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Qatar Brought Under Scan for Labor Abuse –Uncertainty to Host FIFA 2022 -  World Cup Tournament

Qatar Brought Under Scan for Labor Abuse –Uncertainty to Host FIFA 2022 - World Cup Tournament


Qatar will be the host country to organize 2022 World Cup Football tournament.  Russia has been nominated to host world cup in 2018. However,  manynon-profit   organizations human rightscommissions, andsocialreformers includingthe immigrantrehaborganizations   have alreadylodged theircausticgrievancesagainst the   ill treatment   withimmigrant workers,  low wages,  extraworkload at samewages, absence ofhygienicworking environment andhumiliation withlowlife care.  All these issues can be major hindrances for Qatar to get permission to host the 2022 world cup.  FIFA has announced that   there must be powerful machinery for finding the truth about the labor abuse,   sexual   exploitation, violence, low wages, and violation of human rights.   If Qatar   is adufferwithouttaking steps toreset theproblemsof immigrantworkers, maybe,    thisGCCnation will be scratchedoff .  Therefore, a committee has been formed for surveillance and surveys to track the situation in this GCC country.    At the same time,   Russian defective immigration laws have also been discussed at the FIFA convention. In 2018 this powerful country will take care of the FIFA world cup. However, Amnesty and other immigrants rehab organizations showed dissatisfaction over the manpower exploitation in Russia.  


Qatar Should Change Immigration Law


Immigration policies   must be changed in compliance with the international labor and immigration   act.   Workers from other countries visit Qatar for doing jobs.   Companies and govern aided organizations are bound to give accommodation, medical care during emergency,   life security and   handsome wages   with emoluments for extra labor.   Workers must be humans and they are not slaves or animals.    Immigrant laborers   complain that   the government of this country has not taken any appreciable drive to settle their problems.  Their passports are illegally either cancelled or   kept under drawers so that   they are not able to flee or leave for   home countries easily. It is   manpower exploitation.   Female workers are sexually molested and even raped in open daylight.  Accommodation is below standard.  In a small room, a group of workers have to   make overnight stays sharing   indoor space. Water scarcity and power cut also happen at short intervals.  

FIFA and Supreme Committee Monitoring World Cup Preparation in Qatar


The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy which has earned   legal consent to organize the   construction of world cup stadiums in Doha has denied allegation. In a report, one of the spokespersons of this organization   has demanded   that sporadic incidents of labor exploitation in Qatar don’t represent the entire condition of immigrant workers who are hired for building up stadiums in   Doha and other cities of Qatar. 

While constructing Khalifa stadium for world cup 2022, workers are recruited by many private companies.  During the recruitment, workers have to sign the contractual agreement   with willingness to work under the senior staff members.   Amnesty investigation reports have taken few   snapshots of forced slavery, cheap labor and passport seizure in Khalif.  It is not a good act.   Workers can’t be forced to stay for working in a foreign land.   Their passports and documents   can’t be held back or possessed by companies. 

After the findings launched by Amnesty, this Qatar based organization decided to give back all passports and documents to laborers.   Even harassed victims were awarded   good incentives.  However,   FIFA is strictly monitoring the situation in Qatar.  This GCC nation must give a specific deadline for settling labor issues.  Within 12 months, Qatar has to solve immigration and labor rehab problems. Otherwise, this country will lose the membership as a world cup host for 2022. Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA has suggested for forming an autonomous committee headed by eminent football players and respected civilians to watch the completion of all projects vis-à-vis the 2022 world cup tournament in Qatar.

Swiss and Amnesty Top Brass Ask for Strong Vigilance 


On the other hand, Swiss top brass has condemned FIFA for corruption in the committee.  First of all, Qatar is not a standard nation with qualitative infrastructures and innovation in communication. Secondly, this GCC country has selected some torrid regions for constructing new playing stadiums.  During June and July, these places will be burnt in scathing scorching heat.  Even FIFA has had to change the time schedule to start world cup in Qatar in summer season.  

