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India- Rolling out with New Economic Reforms to Fulfill Modi’s Vision

India- Rolling out with New Economic Reforms to Fulfill Modi’s Vision


India- Rolling out with New Economic Reforms to Fulfill Modi’s Vision 

India is reviving its economy through fast transition to have a powerful productive GDP to defy Europe and America.  After holdingthe officeinDelhi, primeministerof India take prompt steps to refurbish thewholeeconomic infrastructure .  This is a transitional period for Indian administration to bring a balanced economy with appreciable GDP. 

Modi Accelerates the Economic Growth Rate


Modi took a new resolution to reset his own administration for the implementation of various projects to increase the revenue earning capacity, mobility in the process of development and growth   in the national economy.  He instructed the finance minister to conduct an economic survey for 2014-15 to do the effective performance evaluation in economic zone of the country. 

Thesurvey reportshavespotted manydevelopmentareas and Modi’spowerful machinery isrevamping economynicelybygiving chance to   rural industry toenhance theexpansion of thebreadth of the businesssodynamically.   In 2013, the GDP growth was calculated   or recorded as $148,022.93. In 2014-15, it was $159,001.32. 

In terms of percentage, in 2013, it was approximately 6.9 percent with 7.4 percent in 2014-15. Same way, GVA rate in 2013 was $136,813.22 followed by   $147,076.47 in 2015.  Modi didn’t neglect the project management and implementation programs.  The priority in the   perfect project   management was given by Modi to let the vehicle of economic growth run speedily.  The monitoring   system to highlight and track the development of all competitive   economic   revamping projects was mobilized by experienced   top brass of Modi.   Prime ministerhas adoptednew development tactics toset upa 100 daylongdeadlinefor   finishingshort term development projects. Well,  afterthe success, the administrationand   high officials of PMOhaveopted for the   long termplanstofinalizeeconomic improvementplans.

Thesefive year   result oriented   economyrevampingprogramsexposeneglected areasforspeedyrefurbishing   withinnovative schemes.  Modi ministry discovered the reasons of slow-down in the economic development because of the indifference to handle the project reviewing process.  That’s why; right now MoEF has directed all employees to be much accountable with determination to complete pending   project evaluation and revision as early as possible.  MOEF operatedthe e-project clearancesoftware toapprovemore than 300 expensiveeconomicreform as wellas development projects whichwilllaunch US$70bn worth projects forindustrial expansion,  economic reform,  city development and business remodeling in small scale industries.   


Economic Boosters Administered to Energize Different Sectors in India – Good Flow of FDI


Economic boosters have been injected into different profitable sectors in India.  Well, Reserve Bank of Indiahashadanew inflationresistant makeover removingstringencyandconstraintsto empower domestic industry to have  higherliquidity with the flow of borrowing foreign loans for renewing the conventional systems torebuild thebusiness structure.

However RBI has restricted the liquidity rates in bank deposits.  So, new mechanism to combat inflation has been installed to recycle the all round progression in the economic framework.  Simultaneously, FDI flow has got breathable space to accelerate   for ensuring development of economic zones.   As per the economic surveys, approximately $2.8 billion has been channelized into the equity market. 

Surplus $3.8 billion USD has entered into the debt market. After so-called modification and reform, this foreign investment process has had the innovative dynamism. Modi needs to be cheered up for his modified concepts with a classic socio-Favism theory.   His government believes in the gradual but steady economic revolution through revision, experiment and table work. 

His ministries are less in number comparing to the government in past. Right now roll strength of Modi’s administration is 23 cabinet ministers with 23 State ministers whereas the previous ministry was pegged at 71.  So, by reducing the number of ministers to run the government, Modi saved lot of national currencies for spoon feeding   pending development projects.

Fast Initiative to Tackle Unemployment


Modi needs more entrepreneurs to invest money for making   65 percent unemployed population self reliant or independent economically.   35 percent people are employed.  So, government needs to start an industrial revolution by expanding the business through the   privatization.  Rural areas must be taken for development.   Youngsters in villages and remote backcountries   should be computer   literate to have competency to have jobs.  In this connection, top executives like Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg, Nooyi and Sheryl have completed productive discussions with Modi regarding foreign investment in India.

Modi’s Collaboration with Aussies for Getting More Uranium to Generate Nuclear Power


Modi has solved   the uranium scarcity problem by   having signed up the agreement with Aussie top brass to have more uranium from Australia.  Nuclear power will be generated   through the uranium recycling process.

Modi’s Jan Dhan Yojana- A Step towards New Vision


 Modi has tailored   a successful welfare budget to restructure rural areas, significantly improve the economic status of the poor and reduce the unemployment rates. Jan Dhan Yojana is a philanthropic scheme launched to make poor people self-employed.   Every Indian will get zero balance account opening option in national banks with cost effective life insurance packages plus accident benefits.  Account holders will have INR 100,000 worth accident insurance policies with INR 30,000 worth life insurance coverage.

India – On Way to Progress – Emerging as Powerful Country with Sound Economy

India is rolling out of the deadlock of previous conventionalities to emerge as a well built nation with a promising vision for Indians.  Indian primeministerhas been invitedtositwiththe   President of Americato rediscover thelikes andsimilarities between twodifferent cultures. The lackluster in 2013 in mindsets and conceptions of this oriental society will be replaced by providing innovative norms and ideologies to evaluate modern India. Nehru’s (first prime minister of India) self discovery has been included to the mission of refining the Indian society through scientific analysis, more result oriented assessment and balanced table work.   Ed Royce, the honorable chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee of US, has good optimism over the presence of Modi to address people of America.    India and America will be locked in friendship with depleting previous hostility and differences for sustaining longevity in bilateral relationship.   The growing intimacy will be transformed into the renewable energy sectors, collaboration to tackle international   terrorists, nuclear non-proliferation program and cultural uniformity. Americans will keep this friendship with Indians alive for universal pacification, humanity and brotherhood. 


India has the talent, natural resources and manpower.  Modi has the strong administration to fertilize the modern Indian society through the joint collaboration with America.  Though it is late to understand each other, it is never impossible to nurture the ambience of camaraderie for smooth development.  In defense, the possible tie-up between   Delhi and Washington is bright to have more avenues to unlock for undergoing collaborative venture in Indian Ocean. India must survive from recession, poverty, economic crisis, unemployment and racial vandalism.   Peace restoring process will be geared up through bilateral discussion and negotiation.                                         


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