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New Tension Growing   Fast in Ethiopia- Religious Conflict Seems to Sound Harsh

New Tension Growing Fast in Ethiopia- Religious Conflict Seems to Sound Harsh


Ethiopia is capturing attention of UN and electronic media to highly the growing crisis in the capital city of Ethiopia.  This small country has had cluster of problems including border tension, ethnic or racial conflict and the violence.    The prime minister of   Ethiopia   has cordially urged   that UN needs to give more strategic tips to him to settle unending political turmoil.    Eritrea, the neighboring country of Ethiopia was condemned for chalking out mass killing plan. In January, Afar terrorists killed a   group o travelers who travelled by a large vehicle. These gunmen used powerful weapons to destroy the convoy.   This man slaughtering incident prevented Ethiopian government from sitting to negotiate with    ministers of Eritrea.   The tension and resentment grew fast to occlude any development in the bilateral relation between   these two small nations.  In 2000, Ethiopian administration decided to launch productive raids to wipe out few dens of Afar terrorists at the border of Eritrea.   However, at that time,   the government of Eritrea   didn’t retaliate immediately.   Ethiopia demanded the proper initiative s taken by UN to pressurize the top brass of Eritrea for minimizing the support to Afar terrorists.  Even the restrictions on Eritrea were imposed by UN.   The   terrorism and the racial segregation, and conflict   in Ethiopia are on fast rise without immediate settlement.

History of Ethnic Conflict in Ethiopia


Going back to fourth century, people must have few remarkable flashbacks which will slowly reveal the history of the extremity in the religious conflict in Ethiopia.   Some Muslim asylum seekers in Arabia travelled for over months to reach the Ethiopian territories for having shelters.   Emperor of Ethiopia accepted these nomads and rehabilitated them in his country. Since then, these two religious communities stayed   together. However, difference in ideologies and principles was not properly calculated.  That’s why, in Ethiopia, the violence over the possession of churches   germinated new insurgency with massive side effect.    In 2014, Y Semay Birihan Church was attacked by local police in   Harar.   This place is crowded with Muslims.  As per the comments made by Pastor Zemach Tadesse of this church, local sleuths in Harar ordered bishops and clergymen of the church to relocate any other place.   Police forcefully    removed the sign board and destroyed assets of this holy shrine.   Police in Harar harassed and humiliated wife of Zemach Tadesse for taking photographs of the destructed church.    In 2011, in Harar where almost90 percent Muslims reside, Christians were barricaded after an allegation over the usage of blasphemous phrases about Koran.  50 local churches were torched by Muslim radicals and around 3000 Christians were internally shifted or displaced.    Muslim majority belt has gone against Christians to invite more ethnic violence in the region.  In Ethiopian states, Pentecostal and zealot Christians cover approximately 62 percent of the total population.  Muslims have 35 percent majority strength.   The radical ideologies inMiddleEastperhaps boost upyoung   Muslimsto borrow morestrategiesto overpowerChristianpeople inEthiopia.   ISISterrorists andjihadistswillchange the courseofreaching   Ethiopia to reinforceMuslims forexpandingracialtensioninthisAfrican country. 

Communal Force Becoming Strong – Ethnic Clash between Christians and Muslims Noticeable

The socio economic infrastructure in Ethiopia   is not modernized.   Though Muslims have majority in various regions in Ethiopia, they are graded as minority community with least support for remodeling their own lifestyles.   Muslim students are not facilitated to complete post graduation degrees.  In modern educational framework, the participation of Muslim student is not remarkable.  In Christian schools, colleges and Universities,   students need   to read Bible.  They are not inspired to go through Koran.  So, Muslim parents hesitate to send their children to modern schools and colleges lest children will be converted   into Christians.   This racial discrimination and inequality weaken the rapport between Muslim and Christians.   Even after capturing the central power, the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front has not changed the rule of jungle.   The political foundation in Ethiopia is surprisingly odd.  In the parliament of Ethiopia,   there is a single opposition member selected by the party to represent.  The leading party which has taken the control over the government   holds monopoly power to discard the right of the opposition party. So, bills are passed without strong debate or discussion.  Therefore,  newgeneralelection must behostedby people toform thebenevolentgovernment which must implementplans   throughconsultation with opposition members as well as thepeople of the country.

