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A New Era in Digital Transformation – SAP and Apple Locked for Innovation

A New Era in Digital Transformation – SAP and Apple Locked for Innovation


SAP and Apple will give rise to a new digital powerhouse with integrated data processing and mobile application technology to enable young entrepreneurs to have glossy experience to operate their business set-ups.  SAP is a software development company and Apple has had the international accolade in mobile   application with superb IOS framework.  Apple’s Swift will be borrowed to upgrade the SAP’s HANA platform. This technological integration must be fruitful to businessmen.  


Apple’s Swift with HANA of SAP Brings the Digital Breakthrough


With this business tête-a-tête, innovation will take place in business processing and application industry.   Apple’s Swift will enable SAP users to share data through the SAP enabled infrastructures.  This joint effort of Apple and SAP will add more appreciable value to asset and retail industries.  The healthcare sector will get a much multi-directional platform with Swift mark-up language set-up. A spokesperson of Apple has brought a new SAP HANA Cloud tool for business runners who will have a top notch training kit and assistance from experienced faculties.  That means, through this modification,   developers will get access to Cloud system via HANA.  They will have the option to change the SAP application without hiring hundred consultants to do the same process.   It is a well configured business processing and data management infrastructure.  HANA Cloud based infrastructure will have the least data loss risk.   Users have the upgraded system to restore data from the memory.   

New Digital Enterprising Platform for Entrepreneurs


To develop native SAP application tools for modifying iphones and iPads, developers take over a year to launch the advanced compatible software. The configuration was critical and intricate. However, the new SAP HCP SDK has reduced the dependency on third party software enabling developers to create or upgrade different mobile applications to reset iphone with much advanced operating systems. So the developers will have good advantages due to such fruitful partnership. This recent tie-up will magnificently renew the data processing, and knowledge sharing through a strategic framework. It is a technological incorporated ecosystem sculpted by SAP and Apple developers.  Consumers, SAP trainees, IT professional and ISV experts will meet for exchanging their views. The connectivity with trillion SAP developers, consumers and IT consultant will be faster because of the introduction of integrated SDK portal.

Apple’s Swift and HANA SDK system will upgrade the expertise level of professionals and developers to create more result oriented SAP applications. Well, right now, every entrepreneurial sector is eager for digital transition. These corporate houses need a system which must have higher potentiality to enhance the data transformation without disrupting the workflow. This data transformation must be faster and more cost effective. Digital breakthrough in the IT sectors may be a new horizon to next generation.  SAP’s technology is made more innovative by Apple’s Swift. Entrepreneurs have the instant software development, mobile application and system innovation for speeding up the business transaction. The communication will not be difficult or expensive to smaller industries. This joint partnership must be a step forward for crafting a multifunctional digital enterprising school.  Entrepreneurs, consumers, executives,   IT consultants and students will be able to have training, research materials, and technical knowledge joining these digital enterprising schools.


Joint Venture Upgrades Apple IOS Platform


Apple’s ipad and iphone operating systems will be upgraded by SAP.   Kevin Ichhpurani, vice president of SAP acknowledged that SAP engineers and developers would extend technical support to Apple for improving the operating systems of iphones.   By the end of 2016, Apple’s 12.6 inch sleek i-pad will have a solid integrated SAP enabled IOS platform which will support HANA.   The cloud based infrastructure will bring the digital enterprising solution to entrepreneurs. The ipad will be a fast business communication and digital transformation workstation.  Few years back, many costly application Apple tools and SAP software were not accessible to developers. They had to buy subscription bearing higher expenses. The jail breaking is not legitimate.  Proxy software was used to hack the configuration and installation details of restoring many expensive tools. However, developers were not successful as Apple has the strict guidelines to protect mobile application tools and operating systems.  It is also punishable to do the illegitimate jail breaking to hack the Apple Store. However, this global digital enterprising portal launched by SAP and Apple through the business collaboration has ended a number of problems.  Easily a SAP developer can install the Swift or Uber to configure HANA.  Uber was an unreachable mobile application tool to consumers.  

Right now, the effective negotiation between SAP and Apple will remove the technical barriers to have the fast Uber to operate the SAP HANA.  Users will find all software and hardware features easily to innovated data management and mobile application. 

Salespersons, consumers, healthcare consultants and IT consultants will not be in pool of stress to find data using the SAP HANA cloud based platform. It is a new digital enterprising network for young generation.


The ecosystem in the digital industry must be innovated and made more compact through experiment. Apple and SAP will invest billion dollars and manpower with technology to continue the digital transformation process.

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