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Multi-Purposes of Obama’s 3 Day Visit to Vietnam

Multi-Purposes of Obama’s 3 Day Visit to Vietnam


Obama’simportantvisitto Vietnam to meet the prime ministerforattendinginconferenceswith the desireofliftingtheban from Vietnam is multi-directional.  Obama will supply more arms and surveillance accessories to Vietnam.  The old embargo was dissolved through the peaceful negotiation between president of America and the prime minister of Vietnam. However, why has American President decided to withdraw the lid of embargo from Vietnam?   Is thereany politicaltrickeryorsharpdiplomacytobe played byObamaby removingembargo ? The USA is a good arms exporter.  It sells drones, missiles, cryogenic   rockets, fleets of faster jet planes and sophisticated weapons to different nations.


Obama’s Visit to Vietnam is Not a Coincidence - Move for Arms Dealing


 Obama, the American President, reached Vietnam and during his 3-day tour magnifies the possibility of changing the political and bilateral scenarios in Vietnam.   Though the arrival of American president to   Vietnam took place on the Election Day, it is not a coincidental event. Obama wants fairness in   referendum without nepotism.  The election must not be influenced by imposters.  Vietnamese people should cast votes for establishing democratic government with a balanced administration.  However, reporters and eye-witnesses keep their fingers at the government which sent many dissidents into the jail.   This autocratic mechanism to force voters to support the government must not be over indulged   by Obama. His decision to enhance the arms race in Asia and Middle East must be kept under the scanner for evaluation.   

Decision to Lift Embargo from Vietnam Puts Beijing under Pressure over South Sea


Many unspoken and embedded reasons of the removal of embargo/onus from Vietnamese government are scrolled out to intelligentsia. For example, America has had declared its futuristic   plan to prevent Chinese encroachment into various islands in South Sea. This military   surveillance and   oil rigs monitoring in South Sea   must be minimized   to ensure the pacification in South Sea.   America opened new airstrips and military camps in Philippines and Vietnam to escalate the resistance in South Sea.   Philippines permitted Pentagon to deploy different missile loaded small aircrafts, war ships and trained commandos to detect the Chinese hawks   over islands of South Sea. 

America’s aggressive   maneuver to establish the freedom   of sea passage through economic exclusive zone or EEZ is not acceptable to Beijing.    So, to have more supporters for making raids on Beijing,   America became less rigid with eagerness to dissolve the onus in the case of weapon trading with Vietnam.    This is not a whimsical political diplomacy opted for White House.  It is rather a planned strategy to nourish the cold war reducing the aggressive activities of China over the vast resources packed South Sea.  Vietnamwillhave   confidencebecauseof beingequipped with lethalweaponsand missiles to deactivatethe aerial monitoring   ofChinesecommandos.

US Tries to Regain Supremacy in Arms Trading


Expertshave hadmorepowerfulpresumptionsabout the role ofUS tohelpVietnam and Philippines   by deploying destructivewarships, mini rocket launchers and automatic   AK 47 with battery poweredsurface-to-surfacemissiles   toVietnamesedefense.   Maybe, the US has some problems to sell arms to ME because of acceleration of unlawful activities of ISIS in many gulf regions.  

UShas lost rapport withSaudi Arabwhich hasbuilt up Arab SpringtoassaultHezbollahinsurgentsspoon fed by  Tehran.  Saudi Arab will not make deals with America until  White House stops inspiring Tehran to manufacture   the nuclear warhead or anti-ballistic missiles to cover the Gulf region for long lasting supremacy.  Syria has been blacklisted by EU because   Assad is really a dragon to destroy dissidents and rebels   mercilessly. ISIS   hideouts twinkle in  Damascus.    So, US may entice Vietnam to expand its arms trading market.  By selling missiles, gun powder, aircraft accessories, and components to manufacture explosive bombs, Pentagon earns billion dollars annually.  Weapon trading with Vietnam is another step in progress for reinforcing the market to provide arms to various nations in the world.  Vietnam needs military support   and  America is taking advantage by depleting rigid barriers in arms dealing with Vietnam. 

China and US Involve in New South Sea Conflict –Obama Searching for Collaborative Venture


Obama worsens the diplomatic relationship with Beijing over the aerial supremacy over South Sea.   China is not a weak nation in Asia. It has a strong trained troop with a DongFeng 31-A intercontinental ballistic missile covering 11200 km to hit few cities in America.    It has DF-31 ICBM nuclear war head carrying missile to demolish the whole city which is located within its range. Slowly Beijing is revamping its national economy by opting for the service sector. The new economic rebalancing strategy must be a way of finding the ray of economic development   combating the largest economy of America. So, in South Sea,   China’s land reclamation movement  will not be banned by Beijing.  American forcejoinsPhilippines, South Korea,  Japan,  Vietnam andBruneitocreate a secondary alliancetopressurizeBeijing to withdraw surveillance team fromSouthSea. 


American President’s   recent move towards Vietnam is not entirely based on arms trading.  There will be effective talks about the collaborative partnership to improve education and economy of Vietnam.    Obama has been satisfied after   cross checking some improvements in many areas of Vietnam.  He congratulated Vietnamese government for such fast initiative for development.  This collaboration will   cultivate the land for enhancing pacification, hazard free political situation and economic   development.  In this connection President Tran Dai Quang assured all media reporters that Vietnam would not deteriorate the human rights after abolition of the embargo in doing arms deals with USA.

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