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South Sudan with Fragile Economic Structure - Hunger and Poverty Cripple People to Death

South Sudan with Fragile Economic Structure - Hunger and Poverty Cripple People to Death


Empty stomachs and half-burnt skin of million Sudanese children seem to be worthless to tyrants. South Sudan is now a burial ground with dead bodies and soiled skeletons of people. After independence in 2011, South Sudan was ridden with hunger, malnutrition, ethnic clash and diseases.   The severe drought has made children and women parasites with least mobility to stand or move. This is the present   snapshot of Juba, capital city of South Sudan. Humanitarian assistance and financial support are given to affected victims in various cities in Sudan.  UNO and WHO are also providing considerable philanthropic backup to S. Sudanese to survive from misery.

Juba Being Burnt in Hunger, Infighting and Malnutrition

War has nothing to end poverty and unemployment.  In 2013, South Sudan experienced terrific financial downturn. The economy of this nation is simply fragile with least GDP growth.  Development seems to be a matter of fun because of the lack of fund, infrastructure and talent with manpower to brush up the   industry.  South Sudan is undergoing severe political deadlock and racial profiling.   Thousand   people in Juba have been killed in civil war or racial struggle.  The sunrise in Juba might have been obsolete   because the whole city was being burnt by rebels.  Hunger is one of the enemies to jeopardize million helpless children.  They don’t get food to eat.  Many of them are deported or displaced due to the insurgency.  They move to neighboring countries like Uganda and Sudan. 

People Are Harassed During Deportation

In Juba and other cities of S. Sudan, 90 percent people earn livelihood by cultivating land, producing crops and rearing up cattle.  When the battle started, most of these poor people had to relocate themselves in other countries like Uganda.  So they have had no technical expertise or money to start business.   Many innocent Sudanese escapists are harassed by troops at the border. Their properties have been forcefully snatched.  Their money is stolen.   Border security forces are not careful to solve problems of S. Sudanese refugees.  

More Miseries Waiting for South Sudan

Survey reports show that around 5.3 million Sudanese people will have to starve to death if their economic condition is not patched up through rehabilitation program. 686,200 kids suffer from starvation and malnutrition.  Estimated 6.1 million Sudanese refugees will have to wait for the financial aids from advanced countries.  87 percent people have no way to drink hygienic water and use disinfected urinals.  Only 47 percent is lucky to have drinkable water with moderate sanitation.  Sexual abuse, rape, molestation and gender bias are noticeably horrendous. The existence of civilians in Juba and Northern Bahr El Ghazal must be endangered.   

Uganda Force Heading Towards Juba for Rescuing Trapped Home Civilians

Recently, to rescue the trapped civilians in Juba, Uganda force has been found marching vigorously to cross Nimule border for launching target oriented strikes in this capital city of Uganda. They will bring back civilians from Juba.   UN has already expected another jolt with mass destruction in Juba.  Soldiers from Uganda have light machine guns, and grenades to defeat foes.  The exodus in S Sudan is expensive as more canned food, medication, water   and money are needed to relocate these homeless civilians.   On the other hand, White House has sent few battalions of soldiers to protect US nationals staying in Juba.  Germany and India have also confirmed the faster rescue operation by deploying a number of helicopters to Sudan.

Poor Economic Condition of S. Sudan

Sudanese government cordoned off its border to block the trading with South Sudan. Terrorists and crime covered entire country of S Sudan.  Therefore, Sudanese ruler snapped the connection with the   government of Omar al Bashir, the president of S Sudan.  National economic platform was broken and domestic traders were pressurized to run business within t he limited area. They were not allowed to enter into Sudan.  So, this sudden collapse in the economy of S Sudan weakened the confidence of people to be self-employed.  

Political Differences Need to Be Leveled with Ground – Innovation Needed

South Sudan should be reconstructed with innovative economic and social reforms packages.  The Chairman of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission claims that South Sudan can’t be aided so long by outsiders.  The government and people of this country should plan how to reinforce its economic infrastructure by removing all differences.   Insurgency and uncertainty to form the powerful government have minimized the possibility of the faster growth of this nation.  

It needs a strong management and uniformity in the implementation of various development projects   to manage poverty.   Mere financial assistance will not provide the everlasting solution to this country to prevent the casualty.  South Sudan should opt for the brain drain because of the dearth of talent in the country. Where are the upgraded technology withcompetentmanpowertogrowlarge scale industries to absorb numerouseducatedyouths to work in companies?    South Sudan has to emulate the models of Singapore which was detached   from Malaysia.  This small country had severe financial recession and lack of proper infrastructures to expand the business.   However, slowly Singapore became an advanced country with sound GDP rate defying Malaysia. It is because of integration with excellent motivational skill to utilize the resources.    They wiped out corruption to protect industries from hooligans.  Simultaneously, South Sudan needs specialists   who will design the plans for upgrading the society dynamically.   The economic reforms must be implemented to make South Sudan powerful.

All Party Leaders of South Sudan United to Bring Faster Solution to People

Reformation is an urgent need and people of South Sudan should not go to street for fighting. Representatives of SPLM of South Sudan signed an accord to rest the vision of the country   ending the civil war.   In Tanzania, Salva Kiir, the president of South Sudan andRiek Machar, the party leader of SPLM    have been tuned up to support each otherin solvingproblems to save the country from poverty .   Conflict among the various parities in S. Sudan is the main cause of destruction.  Million citizens have been internally displaced or forcefully deported during the political struggle.   There will be   more power for people to participate in the referendum   to choose their favorite leaders.  Racism and imbroglio must be controlled faster.   Economy of South Sudan will be rejuvenated   through the implementation of effective plans to develop the country.  SPLM   members will be more active with strong resolutions to fuel up the machine of progression of S. Sudan.


South Sudan needs a resilient and flexible economic foundation. So, reform in the business, economy and society to a great extent must be brought by the government of this country.  Well, foreign investors must be lured to make investment in this small poor country.  If S. Sudan is not restructured with a prosperous economy, people must have a recurrent episode of turmoil.  However, meanwhile the response from various NGOs and European nations is visible.   Billion dollars are poured to restructure the ground of S. Sudan.  The infighting and violence must be tackled immediately.  Hunger, malnutrition, and poverty in S. Sudan should not be infectious to force little children to die silently.


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