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COEXISTENCE - Global Society

COEXISTENCE - Global Society


We are living in troubled times, where despite notable globalization movements, intensive application of technology in communications, breaking linguistic barriers, broad trade agreements, the wars are creating a migration of millions of people, who were forced to leave everything built back and leave their homes in a precarious way, in the search for a safe landing to restart.


Millions were jettisoned out of their families, friends, jobs, and cultures. Millions undergo long walks, rough seas, hunger, and violence of all kinds, exposing themselves and their families in a desperate attempt to reach a new home.


We notice an intense buzzing of many people seeking to ease the pain, create buffer solutions and meet superficially the most prompts demands. Yes it is important, but not but not sustainable in the medium term. Even in a short time amplify the issues that gave rise these shameful facts.


We worry too much for the future consequences of hatred and destruction cycle that has been forming and amplifying. We cannot fail to see that most impacted by this violence and formed by children and babies.

 The quote from Lacan - Mirror Stage - whose study concluded that the look of the other is the basis of the constitution of the subject. So when these children design the image that others have given, you can imagine that horror scenes become the bases its constitution as individuals. Remember that children internalize more of what we do then what we talked about.


Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory

Expanding a little more this line of reasoning, should remember Maslow in a Hierarchy of Needs Theory, when referring to the desire to develop our inherent potential, i.e. we are those that we can be in an environment where the biological needs, safety, love and belonging, were met in precarious shape, are steeped with violence, disrespect and all sorts of bitterness. Creating a huge barrier - Jonas complex - for a virtuous development.


In this scenario the isolation becomes chronic, and this allows them to be more easily controlled, even being Robotics, by unscrupulous agents who seek for own interests, manipulating and subjugating a portion of these children. Being alienated from other needs beyond their physical survival, albeit in primitive form, they become easy victims, because their consciousness that could limit this power of influence is focused on the most basic instincts up even animalistic. And what will be the ones that they will have as a reference? What will be their dreams?


We must be protagonists in actions within this reality wide open for us through videos, images, and reports and in some cases with physical presence. Even for those who want to stay distant, contempt are unacceptable.

Real-time issues and solutions 


It's time for everyone to understand that we are not in this World on vacation. We need to act fast in the search for real solutions, that means, we must go forward what already has been done, that shows not enough or ineffective. We must all understand that the differences add up and makes us much more stronger. And LOVE because love is to be together.


Humans should not be prejudiced by their faith or religious choice, by their color, their gender or sexual choice. Respect cultural and religious diversity should govern all relationships. We must learn from each other, lots of beauty and wisdom can be shared. Everyone has conditions to respect, and if we will not do we became Robotic, thus feeding a cycle that already proved too destructive that interests only a few individuals or groups.


Joy is not an immediate physical position, but possible to be reach and the form is inside us. A seed that must be cared for, but a seed that can generate many fruits. Again history shows us, and one way comes from Philosophical Greek School with Antisthenes, Socrates disciple, saying that we should seek the conquest of moral virtue through the elimination of all and superfluous. We need to understand what really has value for life.



We humbly allow close this text adding that the Faith will be the guide to all the changes. God wants our evolution and gave us all the tools for this. Always remember that we have the free will of our actions, and with this all their consequences.


Article authored by Victor Arthur Renault Junior,

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