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Is Donald Trump a Hardcore Grandiose Narcissist? Evaluate His Mind Meticulously

Is Donald Trump a Hardcore Grandiose Narcissist? Evaluate His Mind Meticulously


Donald Trump is not an essayist to compose bunches of creative essays, write-ups and articles. Nor is he an orthodox religious   mentor.

However,  this billionaire   is agentleman withhigh ambition to possessimmensepoliticalpower as a leader to spearhead  White Houseorregulate Gulf regions showcasing his muscle strength. He is a narcissist. He is bold but over smart, prompt, maverick and inexperienced political leader.    Recently, many controversial issues and provocative threatening remarks   popped up on his leaps. 

Is he a supreme to conduct another holocaust in Middle East by attacking all Islamic states with intermediate ICBM missiles?  Will he ban Muslim in America?   Will he wipe out all banners, posters,   logos and cartoons designed to eulogize Allah of   Muslims?   To be frank, he is now a successful campaigner to overtake his contestants like Ted Cruz or Bernie.   He is vigorously fighting to have more glamorous, prestigious portfolio projecting him as the most powerful person in the world.  Critics have called him Unifier.   They   have also postedmanynegativefeedbacks overhisgrandiosenarcissismwhich isa cognitive disordertoprioritize his own self neglectingwhat othersconfirm. 

Donald Trump Has Newly Manufactured Ego with Chauvinism

 Psychologists and think tanks try to understand the mental geography of this self-centered billionaire.

Narcissismrefers to   superioritycomplex whichworks as a strong booster to forcea guy tothink ofbeingomniscient, invincible andwise comparing to otherpersons.   It is a cumbersome mental condition in which a person detaches himself from his own self to formulate an unrealistic entity.   Originalselfisreplaced by a newlyformedegowhich is brimmedwithlot ofarrogance, vexation, and   terrificambitiontoovertake allby hook or by crook. 

Well,   self-idealizationis the processofplantinga newideologywhichslowlytakes the shape ofchronicnarcissismto give rise to   unlimited  vexation , jingoism andacute chauvinism.   A man feels that none will be better than him.  Often during childhood, a minor boyhashad the episodes ofself realization   muchearlier dueto the presence of favorable ambience,   inexplicableparentalcare, love and   smooth growth orientedspaceforhim toflourish himself.  He gets guidance. He is also motivated by parents to become a Samaritan with enriched as well as innovative personality. Whena child doesn’t getsuch awesome environment to culture his self-consciousness, thecatastrophic damagehappenstomake him astubbornboy withdetachment from his self.  This quick replacement or interchange of consciousness/selfness is fast to bring a new portal of mindset with some stereotyped ideologies. However this principle is not groomed for benefiting others but it is obviously manufactured to fulfill personal needs.   

Donald Trump is not a militant. He is a non political business man.   He has billion dollars in various American banks. He is going to open an eco-friendly multistoried resort in Vermont.   So,   he is a very wealthy American entrepreneur.   However, what he never assumes is all about his weakness.  Maybe, he is spending his energy for power escalation to emerge Second Hitler or Gaddafi. 

When he speaks, it seems to be a horror movie to watch.   All Muslims must be handed roughly as they are planting seeds of terrorism   in the world.   My Goodness!  How severely can a literate gentleman   expose vulgarity against a particular religious sect   so inhumanly?   Donald’s supporters shield their commander by generating few pre-sets and fabricated statements to support Unifier with expectation of getting upfront favors from this billionaire.   The synopsisof theirevaluation about Donald Trumpisthat Unifier is not an anti-Semitic but rathera person withsome basicprinciples toassessfuturisticconditions of America. 

Terrorism, insurgency and brutality are geared up by Muslim jihadists.    Well, ISIS, Hezbollah,   Kurds and   Muslim Brotherhood moderate resistance are all new coins manufactured in the minds of Gulf States.  

To some extent, the arrival of ISIS in ME to set up a new Islamic territory can’t be minimized.    ISIS terrorists   have had a number of self-operated regions   like Mosul, Tikrit and other regions in Iraq. 

In Syria, Aleppo is the headquarters of ISIS organization after losing Al-Raqqa.  In Lebanon, Hezbollah militants have become a secondary authoritative   power to take part in the nation construction activities.   

Kurds in Iraq want to establish a separate autonomous Kurdistan removing the blanket of servitude.  Turkey is giving resistance to   deactivate Kurds to enter into the borders of Turkey. 

Similarly in America, the sudden raid to kill 49 gay males in a night club in Orlando obviously   grows tension in Florida.   Besides, previous snapshot of demolition of WTC building should not be soiled. 