Heat will be terrific and   painful to players coming from icy-cool weather.  Swiss investigators have   criticized high officials of FIFA to permit Qatar as a host country. US investigators arrested few corrupted officers in FIFA on the same day of the declaration of the commencement of 2022 world cup football tournament in Qatar. Supreme Committee must be updated regarding the improvement of financial status of immigrant laborers in Qatar.  Amnesty representatives have submitted few snapshots and documents including survey reports to Supreme Committee. In 2010 (as given by Amnesty), over 1000 workers in Qatar were killed due to torture, lack of food, poor sanitation and over workload.  

Kafala visa sponsoring system is also a matter of labor exploitation.   Without permission of a Kafeel, a worker can’t change job or leave the country. Unskilled workers   have to depend on Kafeelas to have authenticated visas and work permits including passports.  This conventional Kafala system   is the main weapon to exploit the workers. Qatar government has promised that Kafala law will be either removed or extensively modified for enhancing   more life security of workers. Their work permits, and passports will not be sponsored or cross verified by Kafeelas.  This reform in immigration law will be brought before hosting Qatar 2022 World Cup.

More Reforms Are Sought


Thefinger ofaccusationisaimed at Qatar andFIFA itselfbecause ofwillfuldisobedienceto follow rules of human rightscommissions.    If Qatar exploits innocent manpower, it will be the severest issue for the whole world.  Workers, asylum seekers andcross bordersimmigrantsmust betreated asrecognized   employeesor workerswherever theystayforearning livelihood.  They must not be crushed under heavy boots of contractors/ organizers. 

FIFA should have sent a team of inspectors   to evaluate the   condition of   workers who have been hired   to do the stadium constructions,   house renovation and resort establishment.  FIFA   has asked Qatar officials whether they have taken initiatives to standardize the labor status to the state level   giving required   basic facilities to   employees. In Doha, and other   places, football playing stadiums, resorts, guest houses, café, kiosks, bars, and modernized street kiosks are being constructed.   Workers from India, Nepal,   Pakistan and other countries are recruited by Qatar to complete the stadium constructions.  Economic reforms must be opted for immediately to avoid suspension or any embargo.  

What Will Qatar Get Hosting FIFA World Cup?


Qatar will spend $200 billion for brushing up the cities to organize 2022 world cup football tournament.   Experts pre-calculate the number of visitors to Qatar for watching football matches.   Over 3 million fans will be seen in Doha, Umm Salal and AI Rayyan.

In return, this GCC nation will gain more international revenues to reset the national economy.  Many under developed and obscure places will be developed in this connection.  2022 world cup tournament will renew the identity of Qatar in the world sports.   Many international foreigners and tourists will visit Qatar. So, the local traders, vendors, and small scale companies will be boosted up.   Foreigners will stay in   guest houses and hotels located in rural areas. 

They will invest money to buy food, sophisticated artifacts and many attractive gifts.  So, regional cottage industry will be nurtured   with these foreign revenues.  More sports academies, coaching centers, playgrounds, and sports clubs will be opened.    Local youths will be invited to play football.  They will get more modernized training, and accessories to become good football players.   Besides, the city development, exposition of traditional culture to foreign countries, talent utilization, and nation building   will take place.  

Qatar 2020 world cup will be an example to many GCC nations to take the responsibility of hosting international sporting   tournaments.   Other GCC will apply for sponsorship as host nations to host world cup and Olympic Games.   It must be a psychological stimulant or booster to lift the nation from recession.  More unemployed youths will get jobs.   Neglected areas in Doha will be brushed up with international currencies.   Qatar is a rich nation.   It wants to be integrated with advanced countries   through sports.



 Qatar 2022 world cup must be peaceful.  If atrocities, exploitation, violence and little life care   exist, the vision for hosting   world cup will fail.   Kafala system should be depleted.   Workers and unskilled laborers must be given security, good wages and honor.  Qatar administration must not be a pay loader to crush humans   like iron junks. Sport is the symbol of harmony, universal brotherhood, integration, youthfulness and peace. Qatar must make the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament a super grand success.

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