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ISIS Organization Expanding in Libya - Mustard Gas, Missile and Rockets Used to Terminate Civilians

ISIS Organization Expanding in Libya - Mustard Gas, Missile and Rockets Used to Terminate Civilians


ISIS prefers the surreptitious retreat to open new hideouts in Libya. Pentagon has monitored that over 500 militants are heading with their comrades to enter into Sirte and Derna of Libya.  ISIL terrorists are being resisted by Kurds and Arab allied force. The heavy fighting takes place in Mosul, Fallujah and Raqqa.   Iraq and Syria have brought more soldiers with weapons to block the borderlines. Turkey will not overlook nocturnal   cross border exodus illegitimately. So, ISIS militants have to backtrack or flee to Libya to escape execution and self-termination.    

Forceful Entry into Libya – ISIS Making Ramp-up- Why ?


This Islamic State terrorist organization appeared in 2015. Darnah is the safest city   for ISIL.  Lately, ISIS embedded dens lie in remote zones of Sirte.  In June, ISIS militancy organization   used the powerful Al Bayan tele-media to deliver information or messages to the world.  They broadcasted recently that ISIS   stronghold has crossed Al Sidra,   Al Nawfalliyah and covered   some areas in Lanuf.  These listed areas in Sirte have natural crude oil.  So ISIS organization has also captured big oil reservoirs and expensive downstream areas.   An official representative in Libya acknowledges the recent escalation of the inflow of about ten thousand ISIS militants in Libya.  These barbarians are mostly   coming from Sudan, Egypt, and Mali and of course Tunisia.   When they   intrude, they also clash with Sharia resistance militants.   ISIS is doing ram-up   inunison withnewly formedterroristorganizationslike Ajdabiya Revolutionaries Shura Council,   In Misrata,   ISIS is alsospreading its cobwebto work with a group ofyoung   jihadiststoplan forinvasion in   Iraq, Syria andLebanon.  Mosul in Iraq is the main operating office to ISIS.  However, Kurdish militants are united with western allied arms force to ensure the complete reclamation over Mosul.   Aleppo in Syria is also a terrorist packed city.  Russian air-crafts and ground troops march to finish ISIS terrorists.   Iraqi force is also powered by Hezbollah and Kurdish soldiers to expel main heads of ISIS outfit.    So, Libya is now an alternative shelter to ten thousand ISIS fighters who have   to have organizational support to make re-insurgency   with full force.   This battle is uncertain without the outcome at this stage. Thesituation isswinging   withnewepisodes of carnage,  gun firing,   man slaughtering,  raping, andmassacrein   variouscitiesof Syria , Iraq,  Turkey, and Lebanon.   In this connection,  Sebastian Gorka , a well educated journalist ,  revealedthepossibilitiesof theexpansionof the   ISIS organization   covering the bordersofLibya .  ISIS has not been switched off under fear of   Kurdish and Western allied arm force.  This infiltration into Sirte or other cities of Libya is due to the reinforcement   of the organization in other states.   They will be powerful jihadists to establish   their own religion   in Asia, Europe and Middle East.  So, Gorka is expecting   the rapid   dominance of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi (big boss of ISIS) over EU and Middle East.  Gorka also opines that Obama and Kerry are two valuable chess players but their targets are too restricted   to Syria and Iraq. ISIS is a global organization with the serpentine network in Sinai, Afghanistan, Nigeri and Libya.   Terrorists have moved their convoys to reach Ras Lanuf and Sidra situated in Sirte.    This abrupt invasion will give ISIS some oil rigs and   reservoirs in return.   Sirte is one of the most important oil ports to Libya. So, with the loss of control over Sirte, Libya will have to prepare to face the economic downturn.

Gaddafi’s Departure Covered Libya with Insurgency Crime, Hooliganism and Kidnapping


After the assassination of Gaddafi of Libya, the law was totally broken with the increase in crime.  People in Libya have no government and they have a weak economic framework.  Besides, advent of ISIS to Libya is spewing the fume of insurgency and brutality in the country.  After Gaddafi went for good, Libya is being controlled by two separate governments.   Tripoli and El Bayada have own administrations.  Murdering, pilferage, and gang rape are common things in Libya.  Gaddafi’s sudden departure has helped ISIS to build up secret agencies for fueling up the counter interagency. 

Obama for Powerful Governance in Libya


Obama has not unearthed any futuristic arms treaty or deployment of full scale army to Libya to attack ISIS.   He has seen the tragedy in Libya after the death of Gaddafi.  He was an experienced   ruler and he knew good statecraft with diplomacy to deactivate ISIS. Now, Libya is operated by few religious   factions and militant organizations.   Obama proceeds to enhance the reunion and solidarity by forming a central government in Libya.   It is the stance ofObama with a planofstartinga comboventurewith   Britishforce todo airstrikesfor arrestingISIS militants inSirteandDerna. 

ISIS Using Chemical Weapons for Mass Destruction


 ISIS has chemical weapons and people are killed with these poisonous rockets.  American intelligence squad seized some chemical weapons and nabbed Sleiman Daoud al-Afari from Mosul in Iraq.   This deadly guy was an appointed engineer working with Saddam Husain.  His presence in Saddam’s defense was effective because of his efficiency to   manufacture devastating   chemical weapons   and rocket launchers.  American spies claimed that ISIS accelerated   the barbaric atrocities by killing an innocent    four years old girl in Merae.  Infanticide and crime are characteristics of ISIS organization with least welfare mindset.    ISIS commandos sprayed lethal mustard gas to roast the bodies of civilians.  Uncontrolled missiles with poison plunged into the residential places of Mosul.  Same deadly   chemical weapons were used in Azaz and Turkey. 

Exodus from Libya to EU- Global Concern


Libya is now a half-destructed country with piles of burnt corpses, disfigured skeletons of dilapidated residential houses, and debris.    The exodus of refugees to EU zone is accelerating.  These asylum seekers will have to be aided by giving bread and medications.   Most of them are injured with bruised limbs.   Italy is worried    due to the presence of refugees from Islamic states like Libya in Northern    Africa.  These migrates have no money to buy food. They are poor.  They are tortured and made vagabonds by ISIL in Libya.   Italian government suspects the hidden entry of ISIS terrorists to gear up the violence and vandalism inside Italy. 

The daybreak doesn’t bring any awe-inspiring change to liberate civilians in Libya from misery, destruction and insurgency.   A hellfire missile pinned the blood stained mutilated body of Gaddafi to the hard ground.  Since his absence, Libya is a rudderless submerged warship.  ISIS seems to be a demon to start the era of anarchism.   Only a strong government in Libya can affirm the steadfast restoration of peace and stability cropping up the unwanted weeds of militancy.

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