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Warsaw Convention –No Smart Solution to Level Differences with Russia

Warsaw Convention –No Smart Solution to Level Differences with Russia


NATO redesigned its futuristic diplomatic formulae to treat Russia. Stoltenberg didn’t wipe out any probability of removing the differences with Moscow. Putin will be given as much co-operation as it is possible for NATO members to settle the conflict. However, NATO nations will not go for unethical compromise to accept all suggestions given by Moscow. Warsaw summit in Poland is a glimpse of the reflection of previous diplomatic craftsmanship to keep Russia under flawless scanning. Russian activities at Baltic borders escalate and NATO must not showcase passive attitude.

NATO Proposes-Russia Denies

Russia has reneged and disapproved proposals for disarmament. Even Minsk accords were not fruitful as the insurgency in Donbas had not been ended. NATO organization will not go back from Poland, Romania, Georgia and Latvia. The eastern parts must be reinforced through recurrent military exercises, surveillance and cyber warfare. Similarly, member of NATO are very much unanimous to tackle the hassle which is accelerating with the presence of Russian troops in Black Sea, Ukraine and Georgia.

In a new agenda, Jens, General Secretary of NATO, has asked for organizational support to deploy more troops to Poland. Estonia and Latvia should not be left in an uncomfortable condition.

Macierewicz, Polish defense minister, has not felt stressed while evaluating the functionality of NATO to resist Russian soldiers. It is a simple fact that NATO will be beside Poland to demolish Iskander M missiles coming from Moscow. Russian army has kept strong vigil at Baltic regions.

NATO should not let Putin’s army to expand for holding supremacy over the entire Baltic territory. In this connection, Jens has not bent in tension. He recovered much energy to say that Russia must not roam in realm of hallucination and enchantment. Even small and weak nations of NATO will be safeguarded from Russian missiles. There will be no immediate positive result regarding the relationship with Russia. Though the chance for permanent negotiation with Moscow is fainted but Jens will host effective seminars to talk to the top brass of Putin for solution. The tension leveling measures will be opted for. However, Russian government must have at least intention to pay heed to what NATO alliance wants to share. Putin has wrongly evaluated performance of NATO. It is a compact and integrated organization formed by a group of NATO nations to decelerate tension and accelerate security of Europe. Therefore, Russia must value the purposes of NATO without singing in sarcasm.

Montreux Convention should not be thrown by Putin as NATO nations like Poland, Romania, and Turkey have ownership in Black Sea. Russia is slowly becoming a sore to other littoral countries. Therefore, America, the UK and France are desirous of remodeling NATO alliance by delivering more soldiers, opening new base camps for military and launching sophisticated surveillance systems to track cross border terrorists.

At the summit held in Warsaw, the de-escalation of armed force in Black Sea and Poland has been strongly disapproved by NATO.

Old Wine in New Bottle - Warsaw Summit Reflects Same Theory

Taken in Lisbon In past, after the convention in Lisbon, NATO improved bilateral relationship with Moscow to some extent, Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, was cordially welcomed to start effectively for the implementation of futuristic resolution in trouble free and friendly ambience.

NATO tried to include Russia in the innovative self-defense system to prevent the flying missiles of enemies. However, this agenda was discarded because of the silence maintained by the then Russian government.

Later, America accepted the proposal of joining the NATO alliance to help Europeans live without being frozen in fear and depression.

The act of international terrorism is dangerous and it is damaging the growth of European countries. Russia has also got havoc threats and warning from different terrorist outfits. ISIS militants have destructed Syrian troops powered by Russian army in Aleppo and Damascus. The rise of Hezbollah is also a risky issue. Kurdish militants fight for having their own land in Iraq. Color revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia have challenged Moscow. On the other hand, Crimea of Ukraine has been occupied by Russia.

NATO members have not recognized this land reclamation of Russia. So the conflict is not hushed up but it creates a lacuna to separate Moscow from NATO. Russian army must not be reckless with fast mobility to reach borders of Poland, Romania, Turkey and Georgia. Black Sea is not peaceful and stable because of the aggression of battalions of Russian soldiers with missiles and gun powder to conduct counter-invasions.

The ultimate outcome of holding Warsaw summit is not positive. It needs more uniformity when Russia and Jens representing NATO will meet at upcoming summits.


Many political experts and consultants believe that Warsaw meeting is a recap of previous convention in Lisbon. Nothing special is found in a list of 15 suggestions adopted by NATO. Improvement for pacification in Baltic areas and Black Sea seems to be diminished. Lastly, in case Russia thaws to renew Black Sea resolution, maybe NATO will have eagerness to change previous agendas to stop spreading anti-Russia message. However, for the time being, people have to cross check daily reviews, updates and press releases to know about the intentions of Jens Stoltenberg in this regard.

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