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Is our society ready for digitization? Pros and cons

Is our society ready for digitization? Pros and cons


Before World Digitization- More Constructive Result Oriented Table Works Needed

It seems to be an adventurous ride for humans to arise from the lap of cool embedded pre-historic period to enter into classic renaissance with modern outlook to change the society in flash of enlightenment. They have become civilized and erudite.  However, this transition didn’t detach great forefathers from traditional values and conventional legacies. Again, people searched for more constructive and dynamic innovation reshaping the human society with advanced digital technology.  Brick and mortar cities are now being refurbished to have new entity.  Digitization process is running fast to add extra value to the society in which children grow.  Is digitization totally boon to mankind?  Great scientists, social reformers and think tanks evaluate the various after math effects of this unique digitations process?  

Digital World Changes Lifestyle of People –Learn about Pros

Digital society must appear in a new form. Young siblings growing in such a sophisticated smart city have matured IQ with sharp conception about internet, computers, online chatting tools and virtual entertainment.  Digital society enables them to transfer their ideas through wireless interface.  They get a beautiful easy-to-access portal to go back to thousand year’s old society to collect lot of facts.  Through internet they encounter with famous celebrities, powerful monarchs, and heavy weights in sports.  The renaissance in digital technology has reinforced people with new ideologies, concepts and techniques to overtake hurdles.   Geographical barrier to communicate is tackled by installing internet backed infrastructure.    Man discovers his existence in an innovative society in which the supremacy of digitization is restoring power to open new horizons for comprehensive research.   Technology leads the society.   What are objectives of world digitization?   Perhaps the success in digitization lies in the reduction of technical issues to do global communication without changing location.  That means, a young house wife staying at her own home can chat with her hubby traveling by air.  She doesn’t need to relocate or change her place to go to that guy for communication. It is   a fast digital communication platform for people.  The data transfer process through the digital   portal is not only fast but also budget friendly.   It is much optimized virtual entertainment portal to online viewers to sit for dating. They send pictures, messages and documents   to others through smart highly multiple device compatible tools. 


More Innovations Required to Change Mindset to Welcome Digitization

Well,   internet, e- governance, e-wallet, online transactions, and virtual   world are innovative terms for oldies.   Is the society fitted to accept the innovation in the technology?     Are people aware of the benefits of generalization of digitization? To be frank,   the   power of internet is increasing.    People who have to do manual tasks go to market to buy food and complete documentation must need a transition.   When the need is created, the market will thrive simultaneously.    Smart cities areestablished   tofacilitateyoung generationtoexplore inadynamicautomatedworldoperated bymachines .   Internet is a cute thing to an 18 plus boy who likes to surf online for recreation.    It is also   a pleasurable device to a child to play online games.   However , wheninternetbackeddigitization conceptwill bematerializedinabroad sense , there will be a number   of critical issues tofight with.  If the society is still backward, the future of digitization must be doomed with less opportunity for people to make the internet their friend.  The digitization needs well established infrastructure, change in old conventionalities, and creation of demand.   People should have an urge for   digitization.   They should realize the benefits of hitting internet instead of enhancing the traditional documentation. The energy which they spend for   menial labor and drudgery can be recycled to create new things by using the advanced digitization technology.   Well, smart cities   are good examples for those who have to change their outlook through evaluation, cross examination, and data comparison. In rural areas, internet is still a matter of hallucination.   Well, to transform the whole society into a digitized framework, people   from all walks of life including the grass root level must be covered   under the digitization program.  This rehabilitation must be fruitful with transparent vision.   If the society is set on a 1000 years old classic mode, new generation will have to retreat detaching themselves from the world of digitization.   So,  before taking the initiative todigitize thesociety,   think tanks andsocial reformers must identify the space for the fast expansion of   digitalworldremovingobligations,  geographicalbarriers, controversies andracial sentiments.  Internet must be accessible to even a member of downtrodden class or street boy.  So the innovation must be generalized to benefit common persons.  Therefore, good training is required   to make people literate about the digitization with its benefits. 


Way of Communicating Becomes More Interesting with Advent of Internet

 The art of communication has become more colorful and interesting.    Online dating is a recreational event for fun.   Daters spend their time by chatting with sweethearts.  The obligation in continuing social communication is reduced with the connection with a   dynamic compact virtual world.    The necessity to meet someone at a solitary park or resort is managed by inviting sweethearts to appear online with smiling faces. Their ultra-sleek iPhone seem to be recreational hubs to date with strangers.  It is so awe-inspiring, and adventurous.   One of the great things to digitize the communication system is the data protection,   self-presentation in a visualized digital framework, and maximum confidentiality.  Internetsavvypersonsenjoy   onlinedating, surfing,  game playing,  datasharing, movie downloading,  andcompletingother tasks.  Digitization of manual documentation rescues busy employees from hazardous pen pushing tasks throughout the day. High speed data storing, information sharing and online data management are magnificently completed.  Even mobile banking, social networking systems, online healthcare and pharmacies must be new gifts to help modern generation to ensure the smooth life safety without hiring a team of professionals and   experts.  IOT is an innovation in the digitization.   Small objects like watches, calculators, thermometers, mobile phones, in-car accessories, pens and other digital artifacts can be digitized.  Mobile   internet   banking system is a faster process for money   transferring.   E-wallet, crypto currencies, e-payment and   wireless transfer are indispensable parts of people.  

Renaissance in   Digital Technology-A Change in Business Management


Business management is now very easy to rich entrepreneurs who have thousand offices with million customers around the world. He can manage his large scale   billionworth businesseasily through hisIOTenabledplatformwhich hasCloud interface.  The good effect of   world digitization is also strongly visible in education, healthcare, business, banking system and social communication.   Previously, on-demandservice was not availableasconsumershadto visitshopsforbuyingproducts. They didn’t have advanced documentation or correspondence tools.   Internet is now a common thing to people living in the society.    It is not a rare expensive system but it is the life blood of young generation.  Without internet, computers, online software and e-social network, people are not able to exist. So, the easy availability and smooth online accessibility have made digitization more precious with unlimited significance to modern siblings.

Cons of Digitization – More Anti-Cyber Crime Laws  Need to Be Enforced


Though man has more self-development opportunities to hug the digital technology, cons of digitization must be   unearthed to guide next generation.  Cyber crime is not hidden in sepulcher.   It is now a cancerous tumor to the society.   Cyber crime,  online porn,  data hacking, piracyandfreeradicalsin the forms of spam/virusare dangerouscons ofworldtransformation intodigitization.   People need to avoid fake and spammed websites.  They should have good intention to surf net.  They must be fair and honest when they deal with third parties.   Data safety mechanism should be stronger.  Cyber crime laws must be modified to prevent rampant activities of free radicals.   In this connection, seniors and intellectual class must draw new plans with better solutions for children.  


New generation must not be  infatuated with   the fictitious world. Their mind should be filtered by holding excellent role models, references and good testimonials to help them understand the proper usage of digital technology.  


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