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  Egyptian Revolution –Not Successful –Future of Egypt?

Egyptian Revolution –Not Successful –Future of Egypt?


Under Sisi terrific police atrocities, death in local jails and unbearable punishment weaken citizens of Egypt? 

Egypt was founded in 3100 B.C. It was powerful and pharaohs were believed to be rulers in the country. Nile River is one of the well known and historical places in the world.   Large and small pyramids in Egypt are testimonials to the monarchic regime of these pharaohs.  Right now, the total population in Egypt is around 79 million. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. In 1919, there was a strong and effective freedom movement.   People were independent in 1922 through revolution.  However, still they were controlled by British force.  The second revolution which occurred in 1953 enabled people to establish Egyptian Republic.

Revolution in Cairo against Corruption


Egypt turned violent in resentment and strong remonstration in the streets against the poor   governance of Hosni Mobarook.   The government should be displaced and removed due to corruption, hooliganism and vandalism. Egyptians want the president Mobarook go back home ending his autocratic regime. 


The Background of Revolution in Egypt – People Want Social Reform and Good Governance


The revolution started in 2010 following a self-suicide of a young person in Tunisia to protest against malpractices, corruption, and racial profiling in administrative machinery. 

In Cairo and other states of Egypt, big   processions and rallies were found in the streets.  It was a sign of protest launched against Mobarook and his dictators.  In 2011, rebels including aged civilians, journalists, and respected persons in different town/cities in Egypt blocked highways. They were unarmed and non violent.

However, they were no longer interested in relying on Hosni because of his false promises to protect legal rights of Egyptians. He was not a gentleman. He ruled the country over 30 years but he couldn’t resist corruption.   When people were furious to raise their fingers condemning autocratic administration in Egypt, Hosni imposed embargo on the Twitter.

Twitter surfing was prohibited by the government. This drastic decision disheartened and displeased Egyptians who communicated with the world through online chatting. It violated the law and they needed freedom to use Twitter platform for social communication. 

In between Muslim Brotherhood party which was led by mostly young tech professionals, computer operators, and internet savvy guys was banned.  Therefore, protestors were agitated and they tried to prevent government employees from entering into offices. Companies and factories were raided by irritated mob in protest. 

So, general lifestyles were disturbed.  Mobarook became harsh and he ordered to block the internet.  

American President Obama appeared with new proposal for social and economic reform.  Egyptian citizens should select a new government through referendum. Mobarook was pressurized to resign.  Finally, handing over the administration power to military, he went behind the curtain. 


Find Reasons of Failure in Tahrir Square revolution

The anti-Mobarook revolution was not ended. Many well known criticsandjournalists believe that   Egyptians didn’t get anystrong,  andcompetentrulerwho must have humanity to love neighbors.   The revolution which was started in 2011 didn’t get success.  

Muslim Brotherhood party posted Morsi as the next president overthrowing the corrupted Mobarook from the government.

Morsi was a selected candidate but he had the least efficiency in controlling his administration.  He depended on Sisi, director of military intelligence.  Sisi was finding the opportunity to remove Morsi.  His hidden political game plans were not clearly understood by Morsi. 

To be frank, Tammarod movement was fueled up by Sisi as he blamed   Morsi for the unexpected insurgency in the country.   Sisi also revolted against the Muslim Brotherhood party. 

SCAF/Supreme Council of Armed Forces continued strong vigil at the movements of Morsi.  He was house arrested and Sisi emerged as the incumbent ruler to operate the internal administration in alliance with SCAF.  

In this connection, Thanassis Cambanis, an eminent native American journalist, wrote in his masterpieceentitled “Once Upon A Revolution: An Egyptian Storythat failure inTahrir Squarerevolution happened   due to lack of coordination in thoughts, variation inconcepts and theories with different objectives to replaceMobarook.   

Protestors were not unanimous with a particular resolution to ask for the change.  Therefore,   after dictator Mobarook   being toppled, the scenario in Egypt was not changed.  Corruption, vandalism, and massacre destructed the peace of the nation. Morsi was not an experienced and efficient leader.  

Sisi utilized this weakness of Morsi. Cambanis admits that Morsi was not a wise ruler. He committed a number of mistakes to weaken his position in administration.  He went for establishing a tie-up with Salafis extremists. This unity was a matter of irresponsibility and stupidity. He became a powerful dictator.  He torched houses of numerous dissidents and rebels.  The image of Muslim Brotherhood party was soiled due to the misdeeds of Morsi. The revolution in Egypt was not constructive.   Protestors had no specific ideologies and principles to have better outcome.   

Sisi overtook Morsi. He is now a president of Egypt. However, he has done more destruction than even Mobarook who did wrongdoings within 30 years regime. 

Sisi Couldn’t Implement His Futuristic Socio-Economic Reforms- Why?


Abdel Fattah el-Sisi got the political power in 2014.  His government controlled by military tried to gear up the restoration of economy through proper reforms. He wanted to make the nation debt free and economically strong.  Gulf nations and even other foreign countries supported the change in Egyptian society through the  reformation.

Muslim Brotherhood party sang in favor of the compact economic reformation. However, political insurgency and social/economic reforms can’t co-exist. Sisi’s declaration to control internal political chaos and terrorism seemed to be of little value.  He couldn’t resist severe devastating invasion of militants.  The terrorism becomes uncontrollable in different cities, towns and small suburbs of the country.  Sisi’s   supportershonoredhis futuristiceconomicreforms as it will launch a healthy economywithprominentself-employment opportunities, andremoval ofunemployment.   

However, dissidents of Sisi criticized this economic reform scheme. According to these rebels, Sisi will be more powerful to torture people. He is not a good person and his autonomy in making decision must spark the resentment in the mind of people who have bad experiences. Their houses are destructed.  Property was confiscated and family members were chopped down mercilessly.   Opponents roared and lambasted   Sisi for his inefficiency to hush up the violence. People need security and life care.   Sisi has failed to implement innovative social, political and economic reforms in Egypt.

Opposition groups opined that the consistency in social or economic reforms entirely depends on the stability and better governance to regulate the country.  In the midst of insurgency, terrorism, and racial profiling, this type of economic reform will be a boomerang to give rise to another autocratic government. The human exploitation, destruction, and violence will Increase in the event of the power conversion to Sisi In reality, Sisi has taken the snapshot of the previous economic infrastructure of Mobarook.  

During his military backed regime, the government was not successful in completing good tax reforms on real estate property. New tax reformation could have been more effective to standardize the healthcare/education. Unemployment, poverty, violence and street melees dramatically soared up. 

Therefore   youngsters became unrest to spend time in gun running, plotting and various social conflicts.  The quality of governance and public security was talking a nosedive. In addition, terrific police atrocities, death in local jails and unbearable punishment weaken citizens of Egypt. They didn’t find any solace to repair loss.   Sisi must not be a good administrator in Egypt.


Finally, the bright side of Egyptian revolution lies in the strong capability of citizens to topple or remove the corrupted leaders without infatuation.  They don’t support rulers who are irresponsible, corrupted and dictator.  

Well, the success of Egyptian revolution will take place only when Muslim Brotherhood and people will be able to disarm Sisi.

They will force this incumbent president to go outside the parliament.   It will be another coupe to reduce corruption, vandalism, and negative force. Egypt will be a peaceful nation with a strong administration.  The dictatorship of Sisi must be stopped to ensure compact social and political   reforms in Egypt. Everyone   is waiting for bright sunrise in Egypt with the immediate fall of Sisi.



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