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China an economic monster ‪‎US created feared to be a super power?

China an economic monster ‪‎US created feared to be a super power?


Obama will try to compensate the loss by declaring more growth oriented projects for economic improvement of Japan.  America will remove disputes and restrictions to start new arms dealing.  Powerful   American military base camp is believed to be established in Hiroshima. Japan and America will have more constructive plans for escalating their coastal surveillance in South Sea.

US Diplomacy‬ to Downplay China – Double Fold Impact


Obama downplays China by creating air of intimacy with Japan, Brunei, South   Korea, Malaysia and   Philippines.   Japan has had horrible   history as two cities of this country were demolished   with powerful nuclear bombs.   American allied force stopped   heart beats of over a million Japanese   citizens on 6th August 1945. Previous relation with US was not smooth after the explosion of atom bombs.   However, right now, Abe, Japanese prime minister, wants to repair the fissure   in the caustic relation with White House.   Japan will not behave roughly with American President. In Hiroshima, American president spoke fluently without repentance for tragic incidents.  Simply, he requested all Japanese people to be much more desirous of preventing nuclear war for everlasting pacification.   Japan and America will establish solid platform   for development and business promotion. Even, arms dealing issue will be prioritized.  Japanese technology is much advanced. US will helpJapanto be self reliantwithupgradedsurveillance   networkandstrongmilitarybase. 

China Concerned with Obama’s Visit to Hiroshima and Vietnam – Tension Escalating

Obama has not suppressed his diplomatic tone to maintain when he visits Japan.    South Sea is now a place for dispute.   Chinese defense has increased its surveillance by sending faster jet planes, arms and other surveillance systems to build up military camps.  The aerial view over Paracel archipelago in South Sea proves the presence of Chinese commandos to patrol.  Paracel Island will be extended   by constructing more artificial islands with lagoons.    Airstrips, sophisticated light houses, and   small surveillance bases will be set up in South Sea.  Beijing won’t accede to the call of the US to negotiate regarding the freedom of sea navigation   crossing through Exclusive Economic Zone.    The US has grown renewed diplomatic relation with Japan to control Beijing.  One hand, White House builds up uniformity by making long lastingtie-upwith Japan forbecoming   strongerin SouthSea, on the other hand,  White Houseis reinforcing its   arms trading inSouthPacific Asia andMiddle East.  Japan, Brunei, Philippines, and Malaysia   will buy arms, air to surface missiles,   rocket launchers,   fleets of drones and faster jet planes from Pentagon.    Obama will give more weapons to Vietnam to challenge Chinese military.  South Sea is becoming an active volcano stuffed with barrage of hidden resentment, vexation, confrontation and mistrust.   It is a two- fold diplomatic strategy which   has been reshaped by White House to reduce Chinese influence on South Sea. 

China- On the Rise with Stronger Economy and Powerful Military Machinery


China will not sink in debt. Nor will it lose its control over South Sea easily. Gradually, Beijing is revamping economic   deficiency   through innovation.    New economic rebalancing methodology is the best for China to have a wide development portal in service sector.    China   stands   second in terms of the size of economy in the world. America has the largest economic drive-train.    If the Chinese   rebalancing theory has properly been planted, by 2020 China can be unbeaten with powerful engine of development with mobility in business expansion.   China redeems stability with the investment of billion dollars in renewable energy sectors and modern technological development.   Beijing utilizes efficient manpower and strong administration to restructure the national industry.    It sells cheap products in neighboring countries and   Europe.   So, Beijing is hopeful of having financial superiority over America in next century.  It will be globally super power and its growth will be enviously glossy   with excellent GDP   percentage.   

In published Surveyof theWorld Economy to China report,   China   has been   randomly   eulogizedforthefasterescalationof   efficiencyincopper , steel, coaland cement industries.  It is   also a permanent   crude oil consumer.    The coal consumption   percentage of China has been estimated 40 percent with the brilliant 30 percent in consuming steel.  Well, as an international key player in upgrading nuclear warheads and missiles,  Beijingwillbe abig bossforcingPentagontohiremore qualifiedresearchersto invent hi-tech weapons .   Right now,  Beijing   has introduced   a number of nuclearcapablelong range ballisticshowpieces   including    IC BMS/intercontinental   powerfulballistic   missiles,   110 IRBM rockets withintermediate nuclearwarheadto cover   a numberof American   cities.   China has proudly admitted the new rise in the world.   This development is not for only   China but other countries will have benefits due to   rapid improvement in defense and nuclear experiment. So, Beijing will not be a sunken nation in the upcoming   century. 

China’s Arrival Will Create Tension in Arms Trading Market


America is still a peerless arms seller.   Pentagon delivered $66.3 billion worth arms to overseas customers.  In 2011, the amount of arms selling to overseas nations was recorded $85.3 billion. Russia has sold around $4.8 billion   worth weaponry and monitoring accessories to other countries.   However, by 2025 China’s rise will be a cumbersome threat to the US in future. Chinese entry into ultra modern nuclear warhead manufacturing and research will not be a good message to Pentagon. 

Tension Brewing up in South Sea -  Obama Discovers New Horizons in Japan 


China is deploying warships with surveillance systems to watch the intruders coming from other countries.  South Sea is not safe for mariners and fishermen who are obstructed by Chinese commandos. US urges for the change in the old maritime regulation with the freedom of passage to allow foreign mariners to cross   economic exclusive zone of South Sea.  American president’s diplomatic venture to Hiroshima has sky kissing significance.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki should not be barriers to peace treaty. However, without apologizing for the genocide in 1945, groundwork for nuclear non-proliferation and peace will not be successful.   Incumbent president of the USA got back energy to admit the irreparable side effect of nuclear explosion.     Every nation should condemn the nuclear experiment for massacre.   Humanity should have more space to expand decreasing the self-interest and political gambling.  The loss of million human lives is a stigma and the whole world must bend in shame.  Japanese people will not shrug off the injury and humiliation.   The wound is deep and American president will have to use more soothing words to bring down the hidden melancholy and trauma of Japanese netizens.  

Carnage in Nanjing – Japan Blamed for Massacre and Rape


China has not supported Obama’s tour to Japan and Vietnam.  Japan has the painful tragic story. However, China can’t forget the bloodshed violence and rape in Nanjing in 1937.  Japanese Samurai entered into Nanjing province and   took the hostage of all civilians.   Around three million, Chinese civilians   were slaughtered.  Women were raped,    and strangled to death.  In the open streets, children were perished.   Japan didn’t shed tears for this barbarity. Vultures still grope for dead skeletons with signs of wounds.   China always lambasts   Japanese   government for this merciless carnage in Nanjing. 

Insurgency and counter insurgency have no long lasting good impact to produce.  Terrorism in the world   is always condemnable.  If a nation has done mistakes, it can’t be paid back by imprecising the act of jingoism and insurgency.  Crime can’t be nestled in dark sepulcher.   Majestic Ave Maria has her chalice with luminescent   celestial glow.  This halo of transcendental grandeur must be attained by reviving the good part of self-consciousness removing the barrage of stringent enmity and selfishness.  Japan must not have recurrent of previous setback.  


China can’t expand its military base by reminding the world of the crime   committed by Japan. Nanjing should not be a place to promote wartime insurgency and   atrocities.  American troops must be used for rescuing   victims to restore stability.  Whether it is South Sea or North Korea’s new nuclear test, civilians in the world don’t be sent to the firing squad. Ugly grimaces of Second World War can’t be emulated to design the fortune of next generation in the color of violence. Nuclear war is barbaric.  Obama and Abe should not participate in such cumbersome political hypocrisy.


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