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 Modi’s Visit to Tehran Gives Rise to Multiple Possibilities to Smoothen Up Bilateral Relation

Modi’s Visit to Tehran Gives Rise to Multiple Possibilities to Smoothen Up Bilateral Relation


Modi’s Visit to Tehran Gives Rise to Multiple Possibilities to Smoothen Up Bilateral Relation

Deadlock seems to be unlocked to bringIran and India toa compromisingsituationwiththe implementationofvariousgrowth orientedprogramsby2020. Iran is a radical Islamic nation with highest number of Shia  Muslims.  On the other hand, India is the second largest Shia populated  nation. 

Mr. Norendro Modi’s, Indian Prime Minister,  visit to Tehran will have reduced complexities in trading, and enhance the smooth bilateral relationship   in harmonious ambience.  Newglobal strategies will betailoredto ensure thecreation   of friendshipbetweenTehran and Delhi toremovetheimpasseindifferentareasranging fromeconomy,   religion, andforeign diplomacy.  .

Evaluate Modi’s Visit to Iran


Modi’s official venture to Tehran has transparent connectivity with business expansion,   insurgency reduction and pacification in Gulf region.  Pakistan is using its machinery to build up militancy outfits   for disturbing India.  Kargil war, and cross border terrorism   at Kashmir have had poisoned   the diplomatic   rapport.  

India always supports peace, brotherhood, unity,   universal love, and solidarity.    Kashmir is India’s territory. However, after partition, this beautiful state was reclaimed by Karachi. The dispute over Kashmir land marking snowballed into Kargil war, and terrorism. India always acts as a defender and  its vision is to solve the intricate conflict over Kashmir reclamation. Iran is a big exporter to supply fresh crude oil to India. 

Tehran is located in Gulf. So newtrading zonesforIndiawill be opento enter into theagreementwithAfghanistan andShiapopulated   areas.  

New Possibilities to Establish Bilateral Relation with Tehran


Modi should  not take steps whimsically when he talks to top brass officials of Tehran.  Right now, Saudi Arab has had started anti-Tehran expedition because of enhancement of terrorism in Gulf region. Iran   applies   double standard statements to help Hezbollah in Lebanon.  

This antinational unauthorized   Islamic   militancy   organization   destroys many military camps, houses and   national property in Jerusalem.    Hezbollah’s terrorism is being criticized by Riyadh.  

So,  Modi’spresentventure to Tehrancan givebirth to a number of possibilities ,  Riyadh can changeits diplomaticstrategy to cross check thepurposesof IndianPrime Ministerto visit Tehran.   Therefore, Modi should be reticent with control over emotion  when he speaks to the President of Iran. 

America renewed   the previous nuclear non-proliferation   program by allowing Tehran to open new research lab to design nuclear warhead.   So, Saudi Arab didn’t praise   American decision to   boost up nuclear tests of Iran.   Maybe,  thevisit ofIndianPrime MinistertoTehran   willcultivatetension andform the cloud of mistrust .  

Modi needs to analyze his official tour package to Tehran.  Earlier, Delhi   played a passive role to assess the nuclear test activities   of Tehran.   In this connection, Fatemeh Aman, an analyst in South Asia Affairs, has reminded people   of the caustic setback suffered by Iran.  It was a nightmareforTehran when Indiatookthe sides ofUStolambastIranian role totest nuclearpropelled    missiles.   

India must not go against White House.  So, Iran must be reserved with the mindset of re-filtrating statements made by Delhi high command.   


Modi Must Be More Strategic to Face Music


Rahul Roy, honorable fellow for South Asia at the International Institute of Strategic Studies based in London, opined that India must have new tactics to simplify the process of bilateral relation with  Iran.  

Tehran was banned   to trade with other countries during Gulf war.  Iran lost a much profitable billion worth crude oil exporting   industry with the imposition of embargo.  Recently, White House lifted the band of restriction   permitting Tehran to export oil. However, the catch in this decision made by White House lies in the restriction of American companies tosign new contracts with Tehran. 

ExceptAmericanoilcompanies,  other nationshave thelegalapproval tostartbuyingoil from Tehran.   Indiareducedoilimporting   from Tehran after the detection of   Tehran’spresenceto collectUraniumfor manufacturingdestructivenuclearbombsand   deadlyrocket launchers, anti-ballisticmissilesand weaponry.

Modi will renew the diplomatic   relationship with Tehran.  Indian prime minister has to repay $6.5 billion which is still unpaid to Iran.  Maybe, Modi will restore its position by approving the clearance of previous outstanding to have good credits from Tehran.

New Trading Zone through Tehran to Deal with Afghanistan - Modi’s Strategy 


Pakistan is not a good participant to befriend India to tackle terrorism.  Hiddennuclearexperiments and   establishmentofnewsurveillance camps nearPOKand Siachinhaveput the futuristic peace resolutionin quagmire.  Pakistan also blocked the trading routes to reach Afghanistan.   Therefore, Modi must choose a different way to trade with Afghanistan. 

Iran is the gateway to enhance the business collaboration with Afghanistan.   India’s minimum $150 million investment to construct Chabahar port in Iran will be a strong possibility of launching expensive   business deals with Afghanistan.   In addition, the coastal areas will be used by India to have gasoline and crude oil from Central Asia. So, Indian entrepreneurs will have freedom of driving fleets of cargo ships through the vast ocean.  New sea routes will be used by both countries for trading. 


The brief-up of Modi’s short term visit to Iran magnifies the trilateral deals with prominent visibility to fuel up new trading ventures. Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, is hilarious and optimistic   to develop   trilateral   rapport with India. However,   still, Rouhani hesitates to expect new openings in   business expansion expedition   with India.  Previousexperienceisnotpraise worthy asIndiaopposedIranwhen itestablished new   nuclearfactoryin Tehran.  

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