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 Is Donald thinking and actions - Plagiarism of Mussolini life? Who made America Great again?

Is Donald thinking and actions - Plagiarism of Mussolini life? Who made America Great again?


Mussolini speech congratulating Italian immigrants making America Great

Donald Trump, the important political maestro in America, has had a constant lead with excellent scores defeating his opponent members GOP election in the home country. However, Unifier is also being drilled by journalists and anti-party leaders for using destructive words to condemn Islamic nations and Mexicans. His comments have poison to fuel up racism and vandalism in the society. Is Donald Trump a second Mussolini to take the most risky way of fascism? Why is Unifier placed in the same stature equally with Mussolini? Deep analysis and meticulous evaluation will have to be conducted in this regard.

Auto-biography Mussolini- A Socialist cum Fascist in Later Episode

Mussolini was born in 1883 and he expired in 1945. He was a bold, brave and well determined administrator. However, he appeared as a dictator like Adolf Hitler or Gaddafi in Libya. Mussolini controlled his administration democratically till 1925.

He was a good Italian reporter, teacher and a critic. This eminent Italian leader wrote a number of books.

After 1925, Mussolini changed his vision. He joined fascist party with new strategies to expand the territory of Italy. The biography of Mussolini is different comparing to that of Unifier who is also called a destructive force or fascist to destroy the cultural ethos and conventional values of Islam to maintain his gut.

Mussolini was more intelligent and a voracious book reader with dazzling logistic eloquence. He knew Bertrand Arthur William Russell, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and Marx. He honored Aristotle and Plato. He was a socialist and later journalist with interest in writing research based content. However, this eminent scholar slowly became a person with fundamental sentiment.

He declared himself as an atheist and strongly fascist. Mussolini lambasted democracy.

Donald Trump in Different Format with Anti-Zionist Mindset –Mussolini –More Destructive

Trumpism trend has a different facelift. First of all, Donald is not highly educated. He is a trader to sell products. He gathered financial resource and projected him as a person with social responsibility to safeguard the country. Boston Globe claims that Donald Trump speaks like a fourth grade staff. So basically, Donald Trump uttered this type of cumbersome phrases and anti-Islamic terms because of being emotionally influenced. He has not screened facts and analyzed the post world wartime.

Mussolini had the ideology or theory to form a different society in which there will be a mono political power. He met Hitler for conversation. Holocaust in Germany to disperse or deport million Jews was supported by Mussolini.

However, Donald has had no particular beehive to preserve the theories of fanaticism and fascism. He belongs to a non-political background with little rapport with the world of politics.

Economic and political situations in America are not similar to the catastrophic economic downturn during the regime of Mussolini. Italy was not stronger when Mussolini was a political leader. Right now, America has a glittering administrative structure with hi-fi status in the world.

If Donald fails or backtracks, there are many competent political leaders to harness the administration. Americans will track what the Unifier is going to implement. Therefore, his anti-Islamic ideology is a short reflection of the sentimental outburst. He loves his country. He doesn’t see that million brethren of his country will be killed by terrorists. He has the right message for his Native Americans. “Make America great”. Once he said that the odor oozing from cesspools should not make America dirty. Muslims must not be allowed to do whatever they need for their self-interests. They should be prevented from gun fire, massacre and spreading obnoxious violence to soil the bright historical background of the USA. Therefore, he is Semitic or anti-Zionist. He has no personal vexation to torture individual Muslim but he will not dither to be rough and tough against traitors or radical force.

Mussolini had no problem to go to arsenal for choosing chemical weapons to smash militants. Instead, he opted for the way of being a member of Nazi community in Germany to make the German holocaust successful. Even in a secret message noted by Clara Petacci, the wife of Mussolini, Armenian genocide was appreciated by this Italian tyrant. Claretta is the personal notebook of Petacci. She confessed that Mussolini had clandestine plots to turbocharger the machine of mass carnage as Ottoman did in Armenia. Donald Trump’s views are not molded in the light of Armenian holocaust. Nor has he had germinated seeds of mass destruction prioritizing the unity of Americans. He will have to become a President and then he must be reinforced with a world class flawless armed force to start his mission. At present he is just like a guy born and brought up in New York.

