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Gorgeous Victory of Donald Trump in Indiana Let Ted Cruz Go Backtrack Home

Gorgeous Victory of Donald Trump in Indiana Let Ted Cruz Go Backtrack Home


Indiana primary has eventually been handed over to the Unifier.  He is a man with determination to have had the easy victory over Ted Cruz and Kasich.  Indiana State is undoubtedly   important to Donald Trump.  Ted Cruz expected that there will be different   feedback on Tuesday night.  The final decision   taken by   delegates in   Indiana is favorable to the Unifier.   Exit polls identified Unifier as a winner by 40 percent vote widening the margin. The last update declared so far is that Unifier   is not a loser and main rivals like Cruz and Kasich kissed the ground.

Ted Cruz Defeated – Donald Won by 16 points in Indiana


Table work was completed.   Experts’ prediction has proved true.  However, Ted Cruz was called favorite as a political candidate in Indiana.   The erudite class in Indiana prefers   Ted Cruz. Protestant community shows honor for Cruz. On the other hand, Indiana is not a powerful liberal state like Chicago.   Educated evangelic conservative members opt for Ted Cruz.  Therefore, Unifier was not in a trouble free position due to the influence of   this republican leader. 

Unifier got the primaries of Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.   So, Donald had confidence over his rivals. He fought and finally he got success by defeating Ted Cruz. 

Donald bagged 16 points.  Tuesday night was special for the billionaire after victory.  The working group, non-graduation students and white colored voters selected Donald as the next  competitor to become President. 

Ted Cruz was helpless when he was requested to make comments about the results.   He didn’t react harshly.  However he called Unifier as a “pathological liar” and he continued by saying that people in Indiana took another path. 

Earlier, the trend seemed to be much friendlier to Cruz as he was an accepted candidate to less liberal areas. Conservative family members, married couples and post graduate students lent  support to Texas senator.  Exit polls highlighted these areas for deeper analysis.   

Indiana people who are evangelical would not forget  Cruz.    Night on Tuesdaywas differentfor Tedas he had tostep backgiving the space toDonaldTrumptobe a frontrunner.  This nonpolitical   New York based   leader took 51 delegates in his favor.  53.3 percent votes were credited in support of Donald.  

Gorgeousvictory inIndiana mustrejuvenatethis   grey hairedNew Yorker who will have new strategieswithsharp political tacticsto win inupcomingprimaryelectionin California.  Thepathwhich seems to beforeclosedfor Ted ( he stated in his speech afterdefeat on Tuesday night)  is smoothforUnifier . 

Less educated citizens in Indiana have lost energy to depend on an experienced political leader. They want diversification and change.    Trump is a guy coming from industry. He is not too much political with experience in state craft. His appearance in Indiana is therefore   a new breeze for people to change the stereotyped society.   Trump will bring more innovation in the upcoming development programs to upgrade the state of Indiana. 


Indiana People Prefer Non-political Candidate

Donald Trump   is really a newcomer in American political arena. He was not identified by general people as a strong candidate. He is a businessman and his connection with real estate industry is over 20 years. This inexperienced industrialist is now a matinee idol with growing popularity in Indiana, Connecticut, Texas, and New York, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan. 

On 7th June he will appear to participate in contest for vote canvassing in California. Then he will go to Oregon and other states to get more primaries.

Donald   Trump  has hidden his venom against Mexican hooliganism, cross border terrorism in Islamic countries and North Korea’s recklessness in doing nuclear tests to have power.  

He is a sober political candidate and he always gives true facts with evidence during cross examination.    He criticized Hillary’s  false  North American free trading concept. It will be really a fictitious plan for people in North America to choose free trading.  Hillary should not put the economy of US in hassle.  Mr. Trump’s bold victory in Indiana forced Ted to go off track cancelling his candidacy.   Kasichwill not beableto resist   Unifier ashe is notstronger thanTedCruz.  Donald   in his speech addressed   Cruz as the smart loser who must backtrack without trying aimlessly to obstruct the way of the Unifier. 

Indiana voting results have been announced after election.   Hillary Clinton from Democratic Party also admitted   defeat to Bernie.  It was unexpected but Bernie was glorious and proud of becoming a winner.  Unifier has used his media to motivate people.   With the departure of Ted Cruz, there seems to be no anti-Trump campaign. 


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