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Aftermath Effect of Removal of Embargo from Iran to Do Nuke Tests – Deep Analysis

Aftermath Effect of Removal of Embargo from Iran to Do Nuke Tests – Deep Analysis


Iran was identified  by IAEA to be a nuclear power holder with expensive nuclear proliferation and nuke warhead manufacturing programs.

Back to 1984, International Atomic Energy Agency warned that Tehran is slowly becoming one of the severest threats to the whole world because of introduction of innovative nuclear labs to design powerful nuclear bombs.   Iran was then charged with evidence of encouraging nuclear experiments.  This country in gulf was prohibited to manufacture any nuclear weapon secretly.   However finally, in 2016, this onus has been lifted by IAEA enabling Iran to start nuclear tests only for domestic purpose instead of strengthening up army. 

History of Iran’s Involvement to Start Nuke Tests

In 1990, Beijing and Tehran were proactive to sign a 10 year long   nuke proliferating treaty. Chinese scientists would train Iranian researchers to develop the conventional nuclear bombs and chemical weapons. 

Rabin, the Israeli prime minister, was surprised to have such surreptitious deal between China and Tehran.  He informed CIA to do the necessary investigations. However, America declined by confirming the good purpose of Iran to facilitate the nuclear plans for creating more energy for industrial growth. 

IAEA investigated to see whether   Tehran   had any plan to manufacture nuke warheads.  Qom and Arak are two uranium enriched sites to continue deep research on nuclear explosion.  

Investigators   discovered that   these two places stored low graded U 235 uranium and heavy water which could be recycled to upgrade nuke missiles.    China deployed around 2 tons of fresh uranium to Tehran to use the component for creating nuke warheads.  

However Iran denied all allegations and charges framed by CIA.  To be   frank, Iraq and Iran were severe foes.   Tehran invaded Iraq for occupying oil rigs.  On the other hand, Iraq was doing experiments   underground to have small nuclear bombs to threaten Tehran.   In quick retaliation, Tehran called excellent researchers and scientists to do meticulous workouts for designing nuclear bombs.   Iran has pre-set infrastructures for starting vast nuclear proliferation tests in Bushehr.  Germany helped

Iran in 1975 to establish a solid nuclear plant to enhance the experiments.   However, due to sudden   uprising in   Iran cancelled the sumptuous nuke tests temporarily. In 1995 Tehran finalized a nuclear deal with Russia.  In spite of good start to conduct the clandestine tests, Russia delayed owing to financial   issues.  

RussiaforcedTehran toclose uranium enrichment projects because this countrywasrolling towards a hypocrisywith the intention ofmaking its nuclearexperiments productive only forreinforcingmilitary   instead of meeting therequirements of industries.   Iran confirmed boldly that uranium facility would be enhanced only for civilian purpose.  Meanwhile,

in 2002, CIA and investigators of IAEA traced sensitive pockets in Arak, Natanz and Yazd where Iranian scientists researched for the development of basic nuclear weapons. 

Fresh yellowish cakes were supplied to Tehran after the agreement between Lekota, South African defense minister and Rear-Admiral Ali Shamkhani.  Islamic countries should not have   heavy piles of obligations in case raw uranium is used for peaceful tests to accelerate the energy.  However,   Iran had no formulae to reshape the nuclear bombs quickly.  CIA concluded by saying that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistani scientist, secretly delivered complete formulae to Iran in this connection.   Since then,   Iran   magnified its nuclear research programs to overlook international non proliferation treaty.  


Ban Lifted – Permit Iran to Do Nuke Experiment for Development Purpose


With the ban having been lifted from Iran P5 +1 power holders think that now the world is much safe without possibility of massive genocide.   Iran has been permitted to invest dollars on nuclear power plant for next 15 years. However, Iran must do its futuristic nuclear experiments within the hard and fast rules designed by IAEA. 

With the declaration of the cancellation of the embargo, Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arab reacted strongly against the move to remove the onus from Iran. 

In this way, Iran will be a mini nuclear capable nation to destruct Gulf regions.  Even, West will have to count days of their miseries.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, has never hesitated to forecast that   Iran will use much sophisticated nuclear bombs in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arab.  Shia and Sunni conflict will be fueled up to cause another holocaust in Middle East. 

Iran Will Again Trade

Iran will be able to sell oil after the deactivation of ban.  This country   has lot of natural crude oil to supply.  Approximately 300000 barrels of oil will be exported to different countries.  Iran has to arrange $160 billion to upgrade nuclear power plants and buy uranium.   In foreign reserves, Iran has approximately $100 billion in form of bonds/stocks.    

Americawill release$30billionwhichhas beenfrozendue to Iran’sattempt tocarrynuclear experiments at various steps.  

Rest of the amount will be locked until   Iran is declared 100 percent safe to utilize uranium for development purpose.  

Iran Has Something to Criticize UK Regarding Shah Arms Deal  

Iran has something to bounce back for lambasting the UK for duping Tehran in arms deals during Shah Regime.   

Iran issued a $1 billion worth check in advance to spoon feed the UK for purchasing  war tanks and artillery equipments.   However, unfortunately, this arms deal was postponed owing to the revolution in 1979.

Shah Pahlavi signed this arms deal to get new Chieftain War tanks and convoys for the army.  Shaw was displaced and Islamic Republic came to power.  This political turmoil kept the arms purchasing deal on hold.    The UK didn’t send any war tank and equipment to Iran.  Therefore, Iran will file a case in High Court claiming the full fledged compensation made by UK authority.   UK must not be unfair when it deals with any Gulf country.


Obama had not sufficient time to think once again regarding the shipment of $400 million to Tehran after   the confirmation of the release of   four American prisoners taken hostage by Iran.   It is the first installment of a $1.7 billion arms selling deal during the reign of Shah.   A special air craft of America took the entire fund to Iran.  Donald Trump ridiculed by condemning president for his inability to control    militancy. It is a hidden ransom to liberate prisoners who were arrested by Iran.  

 Supreme Court of America has ordered that Iran needs to compensate victims who were killed in a bomb explosion in Lebanon.   Tehran was accused of helping terrorists to explode powerful bombs in Marine Corps situated in Beirut.   Around 241 American soldiers were smashed to ashes owing to explosion.     Supreme Court estimated   around $2 billion as a part of giving financial aids to family members of dead soldiers in Beirut. However, Tehran will move to International Court seeking justice.   American Supreme court can’t distribute frozen $2 billion without   proper investigation.   Iran had no hand to cause this massive bomb explosion in American barrack in Beirut. 

American Boeing Industry Expect New Tie-ups with Iran after Ban Withdrawal

Many companies in Asia and Europe will be benefited to trade with Iran after withdrawal of onus. Iran has sufficient reserved   oil, gas and petroleum   products.  However, American industries will have fewer benefits.  

Boeing manufacturing industry in America has been exempted from the restriction.   Iran needs new fleets of airbuses and aircraft repairing accessories.    American aircraft manufacturing industry will have billion dollars worth   projects.


Will Iran become a devil to renew the terrorism in more innovative formats?  Hezbollah has its own regime in Lebanon. This militancy   organization   is getting non-stop backup from Tehran.  Saudi Arab has had bad relationship with Hezbollah.  Arab World has had accused   Tehran to supply arms.  Iran will   have more nuke weapons, missiles and rocket launchers to make Hezbollah invincible in Gulf. Iran will bring more mobility in the deployment of weapons to ISIS terrorists in Syria.   However, these are all probabilities.  Iranmustbecross checkedwhetherthis country willtake aprompt switchover from its resolutiontoadopt devastatingnukewarhead tests   secretly.

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