Mussolini Had Dazzling Charisma to Overstep Donald - Unifier Must Honor Constitution

Mussolini was a destructor and he lived in between first and second world wars. The political format and ambience are unmatched with the current situation in America. Mussolini regulated his country in compliance with the constitution up to 1925. He was a democrat and liberal with the flavor of anti-chauvinism and racism. Later he denied being consistent as a socialist. His sudden transition from socialism to the fascism happened dramatically. His eye-witnessed is two genocides in Germany and Armenia respectively. The flashback of 1915 Armenian holocaust took him to a different route to support the mechanism of mass annihilation. He wanted to process the recap of Armenian genocide to reset the Italian society. Donald Trump will have the least freedom to violate American constitution and principles of UNO. He can’t take awkward steps without completing consultation with legal experts. Well, in this regard, Britain can be highlighted as an example. Chilcot’s report has not pardoned Tony Blair for his irresponsible initiatives to go to Gulf with armed force for tackling Saddam. In this blood-shed battle, more than 150 British soldiers were terminated. Chilcot report charged Tony Blair for his unconstitutional maneuver. The Unifier in America will have to move within the constitutional gambit. So, his heinous expressions will never give rise to a next holocaust killing Muslims randomly. Donald also prefers to stop Mexican immigrants to enter into America. Immigration issue is a glossy blister to affect Turkey, Syria, Italy, France and America. Turkey has closed doors to check the excess infiltration. Over two million Syrian refugees are waiting to have food with shelter. Turkey government asks for western assistance to rehabilitate these asylum seekers. The same snapshot is renewed in South Sudan. Humanitarian relief and financial support should be prioritized to protect refugees in South Sudan. Britain is also cross checking the immigration flow from other European countries. Brexit will certainly restrict the frequencies of staying back in Britain. Cameron has pronounced that UK will not be a sufferer with severe fear of terrorism. Many immigrants coming from EU nations have been tracked as connectors with ISIS outfit. The Orlando gay club gun firing incident taught Cameron a good lesson to have pre-emptive measures. Omar Mateen, the gunman cum terrorist, wiped out 49 lives without valuing the sentiments of people. Mateen has had a European skin color with expertise in speaking in English. UK doesn’t get endangered by inviting foreign immigrants. Comparatively, Mexicans are murderers and they have ill forces to do lot of crimes while becoming citizens in America. Donald has had this snapshot of illicit nexus of Mexicans with terrorists. This estimation made by Donald is somewhere correct depending on then extrapolated reports and facts. To give more safeguard to the young generation of America, he has changed his voice to grow enmity with Mexicans. Donald Trump must have a heart to cry for his own native brethren who have had to lose their beautiful lives in different insurgencies. Mussolini is an opposite character. He led his troops to ruin cities in Europe and America. He had hidden adjustment and intimacy with Hitler to operate Nazi for holocaust. Earlier Mussolini praised Americans but he became a chauvinist with suppressed radicalism to strike Americans. Therefore, the conclusion after doing extensive comparison must not be based on hypocrisy.


After WWI, the Italian population in US rose to 1.8 million. Immigrants came from Germany, Ireland, Canada, the United Kingdom ,Sweden and Italy to US. After the WWI, residents of Italy were looking for a change. Mussolini brought all these groups together and took them under his leadership formally on March 23, 1919. The group was called Fasci di Combattimento, The Fascist Party. Mussolini gave a speech in 1927 thanking Italian America contributing to American economy and making America great We have heard this slogan and many actions taken by Presidential candidate Donald trump in 2016 Elections. Do remind yourselves it's always great to follow a leaders footsteps. It good to have a sound mentor.

However, You can only step into your mentors shoes when you are ready and have deep level of passion towards your fellow citizens.

History has remembered great Personalities weather their caused havoc to mankind or brought justice to people. Hitler V/s Mahatma Gandi.

Mussolini was a great leader and till today loved by most Italians. He had his own vision and passion. He did not follow anyone's footsteps but just joined a wrong team , which a lack of proper judgement sometimes. We all have been through.

Great nation of America has witnessed amazing leaders who made America great already. Ronald Reagan was one such American history boldly reminds.

History is a great teacher as we look back at WWI , WWIII and Soviet history, leaders who followed Totalitarianism kind of government or dictatorship did not survive. Fact is common man has the real power in democracies to change face of nations.

Hoping new generation remind themselves great things only come out of great people who think about well being of global society but their citizens first. lets play fair and support great leaders today. Many good leaders are not born yet but some are in making. Let the process begin by bringing the change in our thinking that we can alone make a difference.

Mussolini never protected America after having had been a powerful dictator with the mass destruction machinery. Donald Trump has to face Bernie, Ted Cruz, Hillary and trillion citizens of America if he burns Islamic states. Before being elected, Trump has no charisma as Mussolini had in his tenure.

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