfare strategy to deactivate the online communication network established by ISIS outfit.   NATO AWACS investigation team will be sent to Middle East to reduce insurgency   manufactured by ISIS in various gulf regions.  

New Horizons to Renew Relation with Russia

Jens Stoltenberg has précised his briefing at a press release by acknowledging the restoration of peaceful conversations with Moscow regarding the Black Sea dispute. General Secretary of NATO has opened all routes to negotiate with Putin.  However,   Black Sea is crises-crossed   by a number of   external forces. Russia has marked anti-access or A2 zone warning allied force not to overstep the border to attack Russian armies.   Jens is an optimist and he will lessen the tension through exchange of dialogues.  

Resolution to Support Afghanistan

The next agenda of NATO is to build up Afghanistan.   In 2017, there must be a “Resolute Support” venture to reinforce this weak country.   Financial assistance, technology and talent will be lent to Afghanistan to stand on the ground confidently.   This mission will be ended probably by 2020 after evaluating the   condition of Afghanistan.    Simultaneously,   Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia will be included in the mission for mobilizing the growth.     

Evaluate the Role of NATO

 Russian political   leaders have ridiculed the presence of NATO to safeguard people and decelerate terrorism.   It is the most dysfunctional and irrelevant organization with little contribution to minimize the global militancy, racial profiling and Black Sea conflict.   NATO   must be dissolved to save billion dollars.   This derisive feedback is not easy for Jens to digest.  

To be frank, after the formation, this alliance has had three success stories to relay.    In past, NATO contributed support to end the civil war in Western countries. 

Second success lies in the settlement of the long lasting dispute after the post II world war. US signed the accord to defend   the whole Europe from Russian missiles. NATO   proved its good potentiality to ensure the protection of Europe.

Third   success is all about NATO’s direct intervention to bury the possibility of occurrence of Cold War.  New European Union was established for solidarity and mutual collaboration to expand the industries within Shenzhen area.    EU members have legalized the free trading with fewer formalities to claim citizenship in countries within the EU territory.  What is the next agenda to implement?   

NATO must have more resolutions, strategies and plans to accelerate its visibility in the global community. Well, NATO secretary has not been broken in despair.

The upcoming projects will include the renewal of the conversation with Putin to cool down insurgency in Black Sea.   Afghanistan and Pakistan will be strengthened up.  New peace treaties for Latvia, Estonia and other nations in South East will be finalized.   Georgia and Ukraine are neglected nations.  NATO will renovate the security systems of Georgia. NATO will be a strong anti-terrorist organization to wipe out extremists.  


NATO’s alliance with Pentagon to undergo Sea Breeze operations, reconnaissance in Black Sea and the military exercises in Romania   must infect the relationship with Russia.    NATO promotes the global solidarity and reconciliation with Moscow. 

Hostility in Black Sea should be handled tactfully by showcasing patience.   To revive its own relevance and significance in the world, NATO   must optimize its conventional framework for reformation.  

NATO can’t exist over centuries merely increasing its members to become a bigger organization like UNO.  Jens should be perfect whom to shortlist or exclude to restore the fairness in his organization to generate more successful historical events

Evaluate Outcome of Warsaw Summit in Poland -   What Is Next Agenda of NATO?

Evaluate Outcome of Warsaw Summit in Poland - What Is Next Agenda of NATO?

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