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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte- Eye for an Eye - Ensures Corruption Free Governance

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte- Eye for an Eye - Ensures Corruption Free Governance


Rodrigo Duterte is a robust and powerful man who is often compared with the Unifier (Donald Trump) in America. 

In Philippines, this leader isseen very dynamicwith promptness to complete pendingassignmentswithtable workto fix his strategiesfor fighting inthepresentelection.   He announced that he would ban narcotic elements and alcohol   in the country.

Cig smoking will be stopped.  He also supported the introduction of death penalty to punish the accused. 

All these devastating remarks have projected him as   the second unifier with visible similarities.   His resolution has sound pragmatic entity as he plans to wipe out crime from the roots.  Philippines will be stronger to establish its identity in the global framework overtaking China, South Korea and North Korea.  Even Rodrigo will not permit Beijing authority to declare the full fledged land reclamation over major islands and coastal oil rigs in South Sea.  If he wins, he will be a second Donald Trump in Philippines.   

Landslide Victory Made Rodrigo Popular President to Rule Philippine

Exit polls in Philippines accelerate the energy of this iron fist.  The voting result will be much favorable to this iron man as he is now taking the considerable lead over other rivals.  The election in Philippines will decide   the fortune of contestants.  Rodrigo Duterte is a successful Mayor in Davo. The next ruler of Philippines should start vigorously for gaining advantages regarding South Sea issue. 

China is a big boss with sounder military base with 3 airstrips, and observational centers located in the important islands in South Sea.  The steadfast deployment of armed forces with sophisticated weaponry of China must not make Philippine army happy. Rodrigo should talk to White House representatives to negotiate.  Philippine rulers need more ammunitions and gun powder with financial boosters to stand in tough resistance from neighboring countries.  Philippines have promptly responded to the appeal of Rodrigo who will be the 16th president elected by citizens through fair referendum.  Rodrigo is a promising leader with handsome victory to become the president.

Rodrigo Duterte- A Popular Leader in Davao

Duterte is a political leader who represents Mindanao. It is the second largest island and it is ridden in unemployment,  poverty and gambling with worsened  pecuniary condition in the lower sections of the society.  So, he must have innovative development and financial improvement schemes to rebuild rural youths residing in Mindanao. Davao city is a cool destination for criminals and imposters. 

This city is a crime propelling  machine to spray color of violence to contaminate the ambience. People are not able to stay at home with peace due to the street violence, hooliganism and insurgency. 

Rodrigo is a destructor and a tough guy with boldness to control unwanted elements to protect civilians in Davao. He claimed to have personally killed armed criminals while mayor, though no evidence has emerged to support those stories. Asked to respond to a report that he killed 700 people, he replied, “No, it is not 700, but 1,700.”

Manila will bepainted to look like New Yorkby removing pilesof brick and mortarbroken houses,  cleaningroads,  andestablishing opulentresorts to mesmerizeinternational tourists.  That’s why, Philippines require a suitable experienced candidate who must not prioritize self-interests.   

This great iron fist will change the infrastructure of the society of Philippines. 


Rodrigo Warns China over Land Reclamation in South Sea - He Opens Doors for Discussion

Rodrigo has not suppressed his anger when he explodes with lot of fiery remarks about the administration of Beijing to build up military camps in big islands of South Sea.

China is sending materials with trained officials to complete the island extension with establishment of naval airstrips to conduct round-the-clock sea monitoring. Chinese soldiers use sophisticated microscopes to track fleets of ships coming from other nations. 

South Sea is full of hidden resources like crude oil and gasoline components. Natural gas is available undersea. Chinese government claims the autonomy over certain islands in South Sea.   Besides, China wants to close routes to let cargo ships pass through these oil rigs and ports.  America, Japan and Vietnam have protested.  It is a valuable sea route to international traders.  South Sea can’t be personal assets to a nation. There should be different codes of conduct for China and other nations to abide by new maritime regulation.  Freedom to pass South Sea should be recognized by Beijing authority.

Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines and Japan have same mindsets favoring American concept.   Dutt Stewart criticized the Chinese movement to strengthen up naval force in South Sea for land reclamation. China should not make encroachment to occupy lands in South Sea. Philippines will not be a deaf and dumb fellow to accept all wrongdoings without protesting. However, Dutt is not a pessimist. If China changes its vocal tune by showcasing friendliness to settle South Sea problems, Duarte will not react in a negative tone.  He is not a psycho but he is a good social reformer with broad mindsets to enhance the South Sea pacification, 

Autocratic Machinery of Marcos Ended – New Era Yet to Come in Philippines

Antonio Grams, Italian think tank, once wrote that old world must expire with possibility ofentry of new erato replace dead thoughts and conventionalitiesThe ironfistmust launch adynamic era to put a full stop to supersede the autocracy ofMarcos.  Philippines should have few modern social reformers who must not be stagnant with legacies and old mindsets. Citizens in Philippines selected a new Unifier to end misfortune. Manila, Davao and other provinces in Philippines were controlled by miscreants. People had to shake hands with hooligans to live in cities.  The new president did not backtrack. In Davao, he refused any one-sided compromise with criminals.  Crime can’t be cultivated to destroy the lives of Filipinos. Rodrigo has cleared unwanted free radicals from the city of Davao. 

Joint Military Exercise with America to Control South Sea


Philippines Supreme Court permitted American military to upgrade Philippine defense by building up airstrips and military camps to monitor Chinese activities in South Sea. Antonio Bautista Air Base in Puerto Princes military base will be equipped with American launchers and faster drones to patrol in the South Sea. The EEZ area should not be overlooked as China also opens new military camps with acceleration of troops and coastal guards for surveillance. However, American force will lead the anti-terrorism mission in different zones like Mindanao Lumbar Air base will be used by American defense to do aerial surveys and investigation to spot hidden hideouts of militants. ISIS extremists killed many Philippine soldiers in a number of land mine explosions.

A Triangle Relationship Will Be Formed if Rodrigo Comes to Power

Rodrigo will try to form a new triangle relationship with China and America. This trio platform must remove conflicts and tension for the sake of development in Philippines. Right now, terrorists are found reckless in few sensitive pockets in Manila, Davao and other areas.

Rodrigo will sign up new joint military ventures with America to regulate ISSI terrorists. 

However, new investments in Chinese market can be implemented by the second Unifier. China must be a good business growth destination.  If situation in South Sea is comparatively stable, Rodrigo will renew foreign investment plans for new tête-a-tête with Beijing.  This triangle diplomatic relationship will produce a cluster of possibilities in the matter of South Sea settlement.


Conclusion is not easy as people in Philippines have to meticulously observe and analyze the upcoming resolutions of the second Unifier. South Sea is the treasure trove to China. Beijing goes for military escalation to restore its claim over resourceful islands in South Sea. It is irritating to Philippines. Rodrigo must be in unison with America for renovating its defense in South Sea. However, this joint military exercise will maximize the insurgency in South Sea. 

Iron Fist must be a good diplomat with situation monitoring skill. He must tackle internal and external affairs giving new theories for solutions. Chinese land reclamation, US presence in South Sea and on-growing militancy in own country require him to do more workouts to precise the trouble.  

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