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  China Escalating Strength to Become Superpower -   US Needs to Upgrade Defense

China Escalating Strength to Become Superpower - US Needs to Upgrade Defense


China is now upgrading and reconstructing its defense by including different types of sophisticated nuclear propelled submarines, warships, and drones.    Chinese military is being   reinforced by introducing light weight AH-4 howitzer gun, H-6K bombers and fleets of warships with intermediate ballistic missiles.  In South Sea Islands, Chinese military escalation is steadily on rise to warn other neighboring states including America.   Will China be a strong competitor to overtake American force by 2020?  US defense officers are aware of the fast improvement   in Chinese military to appear as a real challenger to knock down an American fighter air-craft and hit the large American warships.   However, Pentagon is not lamenting but close monitoring is being conducted by   US intelligence team to measure the   muscular strength of China.  

China Emerging as a Global Power to Challenge US


Of late, at a press conference, Chinese representatives have disclosed the introduction of   an upgraded laser guided AH-4 howitzer gun which has maximum strength to cover 40 km.  However, the normal gun firing range is approximately 25 kilometer.    With the usage of ERFB-Base Bleed/HE   system, the range of bullet firing can be extended to strike the hideouts of enemies within the radius of 40 km.   This howitzer gun can be lifted by drone to install in hilly region, deep terrain and uneven enclosure of Steep mountainous range.  So,   American warships which will pass through    South Sea can be covered by this weapon.  On the other hand, Pentagon has M777 155 mm caliber howitzer gun to start firing.   Mechanism of this ultra-modern weapon is same with little difference.  China will deploy AH-4 to the Indian border for strengthening up its border security force. US force doesn’t need to be sunk in shame due to the growing escalation of Chinese military power. However,   recent development in Chinese force can be a lesson for Pentagon to recheck the conventional defense and security systems.  Well, H-6K fighter air-craft has capability to carry nuclear warheads. 

H-6K of China Never Misfires to Miss the Target- US Should Not Underestimate China

H-6K bomber has been innovated to grow its combating capability to destruct any warship, tank and bunker within the radius of 3,500 km.   This super-fast jet plane can transport CJ-20 subsonic cruise missiles and YJ-12 supersonic ship destruction rocket launchers. H-6k will be used in South Sea   if   American warships dare to cross economic exclusive zone of China.   However, Pentagon has also reiterated that US has B 52 bomber with same technical feature. Russian Tupolev Tu-16 is also equal to H-6 K of Beijing.   Fuel consumption is now an issue for China to operate such aerodynamic fast air-craft.  Chinese   government   will re-modify this fighter plane so that it will be cheaper for Chinese defense to fly such hi-tech bombers.   

 US army will have more devastating weapons with fleets of ultra-modern warships to float on the ocean.  Around $428 billion will be invested by Pentagon to renew Navy Aegis Combating System to escalate its power in South Sea.   

Cruiseshipswill havelong range missilesto strikeChinesemilitary basesifthe war takes place inSouth Sea.  Meanwhile, Chinese DF -26 missile is now putting Pentagon again in deep chaotic situation. This missile targets the military camp or basement within 3,000-4,000-km.   So, American warships on Guam region will be easily monitored by Chinese military. DF-26 will be applied to backlash superpower.  However,   top brass of White House is not sure about the perfection of missile strikes to wipe out long distance   objects. 

This missile of China doesn’t have 100 percent perfection to annihilate American cities and US fleets in Guam region.   China will have to invent more advanced technology to make DF-26 missiles compatible with American supersonic nuclear propelled upgrade missiles/ rocket launchers.  Beijing is also developing a long power train TEL missile carrier to shoot YJ-18 ASCM anti-ship ballistic missile to reach the target within the range of 290 nautical miles.    US Navy is in difficult condition if China takes this long TEL vehicle for launching ballistic missiles. YJ-18 missile excels SS-N-27 Klub ASCM of Russia.  


China is fighting back with determination to become peerless in South Sea.  American presence will be strongly challenged by   Beijing.   Still, in terms of perfect shooting, American defense seems to be unbeaten till now.  Maybe by 2030 China will have some satellite linked   innovative versions of advanced surveillance systems, anti-ballistic missiles and fleets of warships to threaten up American defense.   Revision and upgrade are now only resolutions of China to maximize the strength to win in battle fields.



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