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Donald Trump – A Controversial Image with Fast Nosedive in Popularity –Find Reasons

Donald Trump – A Controversial Image with Fast Nosedive in Popularity –Find Reasons


Surprisingly, after a competitiveand boldleadoverKasich, Ted Cruzandother Republican contestants,  Donald Trump seemsto haveexperienced   a bad day with thegradualnosedive in his popularity.   He is arrogant, hard rock narcissist and self-centered to overlook religious sentiments. He is over particular and aggressive.  He condemns Muslims and Mexicans because of mobilizing   terrorism, racism and gun running.   Why is Unifier losing support fast?    Will he be discarded by his own party members in future?    Donald Trump is now wallowing   in uncertainty about his resolution of becoming a president of America.  


Donald Trump -   Narcissist with Rock Hard Self-Centered Personality

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two powerful contestants.   Betty Whitehas beenchosen byDemocratic partytospearhead theelection campaignfor winning intheupcoming   generalreferendum in   America.  Hillary has a good lead over   Donald by 11 percent as per the present exit poll survey report. However, it is not a huge margin for Donald Trump to cover.  His caustic words and provocative phrases have ignited   the furnace of resentment to force intellectuals to re-assess the role of Unifier.  He has technically manufactured artificial edifice of self-ideology which makes him a separate entity with profound superiority for reshaping sky rocketing ambition.   His downfall is not short term as he has no plan to recheck his own ideologies.   His former wife named Ivana has disclosed the heinous behavior of her hubby who tried to rape this lady by force.    Donald Trump didn’t prioritize this allegation.   In a private conversation, Ivana   told media associates that   Donald Trump behaved rudely. He plucked hair tuft from her head when he was completely uncontrollable   under influence of alcohol.    He must not be an ideal hero or role model for Americans.  So, his private life is not peaceful.   Secondly,    Donald Trump has to fire few members as they criticize him during election campaigning.  Corey Lewandowski has been suspended by Donald Trump because of his reckless daring ego to accelerate the organizational hassle and mismanagement.  Donald   has not given chance to campaign manager to restore his portfolio.  Infighting inside Republican Party is getting mobility due to the stern and prompt decision of this billionaire against   his own comrades.   On the other hand, Kendal Unruh, another supporter of Donald, expects faster switchover leveling all controversies and turmoil.   In the long run, Donald’s party will be a winner without enabling Democratic Party to have central power.    

Donald Trump’s Aversion and   Anger against Cause the Gradual Downfall

Donald Trump’s furious comments against Mexicans have formed a hollow of mistrust to dissatisfy even his party members. Mexicans are rapists. They are bringing back crime to do the uncountable damage to the nation.   Islamic states are dens for jihadists. He will destroy even a single lampoon that has the habit of spreading the odor of racism and terrorism in America.  His bold chauvinistic theories have spoiled the American political ambience.     Recently, Unifier gave another unfamiliar statement lambasting   Betty White over the issue of Second Amendment.   If Hillary prevents people from holding arms, the crime must have   no limits in America.  It will be a horrendous day for Hillary to pass while residing in any American city.    Donald’s statement is so poisonous that citizens in Nevada, New York and Atlanta called Unifier as an assassinator.  Donald Trump can assassin Hillary to win in the election.  His   speech is not favorable to Americans who are worried about the size of political carnage and impasse in America.   


Hillary Released Tax Return Reports - Asked for Publication of Donald’s Tax Return Files