Futuristic Master Plan Cultivates Seeds of Tension in Oromia – No Instant Solution

Besides the problem of ethnicity or racism, Ethiopian government has had another internal stalemate.  Students rallied in the street protesting against the unethical attachment or inclusion of Addis Ababa with the state of Oromia.  

Ethiopian prime minister completed blueprint of Master Plan to ensure the expansion of Oromia by annexing Addis Ababa with Oromia. Security force had to control the mob by firing guns. That’s why; few students were succumbed to injuries due to heavy   gun firing.  Protestors in Ginci   have no trust and faith in the government policies.    After adding the capital city with Oromia, people will have limited opportunities. The fast urbanization program in Oromia seems to be a boomerang to hit lower middle class family.  

Especially, farmers who have cultivated land and farm houses will have to sacrifice because of the city   expansion.   Their properties will be bought by the government to build up large resorts, hotels, restaurants and   car parking lots.  This urbanization is not beneficial to poor economical peasants.  

Lynne Muthoni Wanyeki, the regional director of Amnesty in east Africa, feels sorry to have pessimistic notion regarding the effect of land urbanization in Oromia.  People in Oromia, according to Lynne, will have longer recession. 

Protestors will be prosecuted under the banner of terrorists. Dissidents of the government will be displaced because of the tension in the country.    Lynne also thinks that state has used its   police administration to suppress rebels.  The security forcehasmercilesslyfiredtokillat least 40dissidents inthe street when theywereshouting   against the policy of the government.   The violence and   brutal atrocities are increasing in Oromia. Maybe, peaceful protestors can be violent to sponsor recurrent counter insurgency in Oromia.    

Democracy is becoming an obsolete term in Ethiopia due to the barbaric autocracy to exploit people in the country.   The government can’t be a demon to do whatever it fancies.   Constitutional rights are not properly   given to people to criticize the demerits of any agenda/program/ plan.  Within a month, over 30 protestors were sent to heaven with 100 people having been severely wounded.  Thousand people were deported in the sudden uprising in Ethiopia.   Insurgency over the implementation of Master Plan to develop Oromia through the city consolidation program has reinforced the political stalemate in Ethiopia.   

The revolution in 1974 to sack Haile Selassie can be compared with the present political deadlock in Oromia.   The society of Ethiopia is being detached from the development process.   Draconian administration gags polite remonstrators using weapons.   This uprising is being given the label of high-treason or terrorism.  Social media, newspaper and   internet are blocked   or restricted.  However students in schools and colleges don’t break down in fear.    Theyboycottclasses andattendmeetings for ventilating grievances against theinjustice,  application of brutal forceandtorturetotackle dissidentsforcefully.   Irritated students opt for self-control   regional government without subjection to Tigrean People’s Liberation Front or the autocratic Ethiopian government.  Oromia is not meant for being a saleable property.  Insurgency is not a right solution to them. They need a strong flexible and democratic regional administration with much scope to participate in the development programs.   

Political Scenario in Ethiopia Not Attractive – Racial Profiling Growing Severe

Oromo Liberation Front which was allied with the ruling party before 1991 has been banned.  New law denies any connection with ONLF. The Tigrean People’s Liberation Front is running an autocratic government.  Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council is not reliable to Muslims.   The government manipulates this Islamic organization secretly.   Election in this supreme council has not taken place for over 10 years. This Supreme Council doesn’t take care of Muslims.   In colleges/universities, Muslim students are not encouraged to wear hijabs and keep Koran in honor.  Muslims are called incubators of terrorism and they bring back bad air of racism to accelerate the long lasting tension in Oromia. 


The solution for people in Ethiopia is not easy to get.   Before the mobilization of the city development and innovation, general people must ask for fair election.  The government must not encourage communal force to rule.   Ethnic issues are cancerous to do inexplicable harm to the   Ethiopian culture. Christians and Muslims should   form a unified community respecting religions of each other without indulging racial profiling.    The unity is must to tune up the country for globalization, modernization and all round development. 



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