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 Morocco and GCC Summit Role of MINURSO- Draft Resolution for Settlement

Morocco and GCC Summit Role of MINURSO- Draft Resolution for Settlement


Morocco is a small country located   in North Africa sharing its border with Western Sahara, Spanish colonies, Algeria and Mauritania.  Morocco affirmeditssupremacyoverWestern Sahara claimingmorepolitical power toregulate theinternaladministrationofWesternSahara.  The conflict   took to streets when   people wanted full freedom ending the regime of Morocco and Mauritania.  Polisario opposed by voicing the approval of independence of Sahrawi to control administration in Western Sahara. The third party is Algeria which supports Polisario to fight with Morocco and Mauritania over the issue of Western Sahara.   In between UN backed MINURSO was formed to interfere as a mediator   to settle the apple of discord.   It is an allied force to stay inside Western Sahara to tackle the civil war. It has taken excellent initiatives for ceasefire in this small African country. 

Political Climate of Morocco 


Morocco is comparatively peaceful with stable political climate.  After the death of King Hassan, Prince Sidi Mohammed   was given the political power to control the administration.   Morocco has good bilateral relation with Israel. However,   Western Sahara conflict puts the country in some discomfiture.    During the regime of Hassan, diplomatic relation with Algeria had a positive impact.  However the sudden attack of Algerian gunmen to kill few persons in a hotel in Morocco changed the climate once again. The difference between two countries started widening. The Upper and lower houses of representatives were initiated   into the full fledged mission of enhancing faster development.

Background of Western Sahara Conflict – History of MINURSO

Spain ruled Western Sahara for long time.  Spanish colonies in Western Sahara were regulated by Spanish armies.  However, after the introduction of Madrid accord, Spain decided to withdraw troops from Western Sahara. 

The dispute began when Morocco sent armies to occupy Western Sahara.  Mauritania tried to resist the invasion of Morocco. The tussle was severe to disturb the political climate in Western Sahara.  

Polisario was an enemy to Morocco and it was encouraged by Algeria to reduce the power of Morocco in Western Sahara.  The civil war claimed casualties in both groups. 

MINURSO force was deployed to reduce the political tension.   America placed the draft resolution for mutual understanding.  

This draft resolution   is in support of the  formation of new government. There are two possible solutions to select.  

People  in Western Sahara have to decide whether they will stay independent or under control of Morocco.   The annexation of Western Sahara with Morocco was discarded by Polisario .  Instead, this country   wants the power transfer to Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic to regulate the   internal administrative machinery.   Polisario takes exception to the centralization of power of Morocco over Western Sahara.  Draft resolution is not supporting any   party.   Better to say, the decision should be made by the majority of people living in Western Sahara regarding the   sovereignty issue. Through public referendum, citizens of Western Sahara will choose the political representatives.  Way back to 1985, UN Secretary General in alliance with OAU launched the mission for settlement in Western Sahara. 

In 1988, Morocco accepted this proposal given by UN.  Polisario welcomed this settlement resolution same year.  Security Council approved this   new settlement overture.  

With the implementation of this new overture, UN propelled MINURSO will be in the role of supervision during the phase of transition in   Western Sahara. People have to be bold with strong desires to form the government. They must not hang in uncertainty.  

During the state of transition, MINURSO will share responsibility   with Morocco to manage different political issues.   Either independence or permanent annexation with Morocco should be implemented as per the draft resolution.   Howeverin 1991,  the settlement for ending hostilityand   civil warwas notpossible before6thSeptemberin the sameyear.    There were lot of obligations, restrictions and differences in internal political groups to come under the single umbrella for uniformity. They were not able to be unanimous to support the proposal of ceasefire.  Therefore, MINURSOmachinerytook the decision   tostayactive inWesternSahara unless thedecisionmade by thetop brassas well as people forceasefire.   The conflict was not totally ended due to abrupt disorder in the political climate in Western Sahara. 

In 1991, the voter identification commission of MINURSO was held to detect or identify authentic voters who would cast votes in the general election.   Preliminary table work was completed in New York.  Voter lists were published for awareness. People were encouraged to participate in the general referendum to opt for the government for settlement and permanent ceasefire. 32 year old dispute between Morocco and Polisario was supposed to disappear with the active co-operation of MINURSO.  

Importance of Draft Resolution - Morocco Expressed Displeasure


Recently,  the   draft resolution initiated by Americafor the restoration ofUN force inWesternSaharatill thecompletion oftransitional period   has not been acceptedgleefully byMorocco. It doesn’t soundfavorabletoMorocco as the draft resolution   is not valuingthe   interest of thegovernment ofMorocco regarding thepower transferin Western Sahara. Morocco has already knocked the doors of GCC members to be present at GCC summit for illustrating the discussion   to have a solution.  GCC members must pressurize   UN Secretary   to change the decision of   implementing draft resolution. Morocco should not be thrown outside.  America has placed the copy of draft resolution to Group of Friends (France, Russia, Spain and Britain) for meticulous analysis.  However Morocco has not been   prioritized to ventilate its resolution or own opinions about the validity or importance of draft resolution.


Draft resolution is risky to Morocco. It will minimize its monopoly power regulating Western Sahara

GCC countries have also extended their hands to give assistance to Morocco.   King Salman of Riyadhhastoldmediapersonnel thatMoroccohas theright to have dominanceoverWesternSahara.   

White House must not opt for interplay with trickery to neglect Morocco. However,  citizens of Western Sahara must be united to express their views. They should not make the situation less friendly and worse.  Political stability is the gateway to the good administration.  

Western Sahara should go for peaceful settlement through referendum. 

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