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Chilcot Report Blames Tony Blair for His Whimsical Decision to Apply Muscular Strength against Iraq

Chilcot Report Blames Tony Blair for His Whimsical Decision to Apply Muscular Strength against Iraq


The 12- volume complete Chilcot reportis yet to give answers to manyquestions over the requirement of thedeployment ofreconnaissanceair-crafts andwar shipstoinvadeIraq to knock down Saddam. It was a flawed and defective intelligence.   Tony Blair is nowin the eye-witness box for explainingthesituation in which the formerprime ministerhadto take the decisionto applymuscular force for coolingdown insurgency inBaghdad.  It was a considerably   whimsical decision on behalf of Tony Blair.  Well, did Tony Blair’s associates and legal advisors support him to hobnob with American president to deploy the armed force to Gulf countries?   

Flawed Intelligence Report- Tony Held Guilty for Wrong Decision to Deploy Army to Iraq

Britain had to lose over hundred soldiers during the counter attack to regulate Baghdad way back to 2003. Million Iraqis were either vanished in bomb explosion or permanently crippled with the least physical mobility.   The former British prime minister should not have ordered   military force to cross border of Iraq.   2003 invasion didn’t help Britain to restore honor.    British civilians and family members of lost soldiers have turned down the excuses of Tony.   It was a wrong step made by Tony.  He did not evaluate the aftermath situation.  Nor does he value the lives of   innocent Iraqi nationals.   Billion worth national assets in Iraq were demolished.   Myriad men, women and kids in Iraq suffered   due to the counter invasion of Britain.  Without tailoring the post Gulf war plans and programs,   former UK prime minister   opted for joining the American military to destruct Saddam Hussein. He was not a hardcore enemy to London. Even he had no hands to crash the Trade Center in America.  Sir John Chilcot has taken seven years to prepare the vast report.   He has recorded conversations, and speeches delivered by Tony Blair.  However,   Sir Chilcot has yet to divulge the clandestine activities of few British officers and cabinet members to assist Tony.  For instance, Goldsmith, Attorney General of the then British   prime minister, can’t be overlooked.   He held an important portfolio and his role was dubious. In the beginning, prior to the resolution of sending British army to Iraq, Goldsmith cross checked   all reports and documents.  Tony Blair has not confessed over the frequency of changes in the legal advices delivered by Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith.  InMarch, just a over a weekbefore the cross border invasion,   Lord Goldsmith placed a report  in which he showcased the less risk zones to go to Iraqfor fighting.   He confirmed that there was no legal obligation or intricacy even in the event of the absence of support of UN to disarm Saddam by force.   His legal advice made Tony Blair more resilience with unbreakable aplomb to choose the battle field to destroy Iraqi military. Why did Tony Blair prioritize views of Goldsmith?  Chilcot report should verify whatever conversation between Tony Blair and   former Attorney General was made surreptitiously.  UN didn’t approve the army   deployment to Iraq.   Even   Chirac, French prime minister,  vetoed against thesecondresolutionofrenewing the more aerial invasion and ground attackto ruinthe housesinIraq.  

Tony Misleads Countrymen - He Opts for Hypocrisy


Former UK prime minister had hidden racial profiling with   chronic anti-Iraqi sentiment to grow.  He had no strong proof about the Saddam’s possession of mass destruction weapons to become a threat   in Middle East.   Saddam declared that he would deactivate any chemical weapon if he had.    Kemal, Saddam’s son-in-law, also announced that his country had not invented or manufactured   powerful   chemical weapons for genocide.    Right now, investigators   prove that Iraqi armies had no such destructive mass destruction missiles or nuclear   war heads to annihilate Britain.   So, Tony Blair didn’t tell the truth. He has misled his own government.  British prime minister wrote a brief note to convince   American president regarding the joint venture to wipe out Saddam.  He admitted that   his government would be in supportive role to turbo-charge American force for capturing Saddam in spite of   the disapproval of the gulf war resolution by UN.  How did Tony say so confidently to maximize military escalation in Baghdad?  He betrayed and misdirected   British civilians by providing few fictitious statements.   Lord Prescott, the ex-deputy prime minister of the UK, has also blasted in criticizing Tony.   Prescott wants to share the sufferings and loss borne by families of destructed British soldiers.    Deputy Prime Minister in Britain acknowledged the guilt committed by Tony Blair.  The whole nation is now trembling in tension.   British intelligence reports were not properly written.   Tony Blair had inadequate reports cited by British intelligence.   Investigation was not flawless but distorted.  Chilcot fact finding mission has condemned Tony Blair for inappropriate workout to send the British force to Iraq.


 Eventually, Tony Blair is trying to bounce back with few supportive views   in this connection.   He retaliates by admitting that his plan to participate in American allied force against Iraq is to develop the relationship with White House to level the differences.   However, British civilians are not satisfied on hearing such baseless and ludicrous statements. Gulf war is not productive for Britain.  Easily Tony Blair could have had taken switchover from his resolution to save million lives and sumptuous properties.


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