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Top 10 Global Healthcare Reforms

Top 10 Global Healthcare Reforms


Global healthcare reforms particularly assign top priority to patient care with basic medical aids for all. People should not be categorized by religion, sect and financial capability. Humans need life care to have sound wellness with longer life expectancy. Reform in healthcare process must recognize the value of human life. Patients should have affordable treatment options. WHO/World health Organization also published updated healthcare reform reports about the parameters of measuring the healthcare service and its quality. Top 10 global healthcare reforms have been made to ensure the faster medical care with necessary backup to patients for speedy recuperation. 

Globalization of Healthcare – Innovative Initative

Globalization of healthcare is now becoming more significant to people who don’t afford heavy medical expenses if they are severely ill or wounded due to accident. Universal healthcare insurance enables people to have immediate urgent care and proper support to survive.  However, the arrangement of a global healthcare policy for all is difficult because of certain geographical, economical, social and political issues. Many under developing countries have substandard health management or healthcare.  The rich have the facilities to buy costly   life saving medications. They are admitted into top hospitals in the cities. However,   downtrodden class is overlooked. Especially in remote places and backcountries the condition of patients is inexplicably pathetic due to absence of advanced treatment. Besides, medical assistance is not smoothly delivered to hilly regions where the major problem is the conventional transportation with lack of manpower. Gender bias, inequality, religious profiling, old fashioned infrastructures, brain drain and nepotism produce the negative synergistic impact to obstruct the accessibility of healthcare service. Universal healthcare coverage must be accessible to all citizens. 

Top 10 Healthcare Reforms

·      AffordableHealthcare plans for all

·      Tax oriented   medical   insurancefor globalpeople

·      Proper Management in Healthcare

·      Improving Medical Care and Healthcare Accessibility

·      Expansion of Breadth of Healthcare Coverage

·      Digital Convergence

·      More innovation in Wearable   Tools for Patients

·      Innovation in e-Health Management System

·      C-Health Strategies

·      Prohibition to Use Off-label Medications

Affordable Healthcare Package for   People around the World

Advanced treatment procedures   have a steady   rise.  Expertshave givenstatreports in whichthe calculateduptickfromthemedical costin2012is 2 percentin 2013 ( 2.8 percent ).  After the dramatic recession, the global expenditure for medical treatment can soar up to 5.2 percent in 2014-18.  The possible estimated cost of providing healthcare service to global citizens will be around $9.3 trillion.  The price soaring can be faster if the aged groups are affected by incurable diseases. The population expansion rate will also accelerate the medical cost.  Many investment programs will be implemented for development of healthcare   infrastructures, enlargement of pharmacy industry and the   technological innovation.   The reform in the global healthcare will   not be hazardous to economical society.  The emphasis on the reduction of medical cost will be prioritized by global leaders.  In spite of bringingspeedyhealthcare reformsin manydeveloped nations,  ultimatelyAfricanandAsian countriesarebeingoverlooked . 

Proper Management in Healthcare

 Global healthcare and wellness   market needs proper management with the talented workforce for expanding the industry.   This market   expansion   is not a game as many poor and undeveloped nations have traditional local hospitals, old   clinics, and unavailability of advanced   medical care equipments.  These countries depend on more advanced    European nations   to borrow upgraded equipments and medical appliances.  So, the accessibility of   the global healthcare system to these backward nations is difficult.  Therefore, the reformation in the healthcare should include the management of problems which healthcare service providers have to face at the time   of deploying standard medical backup to these less developed nations. Thiscomplexity in   offeringtheglobalor universal healthcare   service must be checked    affirmingtheintroduction ofdigitalinnovation,   constructive   marketing strategies and propertable work to    reducetheover expenditure   of supplying medical aids.


Improving Medical Care and Healthcare Accessibility

Improvement in the   healthcare accessibility is undoubtedly   an urgent thing.   In India   the total healthcare system   in rural areas is collapsed.   Hospitals are polluted. Outpatient care units are substandard without qualified doctors to   check patients’   health conditions. Comparatively, in    major cities of India, the medical care accessibility   is good but not appreciable.   International investment   is of course required   to modify the healthcare pattern in India.   Global   healthcare refinancing plansand cost effectivemedicalinsurances must be budget friendly   to people   who belong tothe   lower middle classes inIndia,    Under the universal    healthcare   program,  patients   will get promptmedical care ,  and fund tobuy medications, complete   costliermedicaltestsandtreatment. 

Tax Based Healthcare

In Canada, the tax oriented universal healthcare   programs were adopted by Canadian government.    Low-paid laymen, workers and self-employed bear out-of-pocket treatment expenses.    They have no   cost effective   health management   plans   to overtake the out-of-pocket   medical   expenditure.     Therefore ,    manypoor and   underprivilegedcitizens inthe worldavoid   theexpensivehealthcare service torescue theirfamilies frompecuniarydowntime.  The modern   healthcare reform must not exclude the needs of people.    Thecompacthealthcare   system also covers   supply ofpure hygienicwater, bettermedicalcareinfrastructure, the   emergencybackup,  equality in getting medical assistance andaffordablewellness packages.  Female workers have to have good life security. 