Saudi Arab has been called for attending cross examination in American Supreme court for subversion.  All these events can be inflammable   ingredients for Donald Trump to build up an artificial self with cluster of cumbersome distorted    ideologies to nourish narcissism uber. 

Donald Trump is an American citizen. Therefore, he has the feel to share with his brethren.  He must not put America in the state of danger. However,   he has also an aggressive, uncontrollable, and tumultuous impetus which is not governed by good consciousness.   He probably   concentrates on his own career   so much that he can’t accept any new message from anyone regarding the aftermath effect of delivering such anti-Islamic message to the world. 

Donald is not Mussolini but He is Narcissist with Cumbersome Self-Idealized Mindset


Few critics find resemblance and similar features in Donald’s character when they compare him with Mussolini in Italy.   This Italian ruler killed million people during Second World War. He worshipped  Armenian holocaust. He was desperate to deport his dissidents from Italy.   However ,  this imperialistwashighlyliterate withtalent to writenumerousbooks,  manuscripts andreviews.   He had the ideologies to frame. 

He congratulated   Hitler to use Nazi military to conduct genocide in Germany.    On the other hand Donald Trump is not a notable writer or critic. He is a merchant and his ideology must be very simple and based on some conventional beliefs, and emotional attachment.    Mussolini was a ruler in Italy. Donald Trump is about to have that superior power only after referendum.   So, right now, he is a normal guy with list of futuristic projects at hand.   However, Donald   Trump has the cognitive disorder. His behavior is not tuned up.   In case he   becomes   American President, he must have to  change his own mindset.  

KKK Leader’s Personal Feeling about Donald Trump


 Though Donald Trump received a barrage of negative comments from the audience at the time of speaking at Republican National Convention, David, KKK leader, appreciated the Unifier to give a strategic solution to end the corruption, vandalism and terrorism.    At this convention,  Donald Trump spoke confidently abouttheimprecisionofterrorism in Americadue to the forcefulencroachment and infiltration of   Muslimsand Mexicansintothe country to killpeople randomly.   So, US governmentmusttake   more drastic stepstoblockall roads to stoptheexpansion of the terrorismin America.  He is not a fundamentalist or racist.  David tweeted   that this noble leader has had completed good homework before presenting his speech.   He should not be disheartened by calling him a hardcore narcissist with chauvinistic temperament.    David further admitted that the Unifier is a great Samaritan person.   It is unethical to cast vote against the Unifier.   America must not be a furnace of violence and hooliganism.    Obama has not convinced American citizens how to prevent   subversion.    Gun fire in Florida and destruction of American trade center are testimonials to the acceleration of massive carnage, terrorism and uninterrupted violence in America.

Donald Trump’s Remark over Second Amendment Sparks Resentment

Donald Trump is breaking code of conduct and law when he evaluates characters of political leaders and critics.  Of late, he brought another   severe blow to strike   Hillary Clinton over a gun control issue.  Hillary has suggested that Second Amendment must be done sooner to avoid the possibility of aversion.   Donald Trump roared to warn Hillary in she dared to enforce new law to cancel the gun ownership right.  In America, people have legal permission to have weapons for self-defense. Widows   possess   small revolvers or short guns as a part of self-protection.    If Betty White abolishes second amendment,   it will be a horrific day for her. This statement made by   Donald Trump has sparked caustic repercussion and resentment.    Robby Mooch, Hillary’s campaign manager and admirer, has taken Donald’s message amiss by stating that he is a horrible figure with least conscience. He has the aversion to assassinate   Hillary before election.   Hillary is a Democratic party leader with higher chance of becoming American president.   Unifier feels jealous to remark awkwardly against Betty White.  Hillary must not be lambasted in such a way that she feels completely unprotected in her own country.   Chris Murphy, the senator   of Connecticut, added more negative terms to evaluate the message backfired by Donald Trump. Sandy   Hook school for children is located in Connecticut.   In 2012, due to abrupt gun firing at this school in Newtown, many innocent school children died.  This senator opines that Donald has not pronounced wrongly.   Version of his speech   hints at the possible threat to terminate Hillary purposefully.  However, Jeff Session, one of the Republican senators in America, has nullified what Robby or Murphy assessed.   Donald Trump doesn’t have personal wrath or resentment against Hillary. His dissidents   are trying to misrepresent his statement for spoiling his image.


A narcissist is also an autocrat.   Donald Trump must not dishearten trillion Muslims who live in   America and Europe.  He should not be radical with distorted self-idealized vision.    His soul must be purified and humanized to feel sorrow for a blood ridden Muslim sibling as his heart ached after the mass assassination in Paris, Brussels and Orlando. 

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