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Sanafir and Tiran Have Been Sold to Saudi Arab- Confrontation Brewing up – Deep Analysis

Sanafir and Tiran Have Been Sold to Saudi Arab- Confrontation Brewing up – Deep Analysis


Morsi has gone forever handing over the administration of Egypt to Sisi. Insurgency and development in Egypt rush neck to neck. Government is corrupted and it prefers the more strategic version of autocracy to control dissents/rebels in Egypt. However, Red Sea conflict is now forecasting a new chapter of trouble and insurgency for Egyptians to face. Sanafir and Tiran are two small islands which have been transferred to Riyadh in exchange of multi-billion package. Tussle and controversies have been geared up by Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party. Sisi is determined to sell the islands as Saudi Arab is the real owner. The court in Cairo has dismissed or nullified the ownership right of Saudi Arab over these empty islands.

Resentment Accelerating Over Sale of Islands

President of Egypt has not listened to any request or suggestion to stop the sale of Sanafir and Tanir to Saudi Arab. There will be a big bridge connecting Saudi Arab to Sharm el-Sheikh in Sinai. These uninhabited islands were ruled by Israel in past. Later through the peace treaty and friendly negotiations, Israel gifted Tanir and Sanafir to Cairo. Protestors in Egypt want the cancellation of the sale deeds and Sisi should be placed into the jail. Resentment over the land transfer increased when protestors remonstrated in the streets.

Around 150 dissidents were arrested for irritating the mob. President ordered rebels not to criticize the government to complete the deal.

History Speaks Itself

Tanir and Sanafir islands are valuable to merchants. Once, Ottoman rulers used this sea passage to ship consignments.

Geographically, these important islands are located near Aqaba borders encircling Jordan and Eilat of Israel. In 1967, the Train Strait was suddenly bottlenecked and cordoned off by Egypt. This sea route blockage was not helpful to Israel. The overseas trading was severely obstructed due to the abrupt restriction on the movement of ships through this Strait of Tanir. Israel attacked to occupy Tanir and Sanafir. Confrontations become intricate when history of Egypt tells different stories.

In schools based in Cairo, students are taught that Tanir and Sanafir are national properties. However, some text books published recently in the capital city of Egypt deny the legal possession of Egypt over these vacant islands.

Saudi Arab requested the then ruler of Egypt to install arm force for coastal reconnaissance. Since then, Egyptian troops stayed over there to enhance the surveillance. Actually, Saudi Arab enjoys the authoritative power over these islands. However, meanwhile, political gambling and infighting infect political ambience in the city of Cairo. Members of Muslim Brotherhood quip that Morsi would have been cross examined in the case of illegal transformation or sale of islands. Sisi is the administrator and therefore it is not an act of crime. He has no obligation to sell the property of the country without referendum.

People of Egypt must have own opinions to offer regarding the island selling to another country.

 Morsi didn’t give excellent smooth governance to his countrymen.   He was rough to mercilessly   shoot dead more than hundred dissidents at Cairo in 2013.  The pathetic snapshot of the gun firing in Nasr city of Cairo is still a stimulant for widows of dead husbands who were killed in the al-Iman Mosque by Morsi’s armed force.   Dissidents of Morsi were seen in sitting remonstration against the insurgency.   They were agitated because of the mobility in spreading violence in Cairo.  Though Morsi   implemented some productive projects, development and severe insurgency can’t stay together.   Morsi supported those who were sycophants.   Even his Muslim Brotherhood party members wanted to sack him.  The coup led by Sisi was a conclusion for Morsi to act as a democratic leader.  On 29th June 2013, in the sudden putsch, Morsi was toppled from the power. On 3rd July, Sisi arrested Morsi for espionage, sabotage, and corruption.  However, members of Muslim Brotherhood party were finally called for negotiation.    Morsi’s nemesis and the invitation from Sisi to participate in   the referendum are contradictory.    Brotherhood party didn’t take this offer to meet Morsi and plan for fighting in upcoming election.    However, Sisi’s arrival never gave a permanent niche to million people to have peaceful days to come.  Sisi is a tyrant with recklessness to exploit rebels in Cairo.   He ordered Morsi to attend the prosecution to confess his willful indictment and guilt.    Even, death sentence could be declared   against Morsi as he destroyed peace in Egypt. The former president dared to elope to avoid punishment. That’s why Sisi became harsh to end up the life of Morsi. Within few weeks, the security force of Sisi erased 800 Morsi allied members by firing bullets. This incident in Rabba cannot be isolated from Egyptian history.


$16 Billion Approved by Salman to Boost up Industries in Egypt - Both Nations Agreed

Sisi, the president of Egypt and Salman of Saudi Arab signed to approve a fruitful $16 billion worth project. Riyadh will build up a bridge to enable traders to transport goods through this long bridge. So, all maritime conflicts and disturbance will be solved through this mutual negotiation.  Sisi’s administration will have more chances to enhance the reconciliation with Riyadh.   Saudi Arab will invest more in tourism sectors in Egypt.   In future, financers of Saudi Arab will include more areas for large scale investment.  Saudi Arab invited Egypt to join the military exercises to destroy rebels assisted by   Tehran.    At that time, owing to the disputes in Red Sea, Egypt was not found in affirmative condition to value the proposals of Saudi Arab. However, Riyadh will have a trustworthy friend to prevent sudden invasion of Iran backed terrorists in Gulf region.   In return,  Sisineeds toresist   pro-Morsi   influence   byhavingreliable support fromSaudi Arab to emerge asa competentleadertosuppress hisprevious mistakes.   

Iran Criticizes Sisi- Political Gambling Started

Iran which has enmity with Riyadh has blamed Sisi for taking a whimsical decision without perfect evaluation. Tehran and Riyadh are not wrapped up in good rapport. Egypt must not entertain hooligans and terrorists. Maybe Sisi searches for niches to collaborate with Riyadh for business improvement, military exercises and formation of new bilateral relationship.

In reply to request of Riyadh, Egypt deployed troops in 1950 to force Israeli army to backtrack. However, in 1967, Israeli army defeated Egyptian soldiers and forcefully made encroachment into the territories of these islands.

Much later in 1982, through truce accord, Sanafir and Tanir were repossessed by Egypt. New economic boosting venture has been ensured by HRH King Salman, the king of Riyadh. He has the attractive billion worth financial aids for Sisi.

HRH KIng Salman will introduce a new open market in Tanir and Sanafir islands. Egypt and Saudi Arab will be unified with greater vision to scale up the diplomatic relationship neglecting religious differences. The feasibility of investment of $1.5bn by Saudi Arab is widening to build up eco-friendly resorts to expand the tourism in newly purchased islands.

The agreement also supports the assurance of financing petroleum industry of Egypt. Even HRH King Salman of Riyadh has not discarded the possibility of futuristic solidarity to form Pan Arab military venture for the sake of innovating the defense.


Morsi’s supporters will not accept what Sisi is going to recommend. The court is open for opposition party members for registering cases against the president. However, either the government of Sisi or the king of Saudi Arab has placed historical evidence, proof or any deed to locate the actual owner of these two beautiful islands.

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