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Deep Analysis about 21st Century Skills Required by Students

Deep Analysis about 21st Century Skills Required by Students


In 21st century, young generation will have a new era of technological innovation. They will have to renew their own conventional beliefs, thoughts and ideas keep in touch with such advancement. The change in the corporate world will take place with the introduction of innovative tools to working professionals. The hand driven machine and blunt tools will be thrown on the dumping ground.  Instead computerized virtual platforms will be installed.  Augmented reality technology, artificial intelligence, robotic elements, wireless communication systems and high definition 3D platform will be prioritized.

Know about Top 10 Skills


There are 10 top skills for people who will have to learn.

Technology will be in driving force to regulate the society.  

Man is the creator of these machines but slowly machines are taking the lead over human beings. It sounds very odd but the supremacy of technology increases. Students who have basic knowledge in computer application should be much more knowledgeable to handle with cloud based infrastructures,   holographic portals and advanced 3D. Therefore, training institutes and schools must have roles to change the course patterns. Students should go through SEL program which will modernize their skills. Socio-emotional learning program upgrades the foundational skills and selected   competencies to accelerate working competency in a changing ambience.  

The rapport between juniors and superiors in the company should be constructive, flawless and smooth. Employees must be computer literate and they should understand technical terms used by superiors.  In such a sophisticated commercial ambience, employees in upcoming years must not be backward technically. They should be trained to handle these   hi-tech tools for faster problem solving, easy correspondence and digital transactions. 

01. Complex Problem Solving

Complex problems are burdensome to people. Especially, during pressing time, competent employees are found in problems due to the inability to take decisions quickly.  Complex problem solving skill needs to be achieved by students at early stage to become competent.  Through visual reasoning and pattern identification phases, students trace complex problems. Their sensory nerves are boosted up by artificial intelligence tools and visual reasoning software to have efficiency with good perception to solve problems.  

02. Creativity


Technology is the global leader to control the corporate sectors.  People rely on advanced machines, computers and internet of things/IOT.  This transition in technology is a turning point to humans to be ultra-modern. However,   it is a technical development and students have to develop themselves to deal with such hi-tech accessories.   Creativity is the process of generating innovative things.  Students must have good perception about creativity.  They should bring new concepts and ideas to operate these advanced tools. The stereotyped machine language doesn’t work better if man doesn’t have the creativity.

03. Coordinating with Others

Edu-tech program is very successful when it upgrades the basic skill of students.  During childhood days, students must have good education and guidance for developing foundational skills including higher competency of thinking brilliantly. In next generation, proper coordination with employees must be very important to employees.   Through SEL training program, coordination skill should be sharpened.

04. Negotiation Skill

Workers must be co-operated by management. They are assets of the management.  Therefore, instead of using muscle power, and political influence, organizations must opt for good negotiation in peaceful environment.  Negotiation skill is therefore a must for young generation to cultivate.  Communication skill should be developed to share views with opponents.   If the communication is poor, the probability for good negotiation is low.  Therefore, students have to learn easy communication methods to upgrade the expertise in negotiating.


05. People Management

People need to be united when they take decision.  Same way, in the industry, before introducti9on of any new plan or guidelines, employees must be organized and integrated.  People management courses are designed to enable students to grow management skill to handle people. They will trouble shoot difficult problems of people. They learn how to use the advanced IOT enable devices for customer care and people management.   

06. Quality Assurance 

Product quality should be kept intact.   Students have to be assisted to identify the difference between good and bad products using hi-tech tools. They need use good parameters for evaluation of product quality.  Quality controlling methods should be more innovative.   Students should complete SEL course for growing confidence in measuring the quality of products. 

07. Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is based on human behavioral pattern and emotions. Students will cultivate   proficiency to assess different emotions and feelings of people.  In the upgraded e-global market, the communication with customers will be mainly done or conducted via wireless devices. Well, modernized emotional intelligence tools will help students to understand the different emotions. They will   try to find solutions after reading the mindsets and likelihood of people.  SEL provides advanced edu-technology to students to acquire knowledge/proficiency in emotional intelligence.

Cognitive switchover or shifting   is one of the top ten skills and students should have ability of changing or shifting cognition from one to other level. This switch-over must not be rigid.  In adolescent stage, students need proper training to change the cognition.  Later they will easily give better customer support to people.  They will have good decision making efficiency.

09. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the proficiency to   evaluate events and things minutely.  It is not an overall thinking process.  A person needs to be independent to analyze the events.  In the matter of decision making, critical thinking is required to avoid mistakes, confusion and resentment. It is one of the best skills which students have to obtain through various effective demos, training and compact SEL training   program.

10. Judgment and Decision Making

To become a powerful decision maker, students have to do practice to improve the judgment and decision making expertise.  He should have boldness to do critical analysis for spotting mistakes /loopholes to wipe out.  The final judgment must be beneficial to the management. Through SWOT and PEST analysis, students come to know about their strength and weak points. SWOT analysis gives a road map to probe for upgrading the skill to make the decision faster.  

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