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Kerry’s Visit to Geneva – Milestone to Bring Peace in Syria – Future of Assad Is Uncertain

Kerry’s Visit to Geneva – Milestone to Bring Peace in Syria – Future of Assad Is Uncertain


The odor of burnt gun powder, and high explosive materials in Syria remembers people of the caustic tussle since 2011. 

Syrian civil war claimed over two million  people including children.  Bombardment,  air strikes, andstabbingto killenemieshave madeDamascushellwithskeletonsof deadpeople. 

Obviously, hostility in Syria   is based on the ethnic violence and racial profiling.  Shia and Sunni conflicts burnt houses, chopped down heads of innocent citizens and destructed the cities.  In between the interference of Arab Spring spearheaded by Saudi Arab to control Hezbollah and ISIS in Syria is another episode of civil war in this country.  Peace treaty should be signed   to end the hostilities and tension.  

Assad is a powerful ruler who has little sympathy for those who have gone against him. He used heavy artillery force, canon, war ships, ballistic missiles and   bombs to wipe out regime of ISIS. 

Terrorists should be removed in Syria.  US secretary, John Kerry, visited Saudi Arabia and Geneva to find convenient solutions for negotiation to prevent massacre in Syria.


Constructive Move for Peace in Syria


 For truce and cessation of hostility in Syria, the first constructive conference   was hosted in Vienna way back to 2015. John Kerry, eminent US Secretary, and Sergei Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister) met Dżubeir and Feridun Sinirlioglu representing Saudi Arab and Turkey respectively for deep analysis of the political gambling in Syria. 

Assad is not accepted by people for his tyranny with brutal mindsets to exploit rebels without showcasing mercy.  Kerry revealed that this meeting in Vienna must be solid and meaningful to ensure the truce in   Syria.  Russia and Iran back Syrian ruler to terminate ISIS extremists. However, surreptitiously, Moscow helped   Assad to force his dissidents and rebels to enter into the cul-de-sac   with point of no return. 

Meanwhile,   Moscow rebuilt the rapport with Iran to put Riyadh in trouble.  Saudi Arab participated in Spring Arab  to defy Tehran and Moscow for backing up Assad and his associates.  The civil war was turbo-charged because of the racial profiling and escalation of ISIS force in Syria. 

In between, Russiasupported thewithdrawal of participationofJapan and Australia to jointheconvention attended by 17 countriesincluding,  SaudiArabia, Egypt, UK, LebanonandRussia itself.  

In this convention, all 17 members cast votes to cease internal hostility and racism in Syria.   UN will patronize the peace conference for enhancing national integration, peace, friendship, and more independence from negative force.   In this new peace resolution accord signed by all 17 nations, termination of terrorism from Syria was supported. 

ISIS will not thrive in Damascus and other   popular cities in Syria.   The root of terrorism must be thrown outside the country.  UN Security force will attack various terrorist outfits including YPJ in Iraq. 

UN Chooses an 18 Month Transition to Cease Civil War in Syria


Again in Vienna, third convention was held for tailoring   the positive solution in this connection. Secretary General of the League of Arab States was cordially welcomed to be present at this important meeting in Vienna.  UN and other allied nations were unanimously agreed to launch an 18 month long transition for peace and understanding.   

In this phase, UN members will call all opposition leaders, extremists and the representatives of Assad to select the government through free and fair general referendum.   UN prefers to write a new constitution for people living in Syria.  The independent republic government will be formed within six months.  People need to have more welfare society to live in   without bearing humiliation and inhuman exploitation.  Terrorists must not be ostracized   from the society of Syria. 

UN will be a supervisor to track the peace process in Syria.  America, Saudi Arab and other   western nations don’t want any negotiation with Assad.   On the other hand, Russia, China and   Iran suggest for general election to topple Assad.  

Controversies Started about Peace Restoration in Syria- What Will Be Future of Assad?


However, in New York, a visible and understandable accord was drafted with resolution for everlasting truce in Syria.  UN Secretary General Moon approved this draft for peace resolution in Syria.    In thisaccord, allpreviousobjectiveswere capturedunchanged   including thefull fledgedindependencethrough election,  eliminationofterrorism,   theelection of representativestorun the governmentwithinsixmonths.  

What will be future of Assad?   

In this fourth convention, participants didn’t explain the futuristic role of Assad. The process of negotiation and truce seems to be bottle necked     due to the consistence in the deployment of missiles, weaponry and mass destruction materials to Assad to stand resilient. 

Russian and  Iranian troops move to cross Syrian borders to collaborate with Assad. Delivery of S-400 surface to surface missiles to Assad is sign of obstruction in the matter of peace restoration in Syria. 

Russian military camps are seen in Homs. Assad must be prevented from creating violence in the country.   While assessing the outcome  of the UN convention for peace resolution   in Syria, barriers of mistrust, conflicts and disorders in talks with other Western nations seem to be cumbersome.   

The controversies start when UN backed allies take decisions to wipe out ISIS and other extremists.    The UN has not published the list of selected terrorist outfits to   remove or ban.

Iran, Russia,  America and Saudi Arab are not giving similar views. Saudi Arab has lodged resistance by striking   Hezbollah whereas  Tehran is supporting this anti-Zionist group.  


John Kerry – A Philomel to Sing Song of Harmony and Peace in Syria


John Kerry’s visit to Geneva must be productive to reaffirm the depletion of hostilities in Syria.  Foreign Minister of Jordan, and envoy representing UN were invited   to talk to John Kerry.   Both Russia and America have same principles to end bloodshed melee and proxy war. Syria should have peaceful governance with good life security.   Kerry has a cluster of plans for controlling hostilities in Syria. However, he is uncertain about the final result as he will have to depend on Putin to give the final touch to the futuristic resolution   to deactivate terrorists.   Kerry has talked to Putin and foreign minister of Russia how to manage tussle in Aleppo which is the source of terrorism and civil war. 


US and Russian Collaboration for Peace Treaty in Syria – Uncertainty Still Looms Large


 The US and Russia will be collaborated to reshape the proposed 18 year old transition for enabling Syrian citizens to formulate new   welfare government.  Moderate opposition (in American term) groups which are less destructive will be shortlisted or marked as safer zones.   The US and Russian airstrikes will not be made to hit these safer zones.   Other unpardonable terrorist outfits will be squeezed forcefully for abiding by all commands set by UN allied force. However, Putin and Sergei Lavrov didn’t give their final feedbacks in this regard.  Putin must not energize Assad by installing more military bases and missile storage units in Aleppo.



If insurgency is growing powerful in Syria, peace will be something mystic and fictitious. Assad will have to be replaced by a new social reformer.   Assad has invaded his own country and demolished   million people using his military troops.  Peace will come back only when tyranny, mistrust, violence, jingoism, racial profiling and   selfishness are buried. 

UN conventions in Geneva must be foundation for harmony and integration.   However, political conflicts, different mindsets in implementing peace treaties, infighting and   differences in ideologies will be strong components to weaken any peace resolution.    However, there is also hope against hope.  

John Kerry’s personal effort and determination to tackle hostilities in Syria must be eulogized and appreciated.  Assad should be visible only after general election with fair support from   countrymen who have had sacrificed their comfort and happiness due to unending insurgency and hostility nurtured by Assad.

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