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Probability of Nuclear War Threatens up the World- Evaluate Background of Cold War

Probability of Nuclear War Threatens up the World- Evaluate Background of Cold War


The sun is the powerhouse of nuclear energy. The sunlight illuminates the world, heats up the earth and   rejuvenates human society.  Man is a great inventor who transforms the solar energy into atomic power to get more energy.  However, the purpose of inventing atomic energy has been influenced by the undercurrent of imperialism, chauvinism, racial profiling and cumbersome jingoism.

Nuclear war seems to be a transparent glass reflector to expose inner objectives of a particular race or community for more elaborate analysis.  Why does the young generation need atom bomb?   Is it the best weapon for self defense?  

Nuclear war is extremely destructive, and harmful to the society.  It brings million innocent children to the counter of death. Two tragic incidents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki teach the whole mankind a lesson. They must be aware of the termination of trillion people in nuclear explosion during Second World War.  They should have determination to resist nuclear war. 

However, what is the current trend in Gulf and Europe?  Will there be another mini explosion in Seoul, Beijing or in the capital of North Korea.  Probability of the nuclear war may be imminent due to the escalation of tension in Gulf. 

A short analytical supervision and deep evaluation   must help young generation to understand the pros and cons of nuclear war.

North Korea Seen More Devastating with Nuclear Tests


Aggressiveness of North Korea has thrown a strong challenge to Pentagon   to take quick action.  The bilateral and diplomatic rapport between two powerful countries is fast heading towards deterioration.  

The background of conflict lies in the invasion of North Korea to cross the border of South Korea.  

Russia and China supported North Korea to invade South Korea.   America never overlooked the  request of Seoul.   The seeds of tension flourished   when North Korea went against Pentagon in a cold war.   The recent powerful nuclear test in N. Korea, has distorted the relationship with Pentagon.  The   nuclear   war will be severe in case North Korea   becomes a competitor with   invention of long range ballistic missile with nuclear   warheads to destroy cities in America.   

Truman Doctrine analyzed the importance of deactivation o f the onset of communism in Europe and   Korea.   Russia must be retrained and resisted by people to end the regime of communism.  

North and South Korea   worsened   relationship.     Nuclear proliferation treaty which was supposed to be abided by North Korea was nullified.    This Asian country concentrates on Uranium enriched regions.  

US stopped granting financial stimulus to N. Korea.  White House has sent a missive to top brass of N. Korean administration stating the futuristic approach of America.  Even, China has declared that it will not support N. Korea if nuclear power is misused to destruct the human society.  The urgency of manufacturing   nuclear weapons should be controlled.  Otherwise, there will be more risks of global nuclear war which will annihilate the world.   

Nuclear weapons are stored for retaliation or defense. Even    India and Pakistan have tested  nuclear weapons successfully.  The US and Russia are engaged in cold war. Therefore, mathematic calculation is required for presuming the futuristic feasibility of nuclear war.

Moscow ceased the devastating   cold war with the inception of Glasnost and Perestroika.    Communism was buried forever by replacing theory of Lenin and Stalin.   America was agreed to sit with Moscow for ending long lasting hidden cold war. Berlin wall was smashed.  The peace accord was signed with the interference of UN.   Moscow started new ventures to rebuild economy.   The restriction on press and media was slowly slackened to invite international media associates, journalists and political big brothers to visit   Moscow.   However,  the disputein Syria,  Saudi Arab, Jordan, Yemen,  Iraq, Iran andGulf region as a whole is foundcreatinganother strongground for nurturing   thenextcoldwar. The activities ofHezbollah and ISILinSyria with the    autocraticrole of Assad tocontrolrebelsusing   weaponsaccelerate theprobabilityof germination of new conflictin the form of coldwar.  Russia supports   Assad to destruct his enemies.   On the other hand, Tehran offers gunpowder and missiles to Hezbollah to wipe out hideouts of   Jews.  At the same time,   in Lebanon, the geopolitical and social changes   force American to tighten up the   monitoring process. Americanspy satellites aremovedat a closeangle totracksensitiveuranium loaded    pocketslying in Syria,    Lebanon,   TehranandRiyadh.    Arab Spring was incarnated because of the fear of destructive attack from terrorists and of course Iran. Tehran is the main hooligan to befriend terrorism, subversion and vandalism to get control over the entire Gulf region.  Saudi Arab must not spare the aggression of Tehran and Hezbollah.    The racial profiling between Shia and Sunni was powered by Tehran as per the assumption made by Riyadh administration.    Saudi Arab doesn’t accept ideology of Shia.  Iran   opposes   Sunni.    The tussle is taking a cumbersome shape to compel super powers to draw plans   for interference.  Even draft resolution regarding the restoration of peace keeping force in Western Sahara can be highlighted to evaluate circumstances which revive the urgency of starting   mass destruction.    The bipartisan bill to prosecute Riyadh for involvement in previous 9/11 attack has had a strong impact on prince   Salman. Though the situation is still under control, in future, it will reframe the clandestine   table work to hire technology for creating self-styled nuclear warheads.

South Sea Tension


SouthSeatension is anotheringredientwhich is veryinflammableto sparklefireofdestruction . China enjoys monopoly power over Hong Kong and Tibet. However,   new resolution and social reforms have been approved by Beijing to reduce the overseas tension.  It is not sufficient   for settlement in the long run.   In addition, the forceful entry of Han Chinese in Xinjiang province disturbs Muslim Uyghur people.   China is accused and criticized for instigating racial profiling in Xinjiang.   Rebels are found taking training from   Syrian extremists and ISIS to reinvade China.  These are destructive and inflammable   ingredients to formulate the graph for genocide.  


If nuclear war starts, it will be more disastrous.  Chemical weapons, nuclear propelled missiles and atom bombs will be used   in this war.  People will eye-witness the population depletion, and destruction. Children will be crippled.  Women will lose husbands and their family members.  Houses will be collapsed like playing cards.  The ambience will be scathing and painful to young people to breathe air.   However, reunification of Germany, more positive guidance from Obama and nuclear non-proliferation treaty will produce soothing effect to cool heated furnace.    The integrity is needed to stop nuclear explosion. Uniformity,   solidarity, and philanthropic drive will enable   superpowers to cease nuclear war.



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