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Future of 10 Countries Will Be Doomed with Least Chance to Survive

Future of 10 Countries Will Be Doomed with Least Chance to Survive


Economic crisis, unemployment, poverty and racial profiling are right now crippling many advanced countries in Europe. Even America has the poor credit score with devastating $19 trillion debt.  Besides, Spain, Greece, China and North Korea are not in stable financial condition.  10 countries in the world will not survive within 20 years from recession.  Predictions and presumptions have been reinforced with the accumulation of strong   facts and survey reports.   However, eminent scholars and statists give their views when they are requested to evaluate the future of these 10 nations.



It is surprising to learn about the economic break down in Spain. Needless to say, this Spanish nation is experiencing recession with severe unemployment issue.   To be frank, the country’s economy is not stable due to the heavy debt which creates deep vacuum for Spanish youths to have had bad nightmare to experience. Catalina is the first state which is ablaze in resentment. People in this state of Spain   have revolted against the inappropriate planning to launch the budget overlooking the loopholes.   Administration is not sufficiently powerful with good governance to deliver.  Corruption seems to be spreading faster to bring the energy of common Spanish nationals down with hollow of disappointment.  Catalina is asking for separate autonomous status getting out of the administration of the country.

North Korea


Recent   nuclear   warhead test firing is not a booster for North Korean citizens to integrate themselves with lot of confidence to fight with financial crunch.  This country is facing civil war and racial vandalism.   Meanwhile, the nuclear test during Kim regime has changed the previous mindsets of America. This super power has cancelled many economic stimulus packages and   development projects   because of the negative response from North Korean to assist America to stop nuclear tests.  Resources in North Korea are not in plenty to overtake powerful economic breakdown.  Rate of unemployment is accelerating. North Korea will have to change the economic policies to cut over expenditure.  This recession will last for few years.



Next generation   in Belgium will be eye witnesses to see two different colorful flags flying at half posts.    Flanders and Wallonia are two separate ethnic communities with lot of dissimilarities.  Wallonia is influenced by French culture.   This ethnic community doesn’t have any urge orinterest to embraceFlanders.  So the class division is acute in Belgium.  Flanders communities are influenced by Flemish ideologies. Maybe, there will be two separate nations   breaking Belgium.   The ethnic violence and instability in Belgium will go beyond control. 



 China has the second largest economy and this country has population explosion.   People in this Asian country are not happy with the existing governance of the leading   party.   There are a number of new hazards and problems occur in China.  First of all, economic rebalancing theory is time consuming to reset the economic condition of China.   The transition from products to service oriented industry runs at a snail’s pace because of the lack of technology.   Secondly,  the diplomatic rapport with Hong Kong is deteriorating regarding the power centralization, imperialism, and immigration with one way trading bottle necking opportunities of Hong Kong to trade peacefully.  Chinahasinvestedbilliondollars torevivenationalindustries butitcausedwater pollution,  increase indebt, and financial crunch .  


Will Iraq be split into three small regions by 2020?   This Gulf country has been damaged due to the heavy bombardment, air strikes, and missile attacks.   US allied force ripped through residential houses with rocket launchers and grenades to kill enemies.  This country was controlled by US when there was no administration after the assassination of Saddam Husain.   This country is rich in crude oil but heavy embargo has restricted the international trading.   At the same time, Iraq has the severe racism and internal fighting. Kurds, Shiite and Sunnis are claiming total freedom without showing loyalty to the government of Iraq.  ISIS extremists are doing anti-national activities in Iraq.   Therefore, Iraq has the imminent danger and risks to steer through.



Libya is another country which can resemble Iraq or Lebanon.  Gaddafi was a cruel and barbaric   autocrat. He killed people mercilessly. Libya was controlled by Italian colonial force in 1951.  Later, this country was unlocked from the hands of Italian colonial big brothers.   Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan are most dangerous or sensitive areas because of the acceleration of ethnic clash, violence and political disturbance.   Libya will not be able to concentrate on development due to this massacre.

The UK


God designed this beautiful earth and man is the designer of his own future.   Brexit issue is the challenge for British prime minister.  Britain will discard membership   in European Union.   This will isolate Britain from other European countries.  Free trading with EU will be stopped if Brexit is finalized.    Britain will have to find other countries out of control of EU for trading. Besides, Wales and   Northern Island are masterminding plots to establish separate states which will not be controlled by British administration.    The UK will be kept under pressure if the situation in Wales heads for deterioration.



 Maldives is the island which seems to melt down in golden sunlight.  Environmentalists and   researchers have predicted that Maldives can be submerged in the deep seas because of global warming.  This small island is in severe risk.  Its physical existence can be wiped out by 2020.   Therefore president of Maldives   is planning to relocate in any safe region in Asia.  People in Maldives will be shifted to other place in Asia.  So life security in Maldives is now very uncertain.

ISIS- Islamic State


Islamic State has had blurred future with higher risks to swallow.   This small region is under control of ISIS   extremists who are spreading violence all over the world.  ISIS invasion is devastating and harmful to peaceful nations.  This Islamic state needs to be captured by replacing ISIS rulers.  America , Britain, France, Italy, BelgiumandArabWorldheaded bySaudi Arabhave already    raidedconstantair strikes byair dropping smart bombstoterminate thehidden   denscontrolled by ISIS.     So, ISIS militants will have no specific plans for development to be powerful by 2020.


The US

It will be the severest tragic event for American nationals when they have to accept the stern reality.   America can be split into many small states due to the civil wars.  Texas and Alaska are two risky states which want autonomous status. If White House doesn’t invite dissents and rebels for discussion, there will be more ethnic vandalism, jingoism and internal impasse.   In addition, $19 trillion debt will not be easily digested by people in America.  The government must have renewed vision to safeguard people of the nation.



The scenario needs to be changed in these 10 nations. Predictions of experts must be proved inaccurate. However, peace and harmony are not easy to restore by indulging the controversies and conflicts. Therefore, rulers, and citizens of these countries must go for positive and constructive social reforms.  Lastly, the position of Maldives is at stake because of geographical turmoil. Other nations must support this island to survive ensuring the proper life care of residents/citizens in Maldives.


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