Hillary Clinton is a well conscious matured woman with expertise in regulating administration of the country. She has submitted 40 pages tax return report with self declaration about the tax clearance at different times.    In2015,   Hillary andher husband cleared   35 percent taxes of the total income whereas 10 percent  of thegrossearningswas deployed tocharitablehouses andorphanagecenters.   Hillary finances the Clinton   Foundation.   She spent over $1 million for fueling up childcare and rehabilitation campaigns.  2015 tax return papers show that there is a downfall in Hillary’s   income. In 2014, the approximate earning was recorded $28.3 million. Next year i.e. 2015, Clintons earned only $10.6 million by delivering speeches, attending international conventions and promoting books/e-journals.  Out of the total proceeds/earnings, Clinton couple invested 50 percent of the income   on Clinton Foundation and the rest amount was shared with universities, colleges and local healthcare centers. However, Unifier has not been   found in affirmative position after getting tax return details from Hillary.   It is a hallucination and misdirected to impress American people.   In return, Hillary claimed that Donald Trump must release fair tax return files for cross verification.    Why is he taking unexpected longer time to publish tax return reports?    Donald Trump retaliates by confirming the fast publication of all reports and documents in this connection. However, complete auditing process must be done to adjust all taxes fairly.    He will not misdirect neighbors by hiding truth. What he actually   hints surreptitiously is that Hillary has been enlisted in Panama papers.   She has had a number of shell companies in Panama to reduce taxes.  Donald TrumptoldFBIinvestigators to   verifyallPanama documents todiscover thesourcesusedby Clintonsto transfer fund throughoverseasshell companies.  Donald Trump has had suggested for tax reduction on business /real estate property.    Hillary denied on-spot by restating that American wealthy businessmen must pay higher taxes to develop the national economic structure.  

Donald Trump Accuses Federal Judge Curio of   Pampering Racial Profiling Over U Scandal

Donald Trump is misleading young generation in America.   Sudden dramatic change took place after the revelation of Trump U scandal to soil the glossy profile of Donald Trump.   His Trump University is absolutely   fake and substandard.    Donald Trump finances this university to run business management   courses including asset management, and other training programs to make students competent   professionals in   real estate industry.  Trump Institute was a part of Trump University. Students get training and counseling in the spheres of wealth management, entrepreneurship and business oriented    programs.   To be frank, this Trump institute has no license or it has not been accredited by any university in the world.   Trump University has earned million dollars by raising fund by holding seminars to train students.  Total 7611 tickets were distributed. There are different slabs of admission fees. For instance, elite training program costs a student around $35000 with $1500 to have training in Gold membership.   However, this 3-day course didn’t issue any certificate, citation or any admit card in the name of attendees.   Therefore, case was filed against the management of the Trump University.    Federal Judge, Curio, has ordered Trump to appear at the court in New York for several trials.  Trump felt humiliated with resentment   over the behavior   of Curio.  Trump exploded in anger and blamed   Curio for his inappropriate decision.   Curio suffers from ethnic ego.   He is Mexican. He can’t be neutral and honest to evaluate Trump. He is a hater to find faults with this billionaire.   Donald Trump clarified that he sold education to some wealthy students. Someone has added color of racism and ethnicity to his mission.    Three cases have been registered to f cross examine   Unifier. This U scandal must not hold him in prestigious stature.

Trump Calls Obama- Pioneer of ISIS - Blames Islamic States for Spreading Violence

Donald Trump calls Obama the pioneer of ISIS organization. In Florida, he vehemently criticized President for recycling threat to America through the ISIS militancy outfit.   He is not a person with responsibility for ensuring security of Native Americans.    ISIS honors Obama for his leniency.  While delivering his speech at this convention in Florida, he   brought the story of carnage in Orlando.   Obama didn’t take preventive steps to minimize the onsets of terrorists.  Even Muslims in America are unmarked. They should be screened.   Odor which comes from Middle East contaminates Florida, New York, and Orlando and so on.   Omar Mateen killed 49 people in a gay club.  However, his father is seen being present at the convention. His smiling face is too destructive.     Hilary Clinton and Obama have understanding to underestimate ISIS militants.   Muslims are jihadists, radical, and racists. They should not be given   bread and butter. They have wild and barbaric temperament.  If he becomes the next President, he will set up a special investigation bureau to tackle   Islamic states. He also explained about the different negative feedbacks regarding the Mexican immigration.



Donald Trump’s fame is fast decelerating.   Trump resort and glossy casino in Atlantic City were foreclosed. Trump applied for bankruptcy due to have had around $500 million pending debt.   Last year,   Trump Plaza was at stake to have some proceeds by selling this resort. Trump Marina was taken in possession by Landry.  Carl Icahn took the custody of Taj Mahal which was the asset to the Unifier.  So, he has to be a miser cutting excess expenses.    Unifier must be a benevolent liberal political leader to re-establish his image.    Hillary has episodes of Blackberry scam, Panama Papers leakage and the email hacking to feel ashamed. She has rebuilt damaged reputation by declaring federal tax return file.   Donald should not expand chaos and infighting in his own party.   Unity is the best medicine to repair the fissures inside Republican Party. 


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