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South Sea Conflict Escalating with Construction of New Airstrips in Spartly Archipelago – Analysis

South Sea Conflict Escalating with Construction of New Airstrips in Spartly Archipelago – Analysis


The South China Sea issue seems to have thrown a spanner   to spoil smooth relationship and diplomatic rapport with China.  This unending dispute is getting stronger with the interference of Pentagon to go against Chinese activities in neighboring islands of South China Sea.  The military observation and   nocturnal reconnaissance in the coast parts of South Sea must not be healthy for Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.    What is the source of resentment in South Sea? 

Chinese Reconnaissance Activities Increasing in South Sea


China’s military deployment and escalation of airstrip base with powerful aircraft launching platforms in South Sea have disturbed other countries.    In 2015, White House called representatives and delegates of Chinese administration for explaining the futuristic resolution of America.  In a meeting, White House top brass emphatically confirmed the participation of Pentagon to settle the unending dispute. China claims its possession over major territories in South China.   These islands are very important to Beijing owing to the affluence and richness in natural resources.  Under sea, loose crude oil, and gas are stored.  Estimated 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gasoline   products is preserved for humans.  

Besides, 11 billion barrels of crude liquid are also boxed up under the vast sea.  China showcases its military supremacy over main islands like Spartly archipelago.  

Manymarine airstrips, ships,  radars, cruise missile launching base, andcoastalsurveillancesystems have beenbuilt up todo thesea monitoring meticulously.   Territorial reclamation confirmed by China is the background of dispute in South Sea.   Frequent gun fire, and missile attacks deepen the coastal tension severely. Chinese military is powerful to threaten small countries like Vietnam and Brunei.   South Sea must not be the target of China overtaking neighboring countries.  Monopoly in South Sea territory will not be spared by   White House.

American Interest in South Sea - Cold War Between Pentagon and Beijing Seems to Start

Cold war between Washington and Beijing must be analyzed before making prediction about the situation in South Sea.

America is trying to increase themilitary activities in different regions close to Taiwan and Spartly archipelago to rebuild the confidence of Vietnam, Taiwan and Brunei.

The conflict with China is now in full swing and Obama administration has demanded for the change in the old fashioned maritime law. The US has the interest in South Sea because of the availability of good natural resources lying uncovered in South Sea.

Secondly, China’s escalation of coastal aerial reconnaissanceto reclaim vast island is a threat to Pentagon.This Chinese aggression can be a landmark of cold war to weaken the American solidarity and strength.

Besides,the new confidence measurement and freewater navigation through South Sea will help American entrepreneurs to expand their global business network.

Freedom of South Sea passage maritime rule should been forced to enable America and other European countries to use this route forever seas trading. America has started new cold war with Beijing.Many experienced political leaders andexperts state that America is not taking the Chinese presence in South Sea lightly.

China must step forward to bring something awkward to put everything in disorder.This military escalation in different islands will be bad notions for White House. Therefore, America has send sophisticatedmissile packedsubmarines, war ships anddrones to South Sea to support Philippines.Pentagon is applying different theories to overtake Chinese military deployment in South Sea.China’s passive role to criticize North Korea for nuclear war head test firing has prodded the US administration.

White House has not kept silent without blaming Chinese behavior. There is no alternative to truce.

Henry Kissinger’s controversial comment seems to vibrate once again in new texture. For peace maintenance in South Sea, more comprehensive collaborations and camaraderie are required to repair the fracture in relationship with Beijing.

Beijing Supports EEZ Maritime Rule – US Should Not Interfere

 Beijing has not backtracked from its resolution. In newspapers and press releases online, Chinese authority has requested America not to boost up tension by violating the international law. American military force or any foreign reconnaissance vehicle can’t be permitted to pass through EEZ territories.   Exclusive economic zones or EEZ is not the place for free trading and movement.   However America condemns Beijing to indulge the disturbance by escalating surveillance force with deployment of missile propelled submarines,   war ships and aircrafts.  The South Sea territory must not be obstructive for international traders who use this route to steer their cargo ships and aircrafts. The marine trading is hampered due to acceleration of surveillance and aerial reconnaissance.  China must not   be aggressive with different   sets of mindsets to rule the coastal territories in South China Sea.   Large oil rigs in South Sea are monitored by naval vehicles and spy jet planes of China.  At night, small Chinese drones are found honing in whispering sound to watch the movements of Vietnamese coastal guards. Woody Island and Spartly archipelago   have been selected as Chinese military base to continue surveillance round the clock.   Three large airstrips have been reconstructed in Spartly.  

Pentagon Deployed War Ships to South Sea –Background


Pentagondeployeda numberof cryogenicsubmarines and largewar ships with gun powder and nocturnalsurveillance equipments tohelp otherneighboring countriesto defend . America needs the freedom in travelling through the South Sea passage without hazards.  China has sent the official missives to other nations   like Taiwan, Brunei and Vietnam regarding the oil exploration.   It is not appropriate for   these countries to search for oil in South Sea.  

Deep drilling, tracking and sending divers into the unfathomable sea to track the oil reserves.  This sea exploration is destructive. China has no intention to damage or destruct properties of other nations. However, the expensive sea exploration and navigation can be a major hindrance because of the disturbance.   Running ships and boats are not permitted   to pass through oil rigs.  Fishermen are obstructed by Vietnamese coastal guards.   So, Chinese monitoring personnel   and military force are obliged to keep peace.  America has raided counter attack by lambasting China because of the creation of the wedge to create conflicts.   Neighboring nations must have freedom to use the South Sea route for trading.  Chinese interference   is not tolerable.  

Reed Bank conflict has killed relationship between China and Philippines.  Scarborough dispute has been triggered by China when   Beijing warned Vietnam not to permit fishermen to cross the border of Scarborough for catching fish and marine creatures. 

US and Chinese diplomats have delivered their own ideas and plans to find the solution.  The proxy war must not be supported by China or America.  

Beijing has told paparazzi at press conference that US must not underestimate demand of China.   White House should harness its aggressiveness and impatience.  America can’t accuse Beijing without evaluating the situation.   Otherwise, Beijing will not sit with indifference to the marine activities   of America.  Maritime rules should be abided by White House.  On the other hand,   America’s claim for freedom of passage is accepted by other nations including India,   Canada and Vietnam.   America also recommended the new code of conduct or maritime rule to reduce the rigidity in sea trading through South Sea. 

Resolution to End South Sea Dispute


“Confidence measurement” is another proposal given by   White House to minimize the escalation of tension in South Sea.  China is constructing   new artificial archipelago which are close to Taiwan.   Beijing will be the leader to take care of sovereignty over these   artificial islands which are mostly close to Taiwan.  America, Japan,   Vietnam, Philippines and Brunei didn’t support the land reclamation of Beijing.   The disputeis obviouslyunderstandableas Chinese aggressiontowardsTaiwan   with the   purpose ofspreadingsupremacyoverSouth Seaterritoriesis lambasted.  China has not given approval or any   positive indication to comply with the new confidence measurement maritime law. American destructive aircrafts and   naval accessories must be challenged by Chinese military boldly.  


South Sea conflict has no immediate solution till now. However, China must recheck the conventional maritime laws for a change. Beijing can optimize the peace resolution by approving the joint ventures to explore in oil rigs in South Sea.   Taiwan should be honored by Beijing   by handing over the ownership rights over artificial archipelago in South Sea.  New maritime guidelines to build up confidence will be a gateway to go for stability.  Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam have to do negotiation with Beijing to start exploration in undersea level for collecting crude oil and gas.


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