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Radical Islamism Seems to Be Misconstrued by Western Big Brothers – Proper Evaluation Needed

Radical Islamism Seems to Be Misconstrued by Western Big Brothers – Proper Evaluation Needed


Dirty political gambling distorts many innovative ideologies and conventional mindsets.   The self-interest groups  are gathering power and support to formulate new strategies to accelerate terrorism all over the world. 

Well, in this context,  Islamic nations are being dragged to the front places for evaluating roles of these countries to germinate so-called insurgency.  

Is every Muslim prone to racial profiling?  To What extent, will you condemn Islamic countries for destabilizing the society with gunfire, and missile attack to terminate innocent civilians?  

Radical Islamism is the new phrase which is selected by   Western big brothers.  Analyze the effectiveness of such   term to highlight the side effect of global insurgency.


What is Radical Islam? Conceptions Must Be Clear

Radical Islamic people must be separated from the society. 

The certain groups like ISIS, Hezbollah and Kurdish militancy outfits are extremists with radical mindsets. 

They have different theories to establish the Islamic kingdom replacing democratic government.  These sectarian groups enhance the racism and ethnic conflicts. 

Terrorism is not an act of social reforming. It is a barbaric law to abolish peace from the world.   Americans have had some unforgettable snapshots of insurgency, bomb explosions and incarnage done by Islamic terrorists. ISIS and ISIL terrorists kill people who don’t support them.

In Iraq, ISIS has possessed a number of cities including Mosul.  This militancy outfit has their spies working in Syria,  Lebanon,   Turkey and Libya.   They export insurgency and components of global terrorism to other countries like China, and India. 

9/11th massacre has not been erased and Americans blame Gulf nations to supervise this mass incarnage in America.   Even a new bill will be passed by White House to cross examine Saudi Arab for its involvement to wipe out world trade center in America.  

Obama is nota radical president, Inhis speech , hedidn’texceed limits bystampingIslamic rulers asmilitants.  Even, the gun shooting episode in Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL didn’t divert Obama. He ordered FBI and police personnel to probe for solving the case.

Omar Mateen, a Muslim American national killed 49 American gays in Pulse nightclub.   Investigative agencies will have to detect the connection of dead Mateen with ISIS.    However, panic spread fast over the barbaric crime which was plotted by Mateen to have revenge. Hillary Clinton believed that this young 21 years old guy had the psychopathological homophobic disorder. 

Orlando gun fire has misguided Americans who directly charge all Muslims for this horrific extermination in Orlando.  

ISIS- A Separate Islamic Extremist Group

 ISIS is an extremist group which has been formed by orthodox Islamic radical leaders. They have changed the Islamic version and create a new law to establish their own views.   

ISIS can’t be mixed with the conventional 1500 old Islamic religion. People should be educated by providing true facts and roadmaps to separate ISIS or ISIL from the Islamic religion.  

Well, to fulfill the mission, western political leaders, global humanitarian agencies, and non-profit organizations should be united. Alas!  

Comments of Donald Trump are not digestible when he brews up his resentment against Muslims for human slaughtering.  He will not permit any Non-American Muslimbrother to enter in America.    Well, Unifier must not be radical with xenophobia against Islamic countries.   His uncontrollable anger can be a strong component  to nurture terrorism.  Western politicians must not be shortsighted with hidden racial profiling to strike Muslims. They must have innovative parameters for meticulous evaluation of the Muslim nations. 


ISIS organization is the source of hooliganism with vast network to demolish non-Islamic states.

However,   Arab World which has been founded by Saudi Arab with other Gulf nations like Oman, Bahrain and Qatar has started anti-ISIS operation.  Arab World will not befriend ISIS agents in future.  Arab World also warned Tehran not to criss-cross its limit to deploy the force to empower Hezbollah in Lebanon.  Herein lies a complicated graph.

Hezbollah, a militant outfit, is pushing Jews back to occupy Jerusalem. It is an anti-Zionist group.  This Hezbollah is also backed up by Tehran.  Saudi Arab has discovered the link of Tehran with Hezbollah to create insurgents in Middle East.  Hezbollah is a Muslim terrorist outfit.

Kurdish in Iraq  is seeking sovereignty by crafting Kurdish land. This militancy organization is resisting ISIS militants in Mosul, and other parts of Iraq.  Kurdish is aided by western countries to spot ISIS extremists who launched Hurricane attacks in Brussels, New York, Paris, and London.  

ISIS terrorists will be blown wherever they are found  by Western allies.  Riyadh claims that Pentagon stealthily delivers blue prints to Tehran to manufacture mini nuclear bombs to destruct ME.  So, Islamic radicalism is somehow misconstrued and distorted by Western leaders.    America has wiped out any possibility of hobnobbing with ISIS for compromise.  So, this powerful nation will have to start perfect diagnostic  procedure to recommend   strategies to control terrorism. 

Obama is not a hypocrite. He has no personal grudge or resentment against Muslims.    Once, this political leader said that Western people had been painting a portrait of Muslim religion using a broad painting brush of radical Islamism.   If the whole portraiture is tinted in raw colors of Islamic radicalism and racism, there will be another bed to invite more terrorists to have rest. It will be a hatchery to breed dangerous lampoons and miscreants to manipulate the world with missiles.  People should not over emphasize the jingoism and aggressive self-centered mindsets to mislead the society. 



Western countries acknowledge the sudden jolt from ISIS terrorists. This communal force has risen abruptly without enabling even super power to reset the defense for resistance. Therefore, lot of casualties, man extermination, execution, bomb explosion and nocturnal air strikes disturb white people. They are superior in strength but they are not prepared to reply to the blitz Krieg invasion of ISIS terrorists.  Counter insurgency of America in Iraq and Russian participation to safeguard Assad in Syria can revive Islamic fundamental power to emerge. 

Quote : "Since 2011 in Syria War, 250,000 Muslims have been executed;  2.5 Million trurned into Refugees. Another 3 Million Muslim are ready to be displaced from Yemen. These people are civilians? "  - Editor

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