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Putin – A Brave Maverick Dynamic Russian Political Leader with Glossy Profile

Putin – A Brave Maverick Dynamic Russian Political Leader with Glossy Profile


“V “stands for victory and Vladimir Putin, maverick Russian President, must be courageous with an envious personal profile to stun his dissidents.  This superman is also a judo expert with terrific swiftness to hit his enemy using his strong fists.  He never showed lethargy to attend judo academies to construct his body. This gentleman is also a world famous political leader with unbreakable boldness to scale up the zenith in his professional career.  Russians deeply showcase veneration towards this big brother.  Vladimir Putin is now a matinee idol in Russia.  He is the backbone of Moscow.

 Brief Profile


Putin was born in 1952 in former Leningrad (right now St. Petersburg).   He completed his schooling and then entered into college to gather degree in law.  He is a law graduate.   Putin also   joined KGB as a spy to help the government to track enemies.  He spent 16 years in KGB.  Putin locked his life with Lyudmila Putina.  Successful marriage gave rise to Yekaterina and Mariya Putina.   


Putin’s Escalation in Political World – A Man with Excellent Machismo


Putin is not a person with history of failure and depression.   He was elected as de facto president by Yeltsin before his departure. Putin also acted as a prime minister. So,   he is a favorite person   to political leaders.   WhenSovietRussiabroke downin1991,  Anatoly Sobchakchosehim as thecompetentadvisorfor internationalaffairs.  Sobchak was dismissed through referendum   way back to 1996.  Putin went to Moscow to hold the office as the chief of Presidential Property Management Department.  Putin became the president after departure of Yeltsin.  He has the strong and glossy image of machismo with razor sharp aristocracy.  This powerful man has taken a number of bold measures   to accelerate the dominance of Russia over other countries.   During his regime, Assad of Syria has gained more support to destroy insurgents. Russian force didn’t let terrorists and   anti-Assad rebels to stand firm.  

Putin’s Accomplishments as a President


Yeltsin didn’t get success to prevent the expansion of NATO allied force.   Russia was slowly isolated from Europe.  After having the political power as a President, Mr. Putin has had announced his strong resolution regarding the reconciliation with Europe.   Secondly, Moscow will not allow NATO to deploy army and send jet fighters to disturb Russian army.   Putin got support from home country.    He is a good fighter with high volume of confidence to   strengthen up Russia dynamically. Vladimir Putin never dined with urchins neglecting the interest of the country. The annexure of Crimea from Ukraine to strengthen up Moscow happened with his advent as a Russian president. Yeltsin sensed the danger to invade Russia because of internal political impasse.  Many territories in Russia revolted for separate existence with complete sovereignty.  Putin didn’t   let insurgents go without being punished.   Confidently he challenged that he would smash even a small critter if he found it in the toilet basin.  He will not accept words of insurgents unless they behave gentlemanly. That’s why; he went to tackle Chechen rebels with missiles and bombs.  He used weapons to reduce the insurgency in Bosnia, Syria and Chechnya. 


Putin as a Reformer


 Vladimir Putin is not merely a politician. He is also a good reformer to change the Russian society through innovation.   He has founded a social welfare institute for helping Russians to have good financial support.  Approximately 2 billion dollars earned from oil and gas industry are poured into this institute for the development purpose.   People in Russia are indebted to Putin for such an awe-inspiring social reform.  


Putin Reinforces Army with Technology and Talent


Putin has improved the national army.  In his statement, he declared that right now Russian army was one of the best forces to challenge any country in Europe and Asia.   It is the second weapons exporter succeeding America. He has redecorated the army by recruiting more talented young Russians. In Syria, Russian soldiers defeated rebels of Assad.  ISIS terrorists had to admit defeat and   surrendered to Russian force. Russia will be a strong member to hold prestigious portfolio in NATO.    Putin has had bolder strategies to drill Ukraine, Georgia and Crimea. He criticized Orange revolution.  The decision of western community to support Ukraine to become a permanent member of NATO was lambasted by Putin.  His discontentment over the membership of Ukraine in NATO was showcased when he faced media associates. In an on-camera conversation with media journalists, he warned   western communities drastically over the issue of intervention to assist Ukraine. It will bring more tensions to drive the wedge between Russia and EU.  He has the authoritative voice to convince people.   Crimea was not a part of Ukraine.  Therefore, Russian force didn’t do mistakes to take back the land of Crimea to fix it with Moscow.


Putin is not backtracking leaving the space to enemies to have advantages over Moscow. Russia will again be a superpower to spearhead the world with glamour.  Lost aristocracy will be retained through the social, economic and political reforms. Steadily, Putin’s government is fighting with recession.  The relationship with Asian countries is taking a U-turn to enhance the solid uniformity and collaboration.  As crude oil and gas exporter, Russia signed a long term $25 billion worth contract with Beijing. Another $400 billion worth business transaction was also signed by   China and Russia.  Russia will supply gas and oil to Beijing in the upcoming 30 years.



Putin is a winner with virility to overtake tumultuous climate boldly.   In 2007, he got 81 percent credits from people as a famous president in Russia. However, in 2013, he lost few ratings. He earned 61 percent votes in his favor.   In 2014 again he bagged 85 percent with good appreciable remarks from his supporters.  He is running through the uneven road but he is resolute, brave and prowess to reach the destination eventually.

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