In workstations,   they should   be protected from miseries.  Compensation packages for women   must be provided by the   companies.  Female employees should not be humiliated by neglecting their demand to enhance proper medical care whenever they need.  So,   the innovation in the   global healthcare   program must not lower down the importance of the establishment of eco-friendly infrastructures,   improvement of environment through detoxification and the restoration of modernized patient care. 

To have this qualitative   integrated   multi functional healthcare machinery, the random social reformation is a must. It is a societal problem.  African nations and financially weak nations in   Asia have insufficient workforce and talent to renew the conventional healthcare.   Therefore, the implementation of tax oriented universal healthcare plans will reuse the invested fund for developing the healthcare care accessibility.  People who pay taxes to have better life security package with innovative medical care in hospitals   will get a modified less sumptuous health management framework.   

Expansion of Breadth of Healthcare Coverage – A Reform for People

One of top 10 global healthcare reforms is the expansion of the width of the health management coverage to the uninsured class.   The progression should not be turbid and restricted to the elite society. Million uninsured people are deprived of having world class medical care.  So, they have to be insured   through the new healthcare reform.  The uniformity in various voluntary fund raising schemes to finance the healthcare system   should not be futile.   In less affluent countries, many non-profit organizations, government and public sectors contribute   fund for developing healthcare system.  Well, there must be a good co-ordination and management to accumulate this charitable fund.   They should    re-use the foreign investment with these small proceeds to make a handsome investment for the universal healthcare system.   

Digital Convergence

Patient care accessories must be reachable without intricate obligations. Patients should be informed of the on-going developments and   outcome of treatment.  Information must be delivered to kith and kin of the patient.  Digital convergence upgrades the information deployment system to repair or rebuild the connectivity between the patient and the doctors.  Digital accessories are required to regenerate the ecosystem which is effective for trouble free correspondence. Patients are advised by online physicians.    E- Telemarketing platforms   are open to enable aged patients to buy medications from pharmacies.   The online medications purchasing details are emailed to patients.  This digital   telemarketing   is fast with innovative data protection system.

Innovation in e-Health Management System

Private hospitals, nursing homes and   clinics have more updated data   security infrastructures.    Reforms   in    the healthcareindustry    highlightstheurgency of setting upastrongregulatoryboardformonitoring,  evaluation,   datasecurity and information deployment    through electronicmedia.  Anewcomergets a single   multi-directionalvirtual   healthcare platformto   findthe besthealth insurance,   cost effective   treatment options,   onlinehealthmanagementassistance,   differenthealthcare policies   andrisk managementprograms.   Patients don’t need to depend on various organizations and brokers to select top physicians for medical check-ups.    Nor is he bound to buy healthcare insurances visiting corporate office.   Online e-healthcare network is   an alternative system to people who keep in touch with the universal health and wellness management.


More innovation in Wearable   Tools for Patients

These new healthcare wearable tools must be more functional and performance oriented.  Mini biosensors which are placed into the smart watches, skin patches give perfect results regarding the   blood pressure, required dosage of medications, and metabolism rates.   Investment in bio-sensing industry is increasing to change the landscape of healthcare in the world.


C-Health Strategies

The expenses of getting   advanced treatment should be managed.   Patient care options must be less rigid and   more beneficial to frugal people.  At the same time, doctors and private clinic operators must not break the laws to harass patients.    The new c-healthcare   platform is a target specific, qualitative standard    optiontoa patientwho isseenina compact orbitof ecosystemwith vast dataaccessibilityfeature.  He uses smart watches, mobile health clinics, online pharmacies and websites to   have the best medical assistance from global physicians or healthcare consultants.    Government and   private healthcare companies must tailor the budget to bear the cost of installing   e-lab and m-healthcare tools   into   healthcare clinics.   Hospitals must have m-healthcare systems   with internet to restore the uninterrupted data recycling,   healthcare expansion and   perfection in the information security. It is a significant   global healthcare reform   to facilitate trillion   homeless people who have minimum financial support.

Prohibition to Use Off-label Medications – Drug Quality Assessment Process must be optimized

Spurious and   unidentified low quality medications   are sources of chronic health hazards. Patients even   die because of taking expired   non-authorized deadly drugs which contain some destructive   chemical additives.  Off-label   drug manufacturing   companies must be banned.   For drug quality assessment, EAEPC, and EGA or (European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association) have been established to control drug impurity and off-label medication manufacturing.    In this connection,  onlinemonitoring ande-datatracking systems must bechosentodetector locatesuchunidentified   drugmanufacturers whosell non-prescriptionmedicationsatlow rates.


Innovation and convergence must be harmoniously tuned up or conglomerated to introduceentirely developed healthcareinfrastructureforallpeople whohavea perfectlyintegratede-healthcare system to have fast connection withthe e-global healthcarenetworking   portal for the best treatment with less out-of-pocketexpenses.  

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