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America Facing High Voltage Insurgency – Explain Different Reasons with Deep Analysis

America Facing High Voltage Insurgency – Explain Different Reasons with Deep Analysis


In Orlando, a nightmarish gun firing episode forces White colored citizens   to re-check and evaluate the role of Muslims.  49 gay males were wiped out and more than 40 people   were wounded by Mateen.  He was born in Afghanistan and then relocated in America.   He shot dead 50 people in Pulse night club.   What is the reason of such a wild gun firing to abolish innocent visitors in this Orlando based pub?  Obama and FBI have denied his   strong nexus with ISIS militants.   This person has the psychological disorder.  He has homophobia with acute racial segregation. He is not a normal gentleman.   Hillary Clinton called this barbaric act as the psychological imbalance with poison to annihilate people.   How is it possible for a man to consume poison of vexation to murder people so mercilessly?  Experts   presume   that Mateen is homophobic and he imported this awkward homophobia from his birth place in Afghanistan.   In Middle East and Africa, the homosexuality is barbaric and condemnable.   Gays have no right to roam in the streets.  They are restricted to enter into the pubs and hotels.   The gay communities are banned in Iran, Syria, Nigeria and Afghanistan.  So this radical sentiment, negative   impression   and hidden resentment with fanatical entity compelled Mateen to revolt against the gay communities.   The gun fire in Orlando is the example of the exposure of the homophobic vulgarity and bigotry.   In Saudi Arab, gay males are kept out of society.  Death sentence is given to those who are transsexual with homosexuality. Therefore,   lesbians don’t ventilate their erotic pleasure and right to live normally in Muslim occupied land.  ISIS and other Islamic jihadists have acute fundamentalism and radicalism.   The homophobic sentiment is nurtured by ISIS.  However, the ingredients of homophobia are not found exclusively in fundamental zones.  This psychopathological disorder is being exported to western countries from Middle East.  Omar Mateen is not a foreigner but an American national.  He must not learn the lesson of humanity.   He was a bad guy with venom of resentment against the gay communities.  His hands didn’t tremble to sweep away 50 people with an ultra light automatic gun.  This personal vexation has overtaken   law of humanity and altruism.   That’s why,  theextreme   homophobia   should be controlled   throughtheevaluationof human existencein the lightof humanityinstead of the prioritizationof the   religiousprofiling andchronicxenophobicsentiment.   

American Civil War -   Hidden Resentment Boosts up Terrorism in US

 The civil war in America is the burning example of the severe color distinction   which broadened the scope of ethnical conflict.  Black slaves were not given the same   identities and status. White people   were honored in the society.  In spite of the participation in Revolutionary war, black colored soldiers were not allowed to join the defense.   They were controlled by white colored officers.   Black soldiers    had to stay mute with ten dollars per month for life maintenance.  Three dollars were charged to tailor   uniforms.  White officers got thirteen dollars with free uniforms.    It was injustice and an act of humiliation.   However, in 1864, new law was enforced wiping out the discrepancy.   African American communities were neglected by white members.  In Southern   parts of America, Black people were exploited by White brother s.   So, this color distinction issue forced Black persons to start civil war for more emancipation with equal status.   However, still now in many government offices and   companies, black employees are not honored equally. Their pay packages are lower than that of White officers.     Analyzers and researchers also prioritize the seed of previous color distinction issue which motivates terrorists to destruct Americans.    Emotional difference and high profile ethnic conflict   in America   prod the hidden vengeance to erupt in the form of terrorism.  


O.J. Simpson’s Murder Case – Ingredient to Instigate Hidden Color Distinction

O.J.  Simpson’s murder case is another example to million Americans   for measuring the effect of racial profiling, color distinction and ethnic differences.    O. J.  Simpson is a billionaire Negro football player. He married Nicole Brown who belonged to White community. This black guy killed his ex-wife and Goldman.  Simpson was cross examined and then sentenced to incarceration.    His death penalty has been forgiven but he is now in Lovelock Correctional Facility located in Nevada.  60 percent white members blame Simpson to stab his white colored   wife to death.  Around 40 percent Black members are in favor of the White communities in the case of giving unforgettable punishment to Simpson.    However, few black colored citizens   celebrate over the reduction of punishment of Simpson.  They argue that white members always get advantages over black communities.  It is an exception that Simpson, a black representative, has not been awarded death sentence.    Many white women emancipation activists call it a practice of schadenfreude (wild pleasure watching someone’s misfortunes).  The American judiciary system should not indulge any emotional or sentimental   issue overlooking   the significance of true justice.     Simpson is a felony, miscreant and murderer. He is also a drug peddler with a bad history of kidnapping and robbery.   He is a rich Black sportsman but he is not a Samaritan.   However, color distinction can be a powerful component to recycle the previous episode of   Afro American civil war. 

