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Kurds Advancing to Occupy Mosul in Iraq – Tough Fight with ISIL for Land Reclamation

Kurds Advancing to Occupy Mosul in Iraq – Tough Fight with ISIL for Land Reclamation


Kurds were nomads.  They were highlanders who traveled   with their herds of cattle and sheep in the mountainous region.  These Kurds are Sunnis and they like to live in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Armenia.  After the fall of Ottoman dynasty, these   nomads tried to get a separate state.   Many small countries   came into existence but there was no area for Kurds to live independently.   The hilly region in Southwest Asia is Kurdistan.  

History of Kurds


When Ottoman regime ended, Sevres Treaty was enforced by Britain.   Iraq, Iran and Kuwait were given separate status with sovereignty.    Kurds were included in the listto haveautonomy butin the long run,  Britishadministration   couldn’t   implementits plan togiveautonomousstatus toKurds. The severest opponent was Turkey which   never valued these highlanders.   

Even Turkish government forced Kurd nomads to go to uplands without land reclamation.  Kurds were not permitted to stay   in the capital city of Turkey and wear their national dresses. They   had no recognition and they   were considered to be barbaric highlanders.    This inequality increased the passage of separation between    Turkey and Kurds.  In Iraq and Iran battle, Kurds supported   Iran.  

Saddam was the dictator and he never allowed such alliance with Tehran.   This is the source of conflict between Kurds and Iraq.  Saddam killed many Kurds by conducting sudden raids to destroy Kurds.  In this connection, America   tried to find the land for Kurds after the Gulf war.  In the world, there are about 20 million Kurds.  However they have lack of integration and uniformity in concepts.    Two powerful Kurdish factional parties are PKK and Massoud Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party. 

Kurds Fighting for Expanding Territory and Full Scale Independence


Kurds in Iraq assist global allied force to demolish ISIS   extremists to   restore lost zones.    Kurds have more than 30,000 soldiers with weapons to continue fighting in   different areas   like Mosul, Baghdad, Raqqah, and Sinjar.   ISIS terrorists have won Mosul and Karkar.  Mosul is the de-facto headquarters for ISIS   extremists in Iraq.  Baghdad failed to remove ISIS led   troops from Mosul.   The Shia and Sunni are friends.  The ethnic difference is acute.  

Kurds have Sunni Muslims and Iraq will not permit   Sunni to declare independence.   Kurdish commandos claim  that Iraq should recognize Kurds.  In return, Kurdish   fighters will be engaged to escalate ISIL resistance drive. The land occupation   is going on. Karkar is the sumptuous area because of affluence in natural crude oil.   Iraqi government   lost this area to ISIS.  Mosul is a large resourceful city and it is also the hideout of ISIL extremists.   

ISIS Atrocities on Kurds - Psychological War to Break Down their confidence

ISIS terrorists become violent and reckless exceeding the limits of barbarism. Kurdish soldiers who are taken hostage forcefully by ISIS militants are ordered to follow the Draconian law without impatience. Two odd options have been given to captives held by ISIS militants. Either Kurdish soldiers who have been arrested will join suicidal squads or they must behead their captive comrades in front of ISIS leaders. It is an expected and horrendous matter for Kurdish fighters. At the time of jugulating heads of captives, militants will record the episode of execution with digital video cam recorders. Then the film will be sent to Kurdish militants’ headquarters. The psychological war seems to be much wilder when it affects the confidence of Kurds. They are fleeing secretly to cross European borders. These previously recorded video clips threaten Kurdish people.

Possible Reasons of Kurds and ISIS Conflict


Kurdish troops make an encounter with ISIS because of getting a separate state. First of all, the whole world is now going against ISIS terrorists.   The anti- ISIS trend is tactfully utilized by Kurdish rulers to play sharp diplomatic roles. If they join the alliedforce supported by Iraq , the demandfor independencewill bemucheasy asKurdisharmy is sentto occupy   territories whichare ruled byISIS.  Apart from religious conflict (Shia and Sunni) Kurds have the schemes to do the land expansion by annexing   some territories with main   Kurdistan.   For Example,   Sinjar is one of the targeted places for Kurds to snatch it from ISIS.

In Sinjar, Yazidis religious community   lives.  Kurdish Sunnis are powerful with good majority.   Kurdish de facto government will not backtrack until the annexation of    Sinjar with Kurdistan is implemented.   In addition, Mosul will have to be handed over to Kurdish after the successful invasion to control ISIS.   

Recent Events 


Kurds force has advanced to reach al-Khazir north of Mosul by terminating a group of unidentified ISIL terrorists.   Mosul must be reclaimed by defeating ISIS army.    A reliable source has leaked the information that Kurds took the possession of Nineveh Plain which is inside al-Khazir territory.  In this way, Kurds forcefully encroached into   four separate villages and liberated   local people from the hands of ISIS terrorists.


“No fly zone “has been marked by   US defense to rehabilitate   Kurdish citizens. That means,   the partial autonomy power was given to Kurds with intervention of White House.   Kurds need full scale   sovereignty and they will not do any peace treaty negotiating with   ISIS outfits.  

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