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Kashmir – Always a Part of India – No Compromise with Pakistan over Land Reclamation

Kashmir – Always a Part of India – No Compromise with Pakistan over Land Reclamation


Kashmir   has the heavenly luster with mind blowing sightseeing. Srinagar is the capital of India occupied Kashmir. Pakistan challenges by claiming the true ownership of this state. The conflict started between Pakistan and India.   Historical records, different accords to have access to the land of Kashmir and peaceful treaty confirm the Indian’s claim over Kashmir.

A Quick Flashback about Kashmir Conflict


In 1947, after the independence,   the dispute grew up regarding the land possession.  Partition movement took place. India and Pakistan were formed   to end the civil war.    Pakistan was declared an independent Islamic country.  However, there were many states   possessed by princes who had to decide   whether they would join India or Pakistan.  

Kashmir was one of the states and Maharaja Hari Singh was the then Hindu prince to take care of the administration of this beautiful state.    Though he had the consent to be a part of India, his countrymen are Muslims in majority. Therefore, he was facing trouble to take the decision.   So, on being asked,   Hari Singh preferred tight lipped without supporting Pakistan or India.   In between, a battalion of Pakistani soldiers reached Kashmir to displace Hari Sing as he was Hindu by caste.  

Finding no way to safeguard Srinagar from Pakistani troops, he requested Indian prime minister to invade Pakistan.  Indian army entered into the capital of Kashmir to disperse the armed force of Pakistan.  The war started in 1947- 48.

In 1949, Indian prime minister   urged UN to intervene for settlement.  UN secretary directed Pakistan to   withdraw troops from Srinagar to end the tussle.   Pakistani soldiers didn’t support the statement of UN secretary and they stayed back to dominate people in Srinagar.  

In between India demanded general election or plebiscite to empower Kashmiri people to choose the government. If the referendum was conducted, India must win. However, Sheikh Abdullah, the leader of Kashmiri citizens, refuted the request for   plebiscite and forcefully ruled the state.   He occupied some portion of Kashmir and he declared independence.   Tension loomed large to worsen the political situation in Srinagar. 

Indian troops snatched   65 percent land from enemies. It dates back to 1965; Indian Prime Minister, Lal Bhadur Shastri, and Ayub Khan   were vigorous to sign the bond of peace removing the blanket of tension. However, suddenly   former prime minister of India died and the arrival of Gen Yahya Khan in Karachi boosted up the insurgency.  Since then, India and Pakistan exchange gun fire at Line of Control in retaliation.   Indian armies are stronger than Pakistani troops.    Many powerful missiles, warships, rocket launchers, fleet of drones, fighter jets and nuclear weapons to smash Pakistani troops.

Pakistan Blamed for Germinating Cross Border Terrorism – India with Good Motivation

Cross border terrorism is germinated by Pakistan.   Indian intelligence and CBI sleuths have arrested   kingpins of terrorist organizations who have been trained by Pakistani army.  Serial bomb explosions, massacre and non-stop gun fire in Punjab prove the ill intention of Pakistan to damage Indian sovereignty.   Kargil war began in 1990. Over 20 thousand people died in this war. Indian troops used   Bofors lightweight cannons and missiles to kill Pakistani soldiers on the ground.  India got support from other countries as Pakistan violated the LOC accord and peace treaty.   However, this battle was significant for Indian army to redesign the defense.  In 1998, India tested nuclear weapons by launching Agni II with the range of 1250 km. Pakistan’s Ghauri II missile has the same capability.  However CBI intelligence squad of India proved that Pakistan borrowed technology from North Korea.  India has capability to manufacture indigenous missiles with nuclear warheads.  Enmity escalated.

Terrorists in Azad Kashmir opted for clandestine and surreptitious attacks to weaken civilians who are loyal to Indian government. In this Kargil battle, Indian army defeated Pakistani soldiers and protected the citizens of Kashmir. 

 Modi’s Declaration - No Compromise with Terrorism –Pakistan Must Have Patience to End Conflict


India has gathered mountain of facts, evidence and snapshots which determine the cause of cross border insurgency spread by Pakistan.  POK should not interfere to break the solidarity and uniformity of India.    US stayed neutral with lot of suggestions to settle the conflict.  Indian government is doing strong vigilance to track suspicious activities of Pakistani commandos.  

Newly formed Modi’s government is ready to have a solution through discussion. However,   Pakistan should not be arrogant with harsh mentality to continue spraying bacteria of violence at the LOC. Terrorists trained and powered by Pakistan enter into Indian territories to kill people.  They use AK 47 and mobile rocket launchers to destroy civilians of India. 


Srinagar is now a cradle of miseries.  Houses and large tourist resorts are sub merged due to the bomb explosion or missile attack.  Children forget to play in the streets due to the uninterrupted curfew and suppressed threat from militants. Women are not able to go to market for shopping. They are gang rapped by terrorists coming from Azad Kashmir.  

India will never hand over the land of Paradise to miscreants.   Pakistan will have to pack up their military bases withdrawing troops from sensitive zones.   India and Pakistan are both nuclear power holders with long range missiles. However, India has more organized army with powerful administrative machinery to combat the crisis which seems to imprecise in Kashmir. 


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