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 Israel and Palestine Conflict- Another Episode of Insurgency – Little Hope for Solution

Israel and Palestine Conflict- Another Episode of Insurgency – Little Hope for Solution


The intractable and long lasting conflict between Israel and Islamic Palestine rebels is significant to evaluate the current position of Hamas. To be frank, Palestinian rebels have shed blood for having a separate state.  Hamas rebels have had prominent differences from Zionists who are mostly Jews.    

West Bank and Gaza Strip have eye witnessed different episodes of enmity and racial profiling. Unrest and insurgency have made a deep hole of depression to break the backbone of the society.  Gaza Strip and West Bank are being burnt in insurgency.   The background of this devastating conflict dated back to 19th to 20th centuries.  

Flash Back of Israel and Palestine Conflict

Yishuv infiltrators settled in Palestine much earlier in 18th century.  At that time, Yishuv Jews had no other objectives than to perform religious rites while staying in Palestine. They had no visible connection with political world. However, conflict began  when Zionists bought extensive agricultural land from Arabs who lived abroad.  These Zionists prepared all legal papers and proofs to possess their land. So, the land possession conflict was nurtured earlier prior to destructive world war.  

Zionists possessed land to build up their communities. Arab people didn’t recognize the land reclamation of Zionists in 19th century.  Jews never allowed  Islamic Arab to reclaim the land.   Jews tried to discard Arabs as much as possible.  Zionists chose the separate state without mixing with Arab Palestinians. 

Way back to 1930, the putsch in Palestine attracted many strong Arab militants from different regions of Middle East.  Outof them, SheikhIzaddinal-Qassamwhowas born and trained inSyriawas   found   makinga trystwith   ArabPalestinians.  Experts observed that Qassam formed Black Hand extremist group to launch insurgency against Zionists.  Peel Commission was pioneered after the death of Qassam to ask for freedom.   These Arab extremists opted for straight fight with Jews and the then British rulers. However, these Arab rebels were defeated by British.  

Peel Commission was set up for Palestine partition. However, this claim for partition was not recognized by many Arab Palestine nationals and leaders. 

Role of UN to End Conflict

The breach of promise and mistrust were getting more invincible because of the absence of acceptable solutions. History states that before First World War, Arab and Zionists accepted Turkish Empire as rulers.

In Ottoman region, Jews were settled. 

However, in 1947, UN organization announced an important mandate instructing Jews and Arabs to create separate states to end the controversy. This partition was a solution to the constant insurgency and religious conflict. Palestinians would live in a different state without being controlled by Ottoman Empire.

In 1948, Israel and Palestinians went to war over land possession Israel overpowered Arab Palestinians. Israeli army forcefully encroached into Gaza Strip and West Banks to occupy many areas by smashing Palestinian soldiers. In this way, Israel snatched the vast portion of the territory from Palestinian rebels.

Over a million Palestinian refugees were thrown outside Gaza and West Bank.

On the other hand, well known critics andthink tanks gavedifferent feedbacksabout thereasons of thecreation of lacunae to increase political chaos with violence atGaza and West Bank territories over land reclamation.  Jews had no particular land to rear up their descendents. They wandered like nomads. However, before Second World War, these Zionists spotted a land to claim their birth right. They got this piece of land from God.

In between Ottoman Turkey possessed Palestine in which majority goes to Arab nationals. However, British encouraged Jews to establish their own homeland.  The immigration of Jews into Palestine was also supported by British government.

In 1948, Israel got approval to emerge as an independent country. Palestine won status as a separate country in 1988.  The removal of Palestinians from Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and West Bank continued.

Nearly seven million poor Palestinian asylum seekers had to go to different nations in Middle East. 

UN secretary talked to president of Israel to permit these Palestinian refugees to restore their citizenship in West Bank.  The conflict has caused million dollar worth damage and casualties.

In 1987, the re-invasion was planned by Palestinians to restore ownership over the lost land.

Oslo Accord

After severe massacre, Oslo Accord in 1993 legally authorized PLO rebels to go back entering into territory of West Bank and Gaza Strip. However, this peace treaty didn’t cool temperature in West Bank as many Islamic fundamentalists, and especially Hamas opposed. They supported full-fledged jihad against Israelis. 

In between, Robin, the prime minister of Israel was brutally killed.  With the incident of Robin’s assassination, tension with vandalism flashed to occlude the smooth pacification process in Palestine.  

Nakba Day


15th May is generally taken as a Nakba Day. : Palestinians pay tributes to martyrs and victims who were either killed or expelled by Israel. 1948 was the successful year to Jews as they got a new homeland entirely possessed by them.   However, simultaneously, Jews troops raided with guns and ammunition to smash Palestinians in various towns, villages and suburbs of   Gaza Strip.  There was a large Palestinian exodus which blocked the returns of over million Palestinian refugees.   

Nakba Day is not unforgettable to those whose forefathers were displaced from homeland.   The first intifada in 1988 enabled PLO rebels to remember sorrows of countrymen in 1948 exodus. 

Even Arafat observed this day for national mourning.  Nakba reversal occurred on 2011 when refugees coming from Gaza Strip, West Bank, Syria and Lebanon marched towards Eastern part of Jerusalem on 15th May.

Israeli border security force sprayed bullets to kill refugees. This wild gun firing claimed more than 15 Palestinian refugees and other asylum seekers. It is reflection of previous carnage done by  Israeli defense to displace Palestinian refugees. 