Random Bullet Sprays at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church- Act of Terrorism

The random gun firing in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church which is located in Charleston downtown   is another flashback of racism and ethnic clash.  A group of innocent black guys inside this church were killed by Dylann Storm Roof with a powerful automatic Glock 41 .45- grade gun.   After terminating nine people at the Bible Study room of Episcopal Church in Charleston of North California, the accused   fled to a different place.  He was absconding for few days. In American history, this massacre didn’t happen in holy places. However, historians   remember the tragic shooting incident which occurred in a Buddhist shrine in Arizona.   Roof is a white man and he admitted his guilt.   In his confession, Roof told the investigators that he had strong racism and vexation against Black guys.   This racial segregation   generates insurgency and terrorism.   Black guys have priority to do wrongdoings.   White   women are not attracted by   black people. Therefore   they rape   white colored women forcefully.   However law protects these black colored guys by reducing the crime.  O.J. Simpson’s murder case is also an example of favoring rich black guys.  Roof took revenge.   The suppressed hatred and resentment against Black communities must be replaced by universal love with positive mindsets to prioritize the humanity over selfishness and   color distinction.  


Muslims Face High Voltage Carnage and Racial Profiling in ME


The Shia and Sunni Muslims pass through the painful war.  In Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arab and Lebanon, the condition of innocent Muslims is not explicable due to barbarism.   In Saudi Arab 47 convicts have been beheaded till now.   This mass execution has been criticized by   America and many western countries. 

In Syria, Muslim women are arrested and then sexually harassed.  One of the female victims shared her miseries in a journal. According to her,   there is no word to define the   human exploitation.    She was hanged for three days and beaten by an electric rod.  She was raped repeatedly by a gang of militants.   Muslim women are not treated as humans. In Mosul of Iraq, ISIS terrorists collect women for free labor.  They are forced to join the porn clubs for flesh trading.  Their children are tortured by ISIS militants.  The same   human slaughtering and sexual assault take place in Raqqah and   Aleppo.  ISIS    terrorists   attack residential houses to snatch valuable assets, money and abduct women.  The misery has no stoppage.   Russian armies   hit Aleppo with bombs and missiles.  

Around 2 million Syrian refugees had to run away under the gruesome fear.  At Turkish borderline,   these Muslim refugees are seen standing for begging food.  Turkey government has cordoned off the border to prevent the massive exodus and forceful infiltration.   

Iraqi government had to sacrifice by   losing Fallujah city to ISIS in 2014.

Lot of untold casualties and higher death tolls minimized the ambition of Iraqi troops to capture the city once again. Over 90000 Muslim civilians are boxed up and tortured by ISIS terrorists.  However, after a terrific battle with   ISIS militants, the land of Fallujah has been reclaimed by Iraqi force.  Over 3 million people have been physically displaced or deported.  In Syria, Muslims are perished and   leveled with guns and rockets. Missiles strike Aleppo, and Damascus.   The border close to Aleppo is decorated with land mines to blast.   Russian troops have raided houses in Aleppo.  Million Muslims were heckled.   Many of them went to neighboring countries.   Turkey is handling around 2.7 million Syrian asylum seekers.  Syria is not giving life security to these Muslims.   The Shiite and Sunni conflict has become   so severe that Western force has to ask for pacification.  Assad is using Russian armed force to destruct insurgents.  In Saudi Arab, Iran, Lebanon, and Syria, Muslims are counting days for getting awards of execution.   This is because o f the presence of high radical elements and odor of fanaticism to change the peaceful ambience.  Gun powder is not the effective medication to end the radical force and insurgency.  People must be united for solidarity, and reconciliation removing the barriers of religious profiling and ethnical differences.

