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Armenia Holocaust -Turkey Proposes but Armenia roars for Justice

Armenia Holocaust -Turkey Proposes but Armenia roars for Justice


The lost memory can be restored to remember few painful snapshots of carnage, mass deportation, executions and man slaughtering.  Armenian genocide in 1915 under the regime of Ottoman can’t be erased from the memory of historians.   What is the actual background of Armenian massacre or mass genocide? The recent pacification process seems to be bottle necked   because of the callousness on the part of Turkey which was responsible to terminate one and a half million Armenians way back to 1915.

This strategic genocide in Armenia must not be left out of scan. Ottoman was a cruel dictator to plot for launching the mass killing operation. Armenians should not dither to lambast this tyrant for the loss of their great forefathers.  

However, will Armenian mass destruction be deterrence to the resolution of the peace process? Proper studies and meticulous evaluation must be skillfully conducted to monitor the present trends for pacification or truce.  

Armenian Holocaust- Turkey Blamed for Genocide


Armenian community in America has the embedded vexation and anger to explode in protesting against the genocide or random Armenian slaughtering in 1915.  This Armenian Holocaust has built up the lofty wall to separate Armenian nationals from Turkey.    This brutal and inhuman slaughtering, banishment, and execution can’t be appreciated by America.  UN and other western countries declared that the act of massacre in 1915 must be genocide.  Ottoman should be held guilty for slaughtering innocent Armenians mercilessly.  

The recap of genocide again happened in 1920-23.  Armenians were expelled, slaughtered, and cruelly tortured.  This barbaric genocide claimed unexpected casualties.  The whole Armenian genocide was supervised by Special Organization. CUP members formed this separate redressal cell to treat Armenians in an uncivilized way.  This special task force was headed by experienced army officials and ministers to complete the mass termination.  CUP’s involvement in the Armenian execution has had been indicted and condemned by many nations.  Even UN has used the term “Armenian genocide” in the official statement.

Erdoğan’s Peace Proposal Ignored by Robert Kocharian


Genocide is brutal practice of the massive human slaughtering   with untold miseries.   Lempkin has coined genocide while describing the turmoil and destruction in Armenia.  OveramillionArmenian civilianswere executedandchopped downin 1915 holocaustunder thesupremacy ofOttomanEmpire.   Turkey government has not taken up the responsibility for this   mass genocide in   Armenia   in 1915.  

If Turkey confesses the crime, this country will have to compensate   to rehabilitate the poor victims.   Erdoğan will have to atone for the inexplicable casualty and loss of innocent Armenians in this severe   holocaust.   Turkey has possessed many important areas owned by Armenia.    The reconciliation will be less rigid if Turkey announces the good   philanthropic package with billion dollas worth reparation for soothing wounds of Armenian civilians.   Great Britain, France and Russia were united to criticize this mass extermination.  It is not humanity to send million innocent souls to heaven.  

In America, people blamed CUP organization to use the administrative machinery for strategic pre-planned Armenian extermination so ruthlessly.  However, in the case of reconciliation and friendship between modern Armenia and Turkey, sentimental issues with strong emotions narrow down the possibility of pacification.  Nightmare which Armenians experienced during Armenian Holocaust movement during 1st world war must not be recycled with another gruesome snapshot of mass annihilation.  

New Updates


 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the honorable president of Turkey gave a proposal for peace process. In 2005, he backfired a long missive to Robert Kocharian inviting him to start innovative conversation for camaraderie. Turkish president has not accepted Lemkin’s coinage “genocide”.  

He wrote in his letter that historians will decide whether CUP with   Special Organization did the massacre in 1915.  It has not been proved whether hands of Ottoman Empire were stained in blood.   He further proposed that historians of both nations and any third party can be called for starting meticulous studies to find the truth. Turkeyhas its ownarchivewithmanualscripts,  books andproofsregarding theprevious carnageinfirst world war. 

Armenian authority must meet eminent historians of Turkey with facts and   evidence.   Historians will be empowered to investigate without being influenced by political parties.   Meanwhile Erdoğan and Robert Kocharian will do the ground work to speed up the entire process of pacification, solidarity, reconciliation and brotherhood.  Borders of Turkey will be opened for Armenian merchants to do business. They will explore in European market using the transit route through Turkey.  So gradually,   there would be a new passage of solidarity and uniformity to wipe out the differences as well as the deterrence.   However, Armenian   President has not responded to support the proposal of Turkey President.  1915 genocide is not a negligible deed and Armenians are very much stronger to bear such loss.  However,  Turkey mustadmit the involvement of CUPtriumviratetooperatetheSpecial Organization to  slaughter   millionArmenians without trials andprosecution.  

Yerevan compels Ankara to acknowledge the severe skirmish and mass demolition in First World War.  Ankara must recognize this massacre as willful genocide without prosecution or trials.   Million Armenians lost family members with cloud of miseries and poverty. Turkey can’t overlook this deadlock which made Armenians homeless and highlanders   without speck of food to eat.  On the other hand, America has shown positive attitude when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has prioritized the reconciliation between Yerevan and Ankara.  Both countries should approach for peace.  The proper understanding will repair the previous wound and injury.  Armenian president demands for the recognition of Western Armenia as well. 



People don’t expect the sunset over Armenia and Turkey reconciliation process.   Gateway to pacification should not be blocked.  The normalization of diplomatic rapport between Yerevan and Ankara will move steadily to reach the last milestone.  

The Armenian Holocaust in 1915 must be compensated through restoration of uniformity and brotherhood. Sargsyan has not closed the door for futuristic peace process.  Even Zurich convention and seminars for reconciliation have not been perished.

Yerevan and Ankara must create a new era of re-unification and camaraderie for the sake of development,    

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