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Analyze Pros and Cons of Brexit- The Final Outcome Is Unpredictable

Analyze Pros and Cons of Brexit- The Final Outcome Is Unpredictable


Whether Britain will remain in EU cycle or it will leave the EU is not certain. However, if Boris Johnson becomes the prime minister in the upcoming election, the possibility of opting for Brexit will be more powerful. Cameron will not hold office because he is not in support of the decision for Brexit. Evaluate the pros and cons of the Brexit meticulously.


Will Brexit Be Boon or Bane to Britain? – Synopsis


 When Chilcot reviewing panel is strangling many wealthy and honorable signatories like Tony Blair for whimsical decision to join the US collaborative force to invade Iraq , another sharp blow will knock down many heavy weights after Brexit.

Britain is a permanent member of EU. It has had long tête-a-tête with EU members in trade, investment, immigration policy, job market, industry development, and free trading.

British nationals don’t need separate visas to make stays in EU territories. In return, EU nationals have the permission to visit and live in Britain following rules set by British parliament. EU members confirm the free trading in Schengen area. After the loss of membership in EU, Britain will have to cut its international trading policy to size sacrificing many things.

Cons of withdrawal of support from the EU organization include the minimization of the trading opportunities with other nations in EU. Britain will not be considered as a member of EU when the tariffs on trading will be lifted. That means, the UK will not have free trading policies and it will not be a good participant in the trading conference in EU forum.

The space for trading in any European nation will be shortened and restricted. That’s why, Cameron with his comrades is not agreed to lose permanent EU membership by 2017. However, Boris Johnson is a strong Brexiter to oppose the suggestions of Theresa May and Osborne. During the post-Brexit, London will have more decision making power in the case of implementing foreign policy, new business growth plans in Middle East and enhance the non-European investment programs. Within the EU territory, London will not have mono power to do trading with non-European communities. Besides, annually, Britain has to contribute several billion dollars to EU as membership fees.

More Opportunity for Britain to Save Money through Brexit Implementation


Recently, Britain paid $13 billion to EU. However, EU refunded around $4.3 billion to the UK. Approximately $ 8 billion was released by Britain to be in membership position of EU. So, benefit to disconnect rapport with EU will help the UK to reduce expenses. However, survey reports prove that Britain’s annual investment in EU covers around 6 percent of the total cost for NHS in Britain. This fissure in the relationship with EU will have a buccaneering impact on people in Britain. The flow of Euro currencies for development in Britain will be hampered. Britain will not get Euros to use when British traders march into other EU nations for running companies.

Bremain campaigners like Osborne and May have requested Cameron to fight for preventing Brexit. Britain will need more specialists and business planers to find the suitable pockets in non-European states for investment.

Recently, new trade partnership programs have been premiered to entertain America to befriend EU traders for long standing benefits in the area of heavy industries. Britain will not be called to join this joint trading. UK will be a single business operator to start its career. Free trading option will be blocked. However, British economists and experts appreciate the Brexit because of the liberty to emulate the super-charge marketing style applied by Singapore.

In Middle East, UK investors are being invited to expand business. However, many non-Brexit supporters also suggest that Britain can follow Norway to opt for a single marketing system in compliance with EU law without holding membership in this organization. However, Brexiters have raised barrage of questions over the single marketing option without being a member of EU. Britain must be manipulated by EU as it has the power to modify or change the rule. So, Britain will not be in favorable condition in the case of being Brexit.

Pros and Cons of Brexit in Area of Immigration


Experts opine that immigration is a big hindrance to put Britain in more dangerous condition. More than 9 million non-Britishers have entered into Britain for working. They stay back in different cities of Britain. It accelerates the population explosion rate. Besides, the job market seems to be heavier to Britishers who have to compete with these non-British immigrants. So, in the event of the cancellation of EU membership, Brexit will create more jobs for British nationals. In addition, British workers will get higher wages due to the replacement of foreign immigrants. The side effect of Brexit will also reflect in the UK industry as skilled labor will not be easily found due to the restriction for European immigrants to visit Britain.

Brexit Protects Britishers from ISIS Terrorists


 Britain decided to separate itself from European Union because of the global insurgency spread by ISIS terrorists. In Brussels, Paris and other places in Europe, many British immigrants stay with their family members. Recent massacre and carnage in these cities have wounded British nationals. EU is not safeguarding their comrades. If Britain chooses Brexit, the problem of terrorism will be reduced. Brexit will certainly protect million British sweethearts.



Cameron is not hopeful about Brexit. Personally he thinks that it will scupper the nation uber. EU zones will not be destinations for British investors. Slowly, Britain will be isolated with restricted area for trading independently. Brexit supporters should re-evaluate the effect of membership cancellation to stay outside EU. What will be final outcome of Brexit is not known as none has left EU till now. So, Britain is the first eye-witness to experience merits and demerits of Brexit.


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