Examples of Racism in UK- Much Religious Tolerance Required

Act of racism can’t be considered   justified. However, the society also accepts this new trend in a different format.  Well for an example; check the glossy ads and posters painted on the public transport buses in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester.    The ad “Subhanallah” is pasted on outer hull of the public bus in London.  A commercial organization   has bought the slot to advertise its products with this slogan “Subhanallah”. This well known organization   has also raised subscriptions to provide the financial aids and relief package to Syrian brothers during civil war. In London, Birmingham and Manchester, Muslims are in majority.   However, Christian community in London has not dithered to protest.   In London, one minute religious ad in a movie has been banned by higher authority.  Andrea Williams, honorable director of Christian religion school, claims that there must not be one sided regulation.   If Muslims or other religions have the right to lend the voice, Christians can’t be sidelined to   use media for propaganda.  The violence has no rule to follow.  One incident happened in   London defying the large powerful British administration. In 2008, Oliver Hemsley who was a gay dude faced the brutal treatment when he had left the George and Dragon nightclub. Few unidentified Muslims attacked him.   This gay gentleman was stabbed and wounded.  His throat was slit with a sharp knife. Before being hospitalized, he expired.   When the case was registered, the resentment among few homophobic Muslim radical jihadists grew fast. A group of 30 Muslims invaded the gay club and chopped down a number of gay males.  So, Muslims are affected by abnormal homophobia.   They must be purified through   proper education. 


Hillary Clinton’s Sympathy towards Victims in Orlando

Hilary Clinton has apologized   for the barbaric shooting in Orlando.  Gay community should be protected from ISIS miscreants.   She has called Omar psychologically maniac with terrific   awkward mindset to   strike common persons who are not criminals.  She wants to remove this psychological poison which strengthens up the bed for rehabilitating terrorists.  Hillary Clinton has forcefully condemned   ISIS insurgents who have grudge against Americans. 

Donald Trump’s Xenophobic Statement Fuels up Insurgency

The hatred against Muslims is soaring up due to the enhancement of terrorism in the western nations.Incidents in Brussels, Paris and Orlando have worsened the situation.Islamic countries are producing terrorism to speed up the insurgency.9/11 the air strike, gun shooting in Pulse pub, massacre in Paris and bomb explosion in Belgium must not be ignored whileanalyzing the causes of terrorism.Donald Trump doesn’t keep cool when he is asked to assess the present political situation in Gulf countries.He used the Islamic radicalism to lambaste the whole Islamic community.His xenophobicstatement against Muslims can’t be a solution to end the era of radicalism. He must refine and recheck his own mindset.Are all Muslims prone to homophobia and jingoism

Obama’s Reaction over Gun fire in Pulse Night Club in Orlando

Obama has felt sorry over the mass gun firing in nightclub of Orlando.  This is not an appreciable job done by  Omar Mateen, the gunman to kill 50 people in a pub situated in Orlando, Fl.  This guy was previously caught by FBI for cross examination.  FBI found the clues for his ties with ISIS terrorists.   Oman Mateen didn’t misfire. His barbaric act has been severely lambasted by Obama in his speech.  However, he showed sympathy towards those who were shot dead by Mateen.  He ensured that   FBI will investigate whether Mateen had the close connection with ISIS terrorists.   Facts and proofs will spearhead the proceedings.   There is no mercy for miscreants whose hands don’t tremble to fire guns in schools, hospitals and public places.   However, Obama has not taken any abrupt decision to blame Islamic countries for this gun firing in Pulse nightclub in Orlando.   American president didn’t state whether Muslims   were found gun firing in schools and hospitals.  He maintained reticence in his speech when he conveyed his condolence message to the families of the deceased in Orlando.   


All Muslims are not jihadists.  Donald Trump must start probing to identify the real hooligans who always go against the democracy.  Hatred also comes from continued injustice. Western Police force, especially in United States, Texas, Dallas is known for its insensitivity and brutality towards normal citizens?  

Fanatical enmity and ethnic conflict must be knocked down or replaced through a passage of innovation.   The Arab World must not encourage homophobia. Saudi Arab should change the conventional Shariat Law for the sake of acknowledging the legal existence of gay members.  


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