Move for Peace Resolution- Paris Conference –Gateway to Pacification in Palestine

US secretary, John Kerry, will visit Paris on 3rd June to participate in discussion with French Prime Minister to enhance pacification in Palestine. 

Israel and Palestine leaders should not be pessimists.  The conflict must have an end. However, both nations should have to compromise.  Kerry knows about intricacies in calming the tumultuous situation in Gaza Strip or West Bank. However, solution must be cultivated to reduce cross border hostility. European Union and UN made great deals to bring two countries to discuss for truce.  

Palestine and Israel must be more tolerant with patience to evaluate the current deadlock. War can’t restore happiness.   

Role of Hamas in Palestine 

Hamasisan Islamicresistance movement   group which   was born in1987   during the   massivePalestinian uprising(  Intifada)   inGazaStripas well as the  West Bank. 

Its primary objective is to   terminate Israeli troops to create a powerful well developed Islamic Palestine.  This extremist organization has the   methods of exploding bombs,   making   counter raids and attacking Israeli to weaken   the higher authority of Israel.    Hamas   didn’t praise the peace accord signed by PLO leader.   UN peace resolution was also shrugged off by Hamas.      

Hezbollah   Playing Key Role to Destruct Israel -   Syria and Iran Are Secondary Player (s) 

Hezbollah is a militant outfit which abides by the rules of Islamic Shitte.  Hezbollah leaders operate headquarters based in Lebanon.  This international militancy organization  also keeps their missiles on to target at Tel Aviv for mass demolition.  

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah is now the top leader to train and lead  Hezbollah extremists. This terrorist organization  collects fund and weaponry from Iran as well to implement destructive carnage expeditions in Israel.  

In 1992 bomb explosion in Buenos Aires, Hezbollah militants were   involved.  Britain and the US have held Hezbollah   as the main component to bring the problem of Israel and Palestine conflict to an unending condition.  

Syria and Iran are operating   Hezbollah   militants   for the expansion of their political dominance in Middle East.  Tehran is an intimate neighbor to Hezbollah and it lends technology   and financial support to this international Shite organization.  

Israel is a new triangle to deal with the crisis. On one hand, Israeli   military   has to resist Hezbollah extremists in Lebanon. On the other hand,  in Palestine Israeli armed force is encountering with Hamas.  Hidden black hounds are Syria and Iran which imprecise the deadlock with counter invasion in Israel.   

US Playing Role of Broker by Intervening in Israel and Palestine Conflict

American intervention in nurturing conflict between Israel and Palestine   has been ridiculed.   The US seems to be a broker to support Israeli force to launch full-fledged ground attacks with destructive rockets,   landmines and grenades for destructing Hezbollah militants.

So America is not givingtopprioritytoPalestinians whoare smashed byaerial and groundattacksofIsraeli force.  If America doesn’t   prevent   itself from interfering, the conflict in Middle East will be horrendous with full scale massacre.   Katyusha missiles powered by Hezbollah extremists are weaker to do the unexpected  devastation and genocide in Israel. In return, Gaza Strip and West Bank will not be peaceful any longer for Palestinians.  


Present Scenario 

Scope for breathing air of relief must be narrowed because of the differences in mindsets of Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinians are not strongly united. Hamas and Fatah in Gaza Strip have lot of controversial components to give rise to tension.

Only blank lip services and fictitious deals will not remove seeds of terrorism. However, prompt activities of UN and EU members can be appreciated in the case of reducing the level of controversy. 

UN has strongly condemned Israel to trigger vandalism by plotting the surreptitious carnage in Gaza Strip two years back.

In 2014, there was explosion in Gaza Strip. Myriad children, women and oldies were boiled by roasted chickens.

UN’s recent condemnation against Israeli authority has not been taken by White House as a positive initiative.  However, Great Britain, France and Germany expressed same views vis-à-vis the resolution approved by UN.

The conflict in Gaza Strip is being given more devastating color to take the cumbersome shape of big civil war. UN will not be lenient to criticize the UN role in this connection. UN is bold and optimist to tackle the uprising in Palestine.  However, International Criminal Court will have to cross examine the accused to unearth the unnoticeable sources of the genocide in Gaza Strip. 

Holocaust Movement – Setback to Zionists

Holocaust drive in Germany and other European countries sent Jews to the extreme corners. Nazi commandos created a big carnage furnace (Gas Chamber) annihilated Jews. This Holocaust movement pushed Zionists to cross borders of foreign countries. Great Britain interfered by guiding homeless Jews to find shelters inside Palestine. So, this sudden immigration into Palestine increased the number of Jew immigrants in Gaza Strip, and other cities of Palestine. Finally, Jews claimed the repossession of separate land with new recognition.

The conclusion must be complicated.  In 1948, the battle ostracized 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland.   Israel should not be harsh to torture these asylum seekers.  Immigration law must be cross checked by creating space for Palestine rehabilitation. Melancholy and   turmoil in Holocaust movement might have influenced Zionists to prioritize land reclamation minimizing the importance of humanity.

Innocent Palestinians are murdered in Gaza and West Bank. Homeless Hamas and Arab Palestinians roam to have proper shelters. Illusion doesn’t hush up the reality. Peace, brotherhood and unity must be revived by giving simple theories to rehabilitate destitute and poor Palestinian refugees. Quagmire of tension must not be expanded to invite death and demolition.

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