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Future of Turkey from Political Standpoint- Current Refugee Status

Future of Turkey from Political Standpoint- Current Refugee Status


Turkey’s political climate has become more and more polarized, as Erdogan has begun to jail journalists for speaking against him, and/or revealing state secrets.

Journalists had photographed Turkish Intelligence Service actively supporting and supplying ISIS. While also providing Visa waivers or visas on demand to citizens known to have contributed to ISIS, and blames incidents on poor border security.

Erdogan will not label or acknowledge the radicals as terrorists, and has found a friend with Hamas for many years, when other moderate states urged his continued isolation until recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

By not recognizing terrorism, Turkey is made vulnerable, as well as hurts the broader fight on terrorism. Erdogan imposed an immediate ban on reporting after the suicide bombing in Ankara in October 2015. He arrests those he believes oppose his political agenda or criticize the growing corruption. He labels Kurds, Environmentalists, academics, and journalists terrorists.

Revolution in Turkey against corruption?

“When countries are plagued by terrorism and fear of instability, it is vital that there remains a strong sense of solidarity around shared values.”

But national unity does not exist. Turkey’s current split is more complicated, and basically equates to pro-Erdogan and anti-Erdogan. Turkey is divided into invisible groups of anger, groups of indifference, and groups of obedience to central authority.

Turkey’s women’s groups have gradually been stripped of their voice, and ignored. Turkey is becoming more and more conservative, and patriarchal. Using the words “Armenian, Jewish, Christian or Alevi” are used as derogatory terms and defamation of character.   There are videos of the Turkish military bombing residential areas of the Kurds in the southeast region.  Students protesting the attacks on Kurds were accused of ‘high treason’.

PM Ahmet Davutoglu stated ‘Turkey was a safe haven for foreign investors.’ And journalists responded to this comment by stating these so called ‘Safe havens’ are a fertile ground for a multitude of terror groups. Several parts of this ‘safe haven’ looks like Gaza or Aleppo.

Most terror attacks in Turkey are committed by Turkish citizens radicalized in Syria. Young people are targeted to join the fundamentalists. But Turkey forces are more concerned with hunting journalists, academics, and writers than fighting terrorists. All jailed for insulting Erdogan.

Erdogan has been quoted comparing himself to a man like Hitler, able to conquer a mass population. He has gained a lot of power from Merkel in Germany. It is important to note that Hitler was friends with Turkey during World War II.  

US & GCC Political Interests- Turkey


Turkey needs to be stabilized and not turn into another Syria. Turkey is directly connected to Europe, the Aegean Sea, and with EU visa free travel will be a breach for Europe and USA. Terrorists will have easy access to the west, when Erdogan is giving the gate pass. For GCC, it would cause even further mayhem in the region. The refugees will be displaced, yet again, and allow ease for radicalism to spread. Turkey needs to be stabilized.

Refugees- Are they affecting Turkeys economic growth?


2.5 million refugees and counting. A small portion are in refugee camps, but the majority are in cities, streets and public parks. Syrian children are seen begging for food and money outside of shops, and basic needs like shelter, clothing, and showers are scarce.

$3 Billion in aid coming from Europe. -  ‘It is better to give the aid directly to refugees themselves, rather than Erdogan and then not know what will happen to it.’ Guy Verhofstadt of Belgium stated.

Turkish economy could most certainly benefit from the labor force of the refugees, however Erdogan doesn’t seem to have a plan mapped out to provide a path to citizenship, or creating jobs and livable conditions. Current working conditions include abusive employment of informal labor, and racist rhetoric coexists, with social activism and expansive charitable organization seeking to mitigate the Syrians hardships. Turkey scored PR points for letting Syrian refugees in, but refugee camps have been in terrible shape.  

History- Greece and Ottoman Empire

Greeks have been fighting with Turkey/Ottoman Empire/Persia for thousands of years. They are all too familiar with the invasion tactics, and using corrupt politicians to enact laws or barriers to progress, to gain advancements in their plan. The Greek War of Independence, starting in 1821 after 400 years of occupation by the Ottomans, also included aid from Egypt, Lybia, and Tunisia. Which currently Lybia and now Egypt have questionable political climates. The mass influx of ‘refugees’ to Lesbos brings up ancient history. ‘Persians, in the way of all conquerers, proceeded to appoint a friend of theirs, Coes of Exandrus, as tyrant of Lesbos.’

Word refugee appeals to human empathy. Are evil doers tricking us into funding invasion?


As is the concern in Greece, many videos shown are Pakistanis posing as refugees. Not Syrians, Iraqis, or Afghans. These Pakistanis form road blocks for vehicles bringing supplies, and act in ways that upset the locals. While other Greeks are shown making sandwiches for the refugees, and even taking Syrian families into their homes. It is definitely a complex issue, when the Obama administration sent $300 million worth weapons to Pakistan- a country known for harboring terrorists, and not a reliable ally.


With the future of Turkey uncertain, need to resort to private and non-profit volunteer group alternatives. Large governments or organizations open the door for corruption, and the aid never makes it to the refugees who are in extreme need. Massive and coordinated global action is necessary to bring the aid needed for the refugees.



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