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Evaluate Outcome of Warsaw Summit in Poland -   What Is Next Agenda of NATO?

Evaluate Outcome of Warsaw Summit in Poland - What Is Next Agenda of NATO?


NATO delegates attended the vital Warsaw summit in Poland.  This meeting has revealed upcoming agendas, objectives and vision of NATO.  Warsaw conference was held to assess the futuristic plans of NATO. Will Russia be invited for comprehensive discussion?   Will it be a resolution to expand the military to cover the Eastern part of Germany?  NATO associates have adopted   some innovative pre-emptive measures to inhibit global   terrorism, Black Sea conflict and the tussle in South East Europe.  

NATO’s Assurance for Stability

In 2014, Moscow annexed Crimea with newly formed Russia.   However, Russian troops attacked Ukraine.   Recurrent sorties to Ukraine caused terrific damage claiming million lives and massive deportation.  This tragic flashback was recollected at this global summit in Warsaw in Poland.   Jens,  GeneralSecretary    of NATO has ensuredthatthere will notbe anyrestoration of thesame tragicincident inUkraine .  Russia will be resisted   if Putin dares to design another plot.

More Military Escalation Plans to Implement

Final outcome of hosting the Warsaw summit is limited to a single task. It has many folds to implement different   projects for accelerating its global presence and visibility.   Military deployment to Latvia, Estonia and Georgia is significant for regaining trust of people.  Russiahas narrowed downthe functionalities of NATOas this organizationis not invinciblewithbiggermilitary force to tackle terrorismand other conflicts boldly.  Therefore, Jens clarified explicitly that   there would be new initiatives to restructure and reinforce the army for tackling enemies.    In Middle East, ISIS terrorists are destructors to do whatever they wish. Their dominance must be checked by using weapons.   NATO   AWACS intelligence   squad and investigators are ready to help American allied force to arrest top leaders of ISIS and other militancy outfits.  Its appearance in Gulf countries seems to be a self-booster to million civilians who are manhandled by ISIS terrorists. 

More Reforms to Be Adopted

One of themain topicsfor elaborate discussion at this Warsawconference istheimportanceofmodifyingArticle5forself-defense.    The rule is that NATO joint military force will be used to protect any member who is attacked by external force.  If any member of NATO is invaded, the whole NATO alliance must take it as the insult to share equally.    Therefore, North Atlantic Treaty Organization needs to escalate its joint military exercises in Estonia.  However, legal experts alsospotted another accordwhichwas signedbyNATOsecretaryandRussianpresident in 1997. In this agreement, NATO is bound not to open new military base or send army to any member state located in the east of Germany.   So this new accord must be a hindrance for NATO to follow Article 5 in the case of lending support to associate countries which are situated in the eastern section of Germany.  NATO will have to think how to enhance the military escalation to defend eastern part of Germany.  Finally, NATO members opted for a new alternative to mobilize the supply of weapons and army to Estonia. NATO alliance will make temporary stays at the border of Estonia with troops to combat.  However, in case the situation is found being out of control, NATO allied force will intervene to reduce the casualties of Estonia.



New Mechanism to Deactivate Iskander M Missile of Russia to Control Insurgency


NATO will be a true partner to work with EU to stop vandalism and terrorism.   Brexit will not be a deterrent entity for EU members to collaborate with North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO.  American president has made a resolution to undergo collaborative mission in unison with   NATO to fight with evil force. In Poland and Romania,   American military camps will be established to train Polish and Romanian soldiers how to prevent the missile attacks.   Well, the side effect of Iskander M missile of Russia is not short lived due to its huge capability to destruct   remote cities located in Europe.  American defense will participate in recurrent reconnaissance exercises and patrolling to deactivate the attempts of Russian soldiers to make the abrupt encroachment.  NATO has welcomed the suggestions and various futuristic plans tailored by American president, Barack Obama.   

EU and NATO have decided to promote the joint para-military expeditions   for erasing devastating bad elements from Europe.  Well, America’s   intervention will be elixir for NATO members to deal with insurgency competently. Ben Rhodes, US consultant in defense has not stopped blaming Putin for his misconduct.  If Russia doesn’t know how to restrain, NATO should not sit silently.   There will be more fighter planes, drones, and ballistic missiles   with military base camps in Eastern side.  Especially, America will build up a long range surface-to-air ballistic missile launching base in Poland.   Rhodes supports the faster military expansion in Poland, Romania, Turkey and Georgia to side corner Russian troops. US will have to install more sophisticated nuclear powered missiles to challenge superfast  Iskander M ballistic missile.  In thisconnection , Lukasz Kulesa,  an eminent researcher, has handpickedtwopossible errorsmade by Vladimir Putin whenhe evaluated   the overalloutcome of 2016 Warsaw summit in Poland.  First of all, Russian president pre assumed strength and weakness of NATO.  

NATO’s fast innovation can be wrongly described by Russia.   Moscow guesses the clandestine maneuver   of NATO for boosting up conflict in Black Sea. It is a blunder. Secondly, Russian government has analyzed the Warsaw summit very lightly without proper studies.  Maybe, under pressure, NATO will be crashed to change the policy. This myth is nothing but a mistake done by Putin’s researchers and his political party leaders.  The uniformity and solidarity   of NATO must not be crispy and easy to split.   Russia has underestimated the strength of NATO.   


Finally, Klich has remarked that NATO should not host a puppet show by neglecting   Eastern side of the alliance.  Military activities and surveillance must be increased in East to keep the balance.  Russian soldiers   must hesitate to cross borders of Poland, Romania, Estonia, and Latvia.  NATO’s presence   in East and Black Sea will not diminish in fear of being bombarded by Sukhoi 35 air-crafts or hit by Iskander M.


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