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Malaysian Hospitality Industry Wearing Innovative Look to Expand Fast

Malaysian Hospitality Industry Wearing Innovative Look to Expand Fast


The hospitality and tourism industry in Malaysia is bringing trillion foreign currencies to recover the economic stability of the country.  Malaysia has developed its hotel industry to solve various issues vis-à-vis the accommodation, food supply and leisure. Slowly but significantly,   Malaysian   hospitality service is becoming qualitative to facilitate   foreigners to book hotel rooms at affordable prices. 


Development in Hospitality Industry Speeds Up

With the creation of new hotels, restaurants and resorts in Malaysia, people of this country take more advantages to wipe out their poverty.   More sound jobs are genera ted to help young generation to become self-employed with good financial strength.  International investors   like to deal with the domestic business partners to establish   luxurious resorts,   apartments and restaurants with parking lots to entertain visitors.  This foreign investment surely boosts up the regional and national economic   infrastructures of Malaysia.  Development in   the field of hospitality management and leisure sectors is growing fast to compete with business tycoons in other nations.    Even colleges and universities have launched innovative diploma courses in hospitality management, customer care, and tourism.

New Challenges Spotted for Solution


 To be frank, Malaysian tourism and hospitality business was started late comparing to ASEAN nations.   In 1972, Malaysia became the tourist destination with excellent hospitality service for travelers.  However, seriously Malaysian government opted for extensive hospitality management plan to upgrade this industry by adopting the MOCAT and then MOTOUR programs.  The transition began in this domestic tourism industry.  Technology was a must to make the hospitality service much accessible and usable to customers.  Challenges to face in opening hotels, resorts and restaurants were spotted by experienced entrepreneurs. They borrowed the intelligence, advices, manpower and technology from   Europe to integrate the hotel industry with the world class ambience for international visitors to make peaceful stays in resorts.  Government of Malaysia has concentrated on the development of hotel security, life care, better hotel management, and standard tourism service.   Instead of depending on illiterate local youths to operate hotels, more literate and trained employees are selected to manage customers happily.   They have knowledge to email messages, receives phone calls, and log in to upload new updates to help customers.  So, through the steady process of innovation,   the Malaysian   hospitality and leisure industry is being matured tackling different cumbersome challenges. 

New Transition to Make Malaysian Hotel Industry Innovative

Hotel operators and Malaysian government have understood that any industry can’t be separated from the society. So, to improve the way of providing hospitality service, employees and management associates of opulent resorts should be educated with complete training in hotel management. They should be guided how to behave with foreign delegates.  Well, in this connection, hotel owners give   special training to   employees   to become experts to handle customers.   Even Malaysian higher authority sanctions billion dollar worth projects to hunt for talent in the hotel management and hospitality sectors.  Technical expertise is valued by modern entrepreneurs who use talented computer   literate professionals to nurture the growth of the lucrative hospitality business in Malaysia.    Foreign visitors don’t know regional   dialect when they spend vacation in innovative cities   located in Malaysia.   They need trained professional interpreters who are versed to communicate in English.    Malaysian young people have better facilities to complete schooling in western pattern. That means, they are accustomed to speak in English fluently. They are   smart with cordial demeanor to please high profile international delegates.   So, gradually, Malaysian hotels and opulent air-conditioned   multi-storied resorts compete with European hotels. 

Enhance Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skill


The change in the human resource and business management has been prioritized by Malaysian   government to expand the business   faster.    Workers in hotel and leisuresectors are givenjob security,    healthcare packages,  easy loan schemes,  sound salariesand more emolumentsto entice talented Malaysianguys tostay back to joinhospitality industry   oftheir own country.  Secondly,  new leadership   and entrepreneurialmanagementprogramshave beenincluded in the hotelmanagement coursetoenablestudents tohave ability to trouble shoot problems.   This leadership   quality motivates employees to have energy with confidence to solve complicated issues instantly.   Customer care service is reprocessed through excellent teamwork and compact organizational skill.   The management of a large Malaysian hotel/resort should promote entrepreneurial   skill and customer management for integrity with uniformity among workers. Customers should have easy accessibility to get relevant information. Therefore, hotels and top resorts in Malaysia need to open customer care offices with instant chatting option.   Customers should be permitted to hit official websites of hotels   for meeting consultants online.   This new virtual infrastructure has smartened up the domestic hospitality industry in Malaysia.


Malaysian hotel and tourism service providers   have the major issue of labor related problems.   Shortage of trained HRs, managers, and operational managers inhibits the progression.  Shortage of qualified educated   laborers is a problem to an employer who has to offer high quality hospitality service to his customers.   Through the modernization of the hotel management course, universities try to make students compatible with virtual environment.  Transformation of upgraded digital technology to the conventional hospitality and tourism sectors   must be productive.  Online hotel room booking, instant feedbacks to have quick service during emergency and fast message sharing options are being   utilized properly.   International customers do instant reservation, site checking, information downloading and registration easily.   This technological improvement is a turning point to energize   and bring quick mobility to the expansion of Malaysian leisure and hospitality portals.

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